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About Q letting the Vorlons dick around and not stopping them, I tried to make clear in the prologue that he intends to show them how his way of interfere with the young races is superior to the Vorlon's and how the races that Q interferes with, can grow more than those that the Vorlons interfere with.

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Chapter 18

At first when the first Aliens in large blue ships arrived and despite having caught the Federation by surprise, Starfleet forces still managed to recover and finally get the upper hand in the ensuing battle. However, when another group of Aliens also appeared but now in organic ships that shown to be as powerful as those of the Federation, the situation completely changed and with both Alien groups working together they completely began dominating the battlefield. So much, that their latest ship to arrive, a saucer-like behemoth with a length of nearly fifty kilometers, with completely impunity was able to pass Earth's defenses and then proceed towards it.

"Admiral, we no longer have enough vessels to even try to mount a coordinated defense; much less try to attack that enormous vessel of theirs. At this point all that our remaining forces can aspire to do is survive as long as possible." Riddick stated.

"Admiral, sensors just detect several more hundred contacts that appeared from nowhere!" A distressed Tactical Officer informed.

Paris almost went into despair. As thing were currently, they already didn't had any hope to survive for much longer and in all likelihood Earth was about to be destroyed, so the news that more hundreds of enemies were arriving caused him to heavily fall in the captain's chair and mutter. "We are finished then."

"Sir, those new contacts are emitting familiar signals. They aren't enemy ships but Federation ones!" The Tactical Officer exclaimed with relief all over his face.

"What?" Paris shot out and immediately as if propelled by a spring jumped from his chair and ordered. "Hail them!"

Seconds later in the Galaxy's main viewscreen appeared a face that Paris knew very well and even not long ago, he personally had awarded due his performance in the Dominion war, more concretely when the Third Fleet under his command, successfully engaged and defeated the Breen forces that had attacked Earth.

"Captain Castillo, latest report put you and your forces still at more than a day away. How come did you manage to arrive so soon?"

"I really don't have an answer for that Admiral. As you put it, even at maximum warp, we were still at more than a day away, but then some unexplained phenomenon hurled all ships in the fleet tens of light years in mere seconds and right at where we are now. I'm not a religious man but if that wasn't a miracle I then don't know what can qualify as one." A still baffled Captain Castillo replied.

"I have my suspicions on what hurled all of you here and if I'm right, believe me that it has nothing to do with a miracle. However, that is a discussion for another time, Captain. Now we desperately need you here as our forces are on the verge of collapse. Plus an enormous enemy vessel is about to attack Earth."

Captain Castillo immediately acknowledged and seconds later, the entire Third Fleet plus many more Federation Starships that also had responded to Earth's distress signal and along the way had joined them, as messengers of death began attacking both the Vorlons and Minbari with deadly results.

Until seconds ago, the Minbari were quite pleased and upon seeing the large Vorlon ship approach the Humans Homeworld, that only reinforced their sentiment that soon the human race was about to be nothing more than a remembrance. However, that certainty once again was painfully crushed as a wall of destruction in the form many hundreds of saucer-like ships fell upon them. Even the mighty Vorlons were caught by surprise and in seconds, the Vorlon-Minbari well-coordinated machine was put in complete disarray. Then a force of nearly forty Federations vessels straight as an arrow raced towards the blue planet that was about to be attacked and like a swarm of bees began stinging the Vorlon behemoth in the form of hundreds phaser beams and torpedoes.


Everything started eight days ago when the Klingon Warship Kahless failed to rendezvous with the Federation Starship Excalibur so that Commander Shelby could resume in it her position of First Officer while Commander Mollar his on the Kahless.

After learning what had happened, and later on that the Enterprise and a fleet of Klingon ships was to go through the wormhole, Captain Mackenzie very strongly recommended to Starfleet that the Excalibur should be the one to go through the wormhole with the Klingons. Unfortunately, Starfleet also very strongly disagreed with his recommendation, thus leaving him no other choice but wait and hope for the best regarding Cmdr. Shelby safely return.

Then after more than a week of much unnerving waiting, a Code-One distress signal originating from Sector 001 came and the Excalibur at maximum warp immediately headed towards Earth.

Most of the Excalibur's crew consisted of veterans of the Dominion war. Therefore, by monitoring the battle broadcast, they fully understood just how desperate the situation back on Earth was; and since by their calculations even at maximum warp they were still thirty-two hours away, in the same proportion that their hope of getting to the Sol System in time diminished, their anguish for not being there to help increased.

Hours later and after having joined the Third fleet, Captain Mackenzie received more disturbing news. His Chief Engineer had reported that the warp engines of the Excalibur were on the verge of collapse and no longer able keep up with the rest of the fleet. Fleet that already had lost many other vessels due to engine failure, mostly older classes that like the Excalibur, an Ambassador-class, their engines were never built to endure speeds of above warp nine for extended periods.

At first, the Captain of the Excalibur chose to ignore his Chief Engineer recommendations and continue at present speed, but soon and after the appearance of many warning lights, sounds and increase vibrations in the deck plates, it became obvious that there was no way that they would be able to reach Earth at present speed.

However before he had to decide on whether it should continue at present speed and soon have a catastrophic engine failure or slow down and get to Earth too late, something extraordinary happened. An unknown spatial phenomenon caused the Excalibur and every single Starship in the fleet to cross tens of light years in seconds and appear on the Sol system. Not much longer and as the new Federation forces entered the battle, Admiral Paris immediately reorganized them as necessary so that they could counter the present disposition of the enemy forces. Then as the majority of the Federation ships began attacking the bulk of Vorlon-Minbari forces, a group of thirty-eight other Starships among which was the Excalibur, engaged the enemy behemoth that was about to strike Earth.

Moments later, the Excalibur and the rest of the battle group with as many phasers that they could bring to bear and firing torpedoes as fast as their launchers allowed, began firing on the gigantic enemy vessel. However and despite its lack of shields, its hull seemed extremely resilient and the damage that the Federation ships were inflicting was nowhere near the necessary if they wanted to have hope in stop the eminent attack that was about to be unleashed on Earth.

To Mollar, the Klingon Commander who participated in exchange program with Shelby, ever since he set his foot on the Excalibur, he barely could wait for the time to leave and go back to the Kahless. The first time that he saw his quarters, he considered them so absurdly large that his jaw almost hit the floor. How could anyone think of spending so much space on sleeping quarters when that space could be devoted to weapons really baffled him. He even insisted that he would like to have some small quarters; preferably, one without windows, but the Captain simply smiled and said that the only other available quarters were the guests' ones that were even larger. Therefore, to make his quarters barely acceptable he had to resort to remove the mattress from his bed, and cover the windows with sheets.

Then came the job of being a First Officer on a Federation Starship, and if he had any previous thoughts on what that job entailed, than those thoughts soon were crushed to a bloody pulp. It seemed that the Excalibur's crew entire days were composed of a shift of eight hours where all that they did was sit in comfortable chairs and looking for space anomalies, eight hours to sleep and finally eight freaking hours for leisure time. In addition, in the two weeks since his ordeal began, not a single battle drill happened. How this vessel and crew had managed to survived the Dominion war was something that he simply could not understand, not to mention that since his arrival and until the occurrence of the distress signal, the most exciting thing that happened to him was when the computer asked at which temperature he wanted his blood whine.

However now was time to battle and although his life was partially dependent on how these Humans would conducted themselves in battle, this was his element and for what he lived.

"Captain, may I suggest that we concentrate our fire on those frontal struts as they seem crucial to what appears to be their main weapon." Mollar indicated to Mackenzie.

"Good observation Commander, let's make it so and target that large upper right tentacle-like strut." The Captain of the Excalibur commanded.

Immediately the Excalibur veered away from its present attack vector and began concentrating all the power of its weapons on the tentacle-like strut, from which and together with the other three similar struts, tendrils of energy were emanating from their tips and converging in the center with an exponential increase in intensity. However, their present task wasn't easy in the least as the target was almost twenty kilometers long and a kilometer thick, but suddenly another Starship that came from behind them added its firepower to theirs, it was the USS Monarch that finally with its phasers operational joined the battle. Then more and more ships joined the Excalibur and the Monarch and in less than a minute, the enormous structure followed by a massive explosion was severed and began floating in space.

Cheers of joy arose in the Excalibur bridge, but the Captain immediately remind everybody that the job wasn't done yet, so without wasting more time they resume the attack on the gigantic enemy vessel where now all across its entire hull many explosions were seen erupting. It seemed its resistant hull was finally caving in.

The Vorlons meanwhile recognizing that a disaster was imminent, tried to assist their planet killer, but it was too late and seconds later to their horror, the mighty vessel turned into a small nova, which after fading away, in its place the only thing remaining was some debris.

Despite the enormous setback and number of Vorlon lives that had just perished, they and the Minbari didn't wavered one bit and immediately countered. However the Minbari now a mere remnant of what had been in the beginning of the battle, hardly were able to contribute to the war effort, thus leaving the bulk of burden on the Vorlons.


Minbari Command Ship and moments before the planet killer demise.

"Can it be that there is no end to this madness?" Satai Kalonnon of the worker caste stated in disbelieve as in the Grey Council chambers' holographic display, the enemy reinforcements were seen strike both the Minbari and Vorlons forces.

"It doesn't matter. With the Vorlons fighting on our side we can't lose no matter how many dark forces the Dark Lord sends." Satai Kersohio of the war caste stated with an unshakable conviction.

However, as Satai Kersohio finished his sentence, near the Humans' Homeworld a new star seemed to have born, but then quickly fade away and then there was nothing.

In the Grey Council Chambers, the astonishment was complete and for the next minutes, no one uttered a single word.


For a while longer, the raging battle continued. However the sheer numerical advantage of almost five to one that the Federation now enjoyed, soon make it clear that as things were now, the Vorlons would never be able to win but only prolong the inevitable and increase the loss of lives on all sides.

For a while, the Vorlons considered bring more forces, however they and their ships were perishing at an alarming rate and due not knowing how much more reinforcements these humans could bring, they decided that a strategic retreat was in order. Therefore, for a second time and by those whom they most revered, incredulous Minbari heard the order to retreat be issued.

Seconds later, many dozens of jump-points appeared and through them both the Vorlon forces, and what was left of the Minbari, disappeared into hyperspace but leaving behind an indescribable scene of carnage and destruction.

"We did it, we defeat them, but by God at what cost. Hundreds of thousands must have died." Owen Paris uttered somberly in the bridge of the Federation Flagship, the USS Galaxy.

However and despite having won, there was no time to relax, as the aliens seemed to have the capability of through the creation of inter-dimensional rifts appear without any warning. Paris immediately ordered all able ships to regroup and form a shield around Earth while emergency crafts of all sorts began leaving Earth, the Moon, and Starbases all over the system to go towards the former battlefield to search for survivors.

So as this conflict ended…


…on other place, another conflict was about to start.

After a treacherous attack in which a group of Klingon vessels found itself involved, only one survived and considering how overwhelming and damaging the attack had been, that was nothing short of remarkable. Nevertheless the Kahless had also been severely damaged and if had continue to fight, certainly would have been destroyed as well. Fortunately, its cloak had remained operational thus allowing the Klingon Warship to engage it and vanish from enemy sights. The dark ships however upon seeing their prey trying to escape, immediately began searching for them through sweeping the local area of space with powerful tachyon sensors and their deadly purple beams hoping that some could found its mark. After several minutes of fruitless searching, three more dark ships that ranged from several kilometers long to several hundred meters also seemingly appeared from thin air and joined the search efforts, efforts that for several times only by sheer luck on the Klingons side didn't came to fruition.

The Klingons under the safety of their cloak could have opted to go somewhere else that was safe and away from the dark ships that frantically but unsuccessfully were still looking for them, but that wasn't the Klingon way and such ignominious attack couldn't go unanswered.

Therefore half an hour later after many repairs and although not in optimal conditions, the Chief Engineer of the Kahless deemed them battle ready, so everyone went to their positions and got ready to if necessary gloriously die in battle.

Had the kahless been a Federation Starship certainly go into battle against such odds would be unthinkable unless much more than honor was at stake, but being the Kahless a Klingon warship, that automatically meant that such considerations were immediately thrown out the window.

The present Commanding Officer of the Kahless however was very human and despite going into battle in the present conditions not being something that thrilled her, she had sworn that while aboard the Kahless she would abide to all Klingon rules and regulations even if it cost her life, so that was what she intended to do.

"Presently how many enemies are out there Lieutenant?" Shelby asked the Tactical Officer.

"Presently there are five enemies. Two of the enemies measure a kellicam each, two half a kellicam and the last one, a quarter of a kellicam. I am not detection any shields, warp core, subspace communications or sensors, but with passive sensors that is all I can get." Toran informed Shelby.

"Very well. Load all fore torpedo launchers and ready main disrupters." Shelby ordered.

"Lieutenant Kazj, go to heading 743, mark 054, one quarter impulse power only." Shelby told the Helm Officer.

Then silently, the Kahless approached behind two dark ships that were flying relatively close to each other and that resembled more something that had come out of a nightmare than space vessels.

"Bring us to twenty kellicams of them. I don't want to give them any warning." Shelby commanded.

A minute later Kazj informed that they were in position and Toran that disruptors and torpedoes were ready.

"At my command uncloak fire torpedoes and main disrupters, then engage the cloak again and break hard to port at maximum impulse." Shelby informed the Helm and Tactical Officers respectively.

"Now!" Shelby yelled.

Immediately the Kahless shimmered into view and seconds later before the Shadow vessels could realize what had happened, were hit by a rain of photon torpedoes and disrupter beams that completely obliterated them, sending spiky parts in all directions.

Not far, two other Shadow vessels not only saw what had happened but also felt their death, immediately turned on their axis and fired their purple beams of death at the Alien vessel that by now already had disappeared, so their beams only found the empty vacuum of space.

The other Shadow vessel also immediately converged to the Klingon ship last known position and began firing its purple beam of doom in hope of hit the culprit for the death of the other two members, but all that their beams also found was nothingness.

Meanwhile the Kahless had done a wide turn, come around and again after shimmer into view fired another volley of torpedoes and disruptor beams that eliminated one more unsuspecting Shadow vessel.

The Remaining two Shadow vessels again with thirst of vengeance converged on the Kahless last known position firing everywhere they could in hope of hitting the murderous Aliens, but again unsuccessfully. Then only one Shadow vessel remained visible while the other seemingly shimmered and disappeared.

"One of them have run away. It's our chance to finish the one that remains in the battlefield!" Toran spouted.

Shelby however was not so optimistic, but regardless and under cloak, they again made one more unsuspected approach on one more Shadow vessel that strangely appeared not to be making any effort to look for them and was just flying in a straight line.

"We are in position!" Kazj called.

"I'm also ready!" Toran informed from his tactical position, his fingers again eager to turn an enemy dark ship into smithereens.

"Wait, not yet. Something is very wrong as this seems too easy." Again as when before the treacherous attack, Shelby had a bad felling regarding the present situation. The Klingons however due her hesitation in attack, were becoming restless.

"The enemy is ready for the kill. We should attack now!" Toran roared from his tactical position.

"We do it when I say we do it and not a second before. Is that understood?" A pissed Shelby yelled at Toran while discreetly going for her disrupter just in case.

Toran did not reply, but mumbled something imperceptibly. So Shelby asked again.

"Have I made myself clear Lieutenant?" Shelby defied Toran.

"Yes." A very pissed Toran replied.

"Good. Now ready both fore and aft torpedoes."

"But there aren't any vessels behind us." Toran stated, not understanding Shelby's order regarding readying the aft torpedo launchers.

"You don't have to know why I gave an order, only fallow it. Shelby aggressively told Toran which didn't reply but shown through his facial expression that wasn't happy.

"On my command uncloak us and fire all torpedo launchers, but those from the aft are to fire in a wide pattern." Shelby ordered.

"Now!" Shelby roared.

Moments later and just as the Kahless uncloaked behind the enemy that was still flying in an extremely predicted path, behind the Klingon warship a Shadow vessel also shimmered and appeared, but before it could fire, the Kahless was already firing torpedoes from both its fore and aft launchers, in on go eliminating the two remaining dark vessels.

"You were right Commander, it was a trap, and an enemy ship that was nearby and also cloaked was expecting that we took the bait to then attack us from behind when we uncloaked." K'nera the Ops Officer stated what now was obvious.

Registering the compliment from Klingon female but not demonstrating it, Shelby since the beginning of the treacherous attack, allowed herself to relax as the enemy had been defeated. However relax wasn't something that was meant to happen as seconds later Toran again was reporting that more three enemies had suddenly appeared at their starboard side. Those enemies however quickly turned into many dozens as these new dark ships that were larger than any previous ones that they had met before, proceed to spit out very large dark spheres that after several kilometers of traveling, broke apart and each turned into ten small other dark crafts, roughly the size of shuttles.

Shelby immediately ordered the cloak to be engaged again, but this time however nothing happened and more than thirty furious dark vessels were on their way with clearly unfriendly intentions.

"Why aren't we cloaking?" Shelby yelled at Toran.

"The cloak isn't working. It must be malfunctioning due some previous damage." Toran replied.

Shelby then ordered the raising of shields, which occurred just in a nick of time since as soon as they got up, several purple beams found its mark causing the Klingon warship to rock hard.

"We were hit and shields are down!" Toran yelled as sparks erupted in several places on the bridge.

"Warp speed any heading now!" Shelby ordered at the Klingon at the helm that promptly complied and the Kahless seemingly stretched into infinity before disappearing into a flash of light.

Now finally safe, Shelby ordered the entering of a new destination where she hoped would be possible to get some answers on who this new enemy was. Then in in a defiant tone, she asked if anyone had any objection regarding the new heading, to which no one reply, thus showing that her authority now was undisputed. Shelby then got up from the captain chair addressed Toran and told him to accompany her. Once both got out of the bridge, she addressed him.

"Lieutenant, if you dare again, even if for a second to question another order from me, no matter how silly you think it is, I will make sure that you will do it for the last time. Was I clear?"

"Yes you were Commander." This time Toran replied in submission.

Both then went again to the bridge to their respective positions. Toran to the Tactical station while Shelby to sit in the captain chair from where she called Ragga, the Chief Engineer so that he could explain why after his assurance that the Kahless was battle ready and at the time not having suffered any addition damage, the cloak failed miserably.


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