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Summary: No matter what happen to us…remember that I'll always here by your side…Ino… ShikaIno (one-shot)


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I'll Be Here By Your Side

by: pinkblossoms

Previous chapter:

At Yamanaka's residence

"Arghh! Shikamaru! Stop bothering me! Why do I keep missing you? Although we met each other in just a minute pass… you are always on my mind…does that mean…oh... No! I can't fall for him this time… What if…he doesn't love me anymore…I don't want to get hurt again…sigh forget about that…" Ino slumped to her bed and then try to fall asleep.


The next day the Fifth Hokage called out Shikamaru and Ino for a mission. "I assigned the two of you to go for the scroll that Orochimaru had stolen. This can be a Class-S mission because there can be an actual combat. You have to do this together and nobody will take in charge to come along with you. So you two will accompany each other and I expect you to do it well. (The two nodded) You may go now." After that discussion they immediately went to their homes and started to pack. At the gates of Konoha, Ino and Shikamaru started to leave Konoha and directly went to their destination.

After 3 hours of traveling, silence occur, Ino planned to make a conversation "Ei…Shikamaru! Do you think if it is too dangerous like Hokage-sama said?" Ino ask Shikamaru and then he replied seriously, "Yeah…and why not? She said that this is a Class-S mission and Orochimaru is one of the three legendary sannins(is it a wrong spelling?)And we handle a dangerous mission, Ino" "I know that…but what if—…" She was cut off by Shikamaru's reply, "Ino…you know that I will protect you no matter what…so don't worry…" Ino blush a little. She planned to change the subject after remembering something, "Shikamaru tomorrow is your birthday right?" asked Ino again even if she knew already. He replied annoyingly, "Yeah…why? And your birthday is after mine right? Uhmm…We can rest here…" "Yes, Ok…" she replied in a whisper and then start to lay her head beside the tree.

The next day, Ino woke up early then she decided to make some rice cakes for their breakfast. I guess Shikamaru is too tired…I will greet him the time he woke up… Ino thought then smiled. Shikamaru woke up and saw Ino in front of his face showing some rice cakes, "Hey! What are you doing?" he said annoyed and turn his head away so she won't see he's blushing. "Good morning Shika-kun! Happy Birthday!" and she smiled. They finished eating the rice cakes for their breakfast and started to leave. On their way to Orochimaru's hideout they encounter some ninjas of Orochimaru. They beat them all so the news gets to Orochimaru. He knew he must go there too because of the sudden situation. Shikamaru chuckled he didn't expect that they will easily escape from those ninjas. He looked at Ino and then saw that Orochimaru is trying to attack her directly with its sword on its mouth without even noticing by Ino. "Ino!" the last word he said and he push Ino. He receives the attack from Orochimaru and the sword goes straightly to his chest. Ino realized what was happening but she didn't have strength to move. Before Orochimaru attack Ino, Kabuto came from behind and prevents him to continue, "Master Orochimaru, we have most important things to do." So Orochimaru and Kabuto leave Ino and Shikamaru behind. When they are completely gone she approach him. Shikamaru reach her out with his hand and Ino held it and place it on her face. Shikamaru use his remaining strength to talked, "Ino…no matter what…I promise I'll be here by your side …even if I'm too far from you…I love you…Ino…" then Shikamaru closed his eyes and release his hand from Ino's faced (just to let you know it's exact 1:00 am when Shikamaru died but Ino believe that he isn't…and that day is the first hour of Ino's birthday… September 23 I guess?). "No! Shikamaru don't say that!" she bursts into tears as she shakes his lifeless body. "No…no…no…this can't be happening…Shikamaru…you're just joking right! Speak to me…! I'll get you to the Konoha's hospital immediately…please don't leave me!" she said in a quivering voice and she uses her remaining charka to carry him to the Konoha as fast as she could. Finally, she has entered the hospital and tried to look for Sakura. When she had found her she rush to her with Shikamaru and said, "Sakura, I need your help! Shi- Shikamaru...he's wounded…" When Sakura notice this she lay down Shikamaru and place her head on his chest then listened to the beat of his pulse. She notices that he's already dead and he's already stop to breathe. All she can do now is concentrate on her charka in her hands then place it on his chest. Even though she tried her best nothing happens so she looked at Ino then bowed her head. "Sakura…? Is he..." she can't say the word 'dead' because she can't believe it she looked at Sakura but all she can do is to nod. "No Shikamaru…don't leave me?" she shakes again his lifeless body. "Ino…please stop…he is dead now…you can't change it…I'm too sorry for you…Ino…" Sakura hugged her but she can't believe what was happening. "Ino…I'm sorry…I can't heal Shikamaru…it's too late now…I can't…sorry…" Ino held Shikamaru tighter and shed tears on his chest, "Shikamaru…Shikamaru…you can't leave me..! Shikamaru! " Ino cried in bewilderment.

After 4 months of Shikamaru's death…

"Ino…I know how you feel…because I used to be like you when Sasuke left me…I think he's not the one for you…there are plenty of guys you could choose from…I know that they are not actually like him…but Ino…I know that he can't bear if he sees you like that…" Sakura try her best to calm her but she just let out a fake smile. When she cries she will lock herself inside her room and then her mother will call Sakura to cheer her up.

After eight months…

'It's been eight months since his death…and now I can't stop myself crying because of him…Asuma-sensei called to me and said that "Ino, come to our meeting place tomorrow…I have something important to announce to you and Chouji…I know your recovered please stop hurting yourself ok?" yes…I'm it's been a long time that I'm hurting myself…I remember the day Sakura try to cheer me…she said that if I used to be like that miserable…Shikamaru won't bear to see me like that…' Ino thought after crying. She laid her head down to her pillow then tried to sleep. The next day she went to their training spot where Asuma-sensei told her to come.

"He's name is Seiji Okizawa and he will be in our group to complete this team from now on…" Asuma announced to Ino and Chouji. Chouji stood up and started to leave but before that he spoke, "I don't think this team will work like when he used to be in our team…the guy that made this team proud…after all he's the first chuunin who passed…and no one can place him…this team wouldn't be complete without him…" there is a sad expression on Chouji face that made them became silent for awhile, just then Ino broke the silence, "Yah…your right Chouji…no one can place him…no one…but Seiji-san can be in are our team too…this team is team up into three…if we are only two then this team wouldn't be complete…" Ino wiped up the tear that fall from her cheek. Ino faced Seiji and smiled, "You're welcome in our group…Seiji-san…" then he smiled in 'how troublesome look' that Shikamaru always show to her. He is actually like you…Shika-kun… Ino thought. After introducing Seiji, Ino went to the graveyard to where Shikamaru's burial placed. She traced with her hand the name "Nara Shikamaru" that engrave to the stone, "Shikamaru…I wish that you lived once again…and stay with me like always…but you are happy up there as I know and you can't…aishiteru Shika-kun…happy birthday…" Ino said as she mumbled her words through her sobs. Just then someone approaches her that came from hiding behind the trees, "Ino...your wish came true…I promise…I'll be here by your side no matter what…right?" Seiji said but Ino replied angrily, "don't fool me…Seiji san…I'm serious to play on you!" "Sorry…I don't know that you feel so bad today…you know I believe in miracle…if you believe on your wish…even it's impossible it can come true…just don't lose your faith" Seiji paused for awhile then smile a genuine smile Ino blushed because of this and then Seiji continue, "I think he's so important to you…can you tell who he really is? Sorry…I'm just curious…after all I can be your friend…and you know it can help if you have a friend you could lean on…like me…" Ino agree on this then she talk about him, "he's my bestfriend, he always cheer me up when I'm lonely…he always saves me…but…one thing happen that I can't even protect him…and I'm the one who supposed to be dead now but…he saves me and risk his own life for me…" Ino cried remembering when Shikamaru and she had their bonding times.

Flashbacks came to her mind…that day Shikamaru save her from death…and risk his own life for her…

She didn't notice that Orochimaru will attack her directly until she heard someone call her name and it's Shikamaru. "Ino!" the last word he said then he push her to the ground. She realized that Shikamaru receive the attack that supposed to be hers. Seiji avoids the tear fall from her face, "You know I hate seeing girls cry because of boys…do you think he want to see you like that too…'sigh' I'll leave you for awhile…so you can soothe yourself…" Seiji left him and then Ino paused for awhile…she saw Shikamaru waving at her and speak to her, "Hey Ino, will you slumped yourself and cry because of me! You know Ino I won't let you cry…but as you can see you're crying now because of me…Ino don't cry…no matter what happen to us…remember I'll always be here by your side…" "Shikamaru…" she approached him but he started to fade while saying, "Ino don't forget me…just remember I love you Ino…and I'll be here by you side…"

§§The end§§

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