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Chapter 1: my last wish is…

"I cant believe you, why did you do it, Mamoru-san why!" his full name had the desired effect on him. She hadn't called him 'Mamo-chan' she really was angry. Then it hit him. What had he done? Cheating on her like that… he was a complete baka, like she had always called him, "why Luna, anyone but Luna it wouldn't have felt so bad, but someone I felt was as close to my own mothers!"

"I…um I dunno what to say." He stuttered, he really was in for it, he had just cheated on a queen and the most powerful person in the entire galaxy, someone who could bring his death with a mere finger if she wanted, "but I do know its destiny, otherwise I would have a reason, talk to sets, shed know."

"I know what the future hold, you have ultimately brought the world demise, I suppose I should go watch the next domino fall, Rei would be proud if she only knew." She turned to the door and sadly before she looked back and said sadly, "the sad thing is, its not you that has hurt me it's the one I love that is going to hurt me, I'm sorry Darien, I did love you but I love my Pyro even more!"

He bowed his head, he was glad he hadn't hurt her, he would never have lived if he had truly hurt her. But he had hurt her, he had started the words demise, surely this meant something to do with her, what was she hiding?

He heard the door click and knew she was gone but what made it so hard was the fact she was going to Rei's to have her shout at the blonde hime, was Serenity crazy?

Serena walked down the street, this had to happen no matter how much she didn't like what may happen, she still had no idea how the worlds demise was going to be brought about after this, Setsuna had not told her. She supposed she would have to find out. Walking up the steps to her ultimate pain Usagi steeled herself for what was to come. Walking in on the conversation she cut in before her Pyro could cut in, "I'm sorry you go guys feel that you she should cut me from the team, it's a shame one I counted my own mother stole my boyfriend, it's a shame that the one I love could never love me in return because she hates me. It's a shame I have to tell you that you never saw what I wanted you to see, you have never known but I am the queen of the moon, since last year, but I could never tell you that you'd not see me even more, and id loose my closest friends to backstabbing bodyguards."

"but who? What? Why? Did you see through us that easily, we love you Usa but its just you are to klutzy, stupid, but I see now you are better then we ever hoped, but seeing as your queen you still have to be cut form the senshi, gomen Usa gomen nasai." Rei stuttered then it occurred to her, "you love one of us senshi?"

She merely nodded as she held out her arms and started to chant:-

"here to you I give the, the power of me three, the queen, senshi and me three.

Give these to one of two and hope they would lead you through.

Here to you senshi of fire, I give thee my power of two to lead my own and your own to the would through…


Grant me this wish now here me silver, here me crystal, here me moon, I give up what I have here to the one I hold most dearest, grant it to me as a last and final wish.


Pointing at Rei Usa channelled her power in to her, " you are now of four and I am of only one, you will no longer have to deal with me as I am now, oh and mars… you have to explain it to your new kingdom why their loving queen is no more."

But before she could walk a dark light surrounded her, and all the senshi could here was her saying, 'so this is what sets meant.' Rei began to scream from where she sat that they didn't want her to go, she didn't want these powers, she wanted her queen back. as the back light vanished Usagi stood in a leather outfit, leather trousers hugged her hips and covered strap high heel sandals, a black silk blouse barely cover her black satin bra and showed an amazing amount of cleavage, her hair reached her mid back with a leather band holding it back. as she turned to the senshi a male jumped in through the window. He was surprised at what he saw, "oh my Usako, what have you done?"

Ami, Minako, Makato, and Rei stared on in tears, "oh my go I turned my Usa into an evil being, what have I done?"

"you did what destiny had you do, but that does not change the fact that I am still evil, you brought the demise of earth on yourselves because I am twice the power then my white magic ever made me, I'm surprised it kept this hidden from me for so long its so strong. Good luck senshi, you'll need it."

She vanished with no aid like others had needed in the past, black holes and the like.

Rei cried, "but which on of us senshi did she love?"

The other 4 looked at her, they all knew, why hadn't the newly crowned queen figured it out yet, "you are Rei, you are the one she hold most dear."

"oh my Usa, she was always so loving, and by doing what I did I she gave it to me and made herself something better, and more terrible." Rei looked at her hands, "I cant be queen, now I understand why she was always tired not only did she have to defeat youma each night go to school and such things but she was ruling a planet and restoring it under our noses. I knew I was being to harsh but all I wanted was to see her a better fighter.

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