Disclaimers: Both Star Trek and Babylon 5 are not my property but property of their rightful owners. This story is for entertainment purposes only so no copyright infringement is intended or monetary compensation has been or will be received.


Author's note: I tried to portrait as faithful as possible both universes but some changes are inevitable due to the interaction of both shows.

This history in the universe of Star Trek happens after the movie First Contact and in that of Babylon 5, before the movie the Beginning.

This is a story I started it almost a decade ago but in the last few years I had not had the time or inspiration to update it, however now I decided to give this story another go.

Many parts and chapters presently were not to my current standards so I done some changes. Some chapters were entirely rewritten, while other only partially, but independently of what was rewritten, the story remains the same. In addition, I decided to add a prologue to better explain Q's motivations.

Hope you continue to enjoy the story and I will try to update as frequently as possible but I will not make any promises.