Free Falling, or How Brad Chase Fell in Love

Chapter 1: Huh?

He woke up slowly, trying to untangle himself from the mess he had made of his navy blue sheets. As he attempted to free himself, he realized that he had some help tangling up his sheets. The petite brunette was nestled into his arms and oddly enough, that didn't feel so strange to him. What did feel strange was the sensation of waking up to someone he didn't really know, had only met and picked up in a bar last night. While other guys may have been accustomed to doing that, Brad Chase certainly was not. Such things were too spontaneous, too out of control for him. Yet, here he was, snuggled up to some gorgeous woman who smelled delicious and sweet. Brad had no clue as to what had made him do such a thing. After all, he liked to plan everything and to know precisely what was going on. He was just that type of man. Not that he didn't like women, but the ones he usually ended up in bed with were those with whom he was involved, not sexy little one night stands. Again, not his thing.

He lay there contemplating what exactly had made him pick up the woman lying next to him- Jo- he remembered her name, as she began to stir. A little voice, the sensible, straight-as-an-arrow one, told him he should move away, maybe get ready for work. What day was it anyway? Instead, he leaned down and kissed her neck, her tender, soft shoulder. "Just a little bit," he told himself. But as she fully woke up and turned towards him, giving him a lazy but nonetheless enchanting smile, he knew a "little bit" simply wasn't possible with this woman.

So he gave in. Gave in to the impulses he'd spent years ignoring, hiding, denying, whatever. Gave in to the overwhelming desire, not just for Jo, but to throw caution to the wind. Brad Chase never did that.

This morning, he did.