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Shinji Ikari opened the door to the galley and stepped inside. Looking around the room, he spotted numerous people sitting at the tables eating food. The atmosphere of the room was one of happiness as families chatted with each other. There were smiles and laughs as children played while their parents ate and watched their kids. The sight brought a genuine smile to Shinji's face, which was a first since Asuka and him first boarded the transport ship.

Turning his head, Shinji spotted the food counter and walked towards it. He stopped and stood in line as a cook handed out plates of food to people as they passed by him. When Shinji was finally in front of the cook who was behind the counter, he took a tray and then waited.

"Need something else?" asked the cook in English, slightly annoyed. He was a heavyset middle aged man who was Caucasian.

"Just another tray Sir; it's for my wife" answered Shinji with a steady voice, never taking his eyes off the man.

"Aren't you a little young to be married kid?" asked the man suspiciously.

Shinji pulled a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket and placed it on the counter in front of the cook. The cook's eyes widened and he looked around to see if anyone else was looking. Seeing that the coast was clear, he quickly swiped the money and put it in his pocket while handing Shinji another tray of food. Shinji nodded and walked back to the exit. While holding onto both trays with one hand, he used his other hand to open the door. Once the door was open, Shinji walked outside and closed the door behind him.

As he walked to his cabin with whom he shared with Asuka, Shinji ignored the other passengers of the ship. They would glance at him when he passed by but they would generally ignore him as well. Shinji preferred it this way since he was trying to avoid any attention. As he rounded a corner, he saw a group of three men talking together as they leaned on a guard rail overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful day and was the perfect time to be outside of one's cabin. Shinji was personally glad of it since it gave him an opportunity to get out and about.

As Shinji passed the group of men, they took no notice of him as they continued their conversation. Shinji was about to round another corner when one of the men said something which caused the boy to stop and listen in.

"Heard there are American troops in Japan" said one of the men who was dressed in a pair of dark pants and matching jacket, taking no notice of Shinji as he listened in.

"Where'd you hear that?" asked another man.

"On the radio; apparently they're attacking some UN facility called NERV" answered the man.

"Really? Why they doing that?" asked the third man of the group, drinking from a bottle of beer.

"Don't know; from what the radio says, they are also attacking other facilities with the same name in other countries as well" said the man.

"All by themselves?" asked the second man.

"No; Chinese and French troops are involved as well" answered then man.

"American, Chinese, and French troops working together? What about the UN?" asked the man drinking the beer.

"According to the radio, the UN is in chaos; something about some hidden conspiracy to start Armageddon by a group of men running the UN. Also heard there is fighting going on in Germany between UN, French, and American troops. That's all the radio said" said the first man taking a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket. Shinji began walking again and was soon out of hearing range of the group of men.

When Shinji arrived at the door of his cabin, he kicked at the door a few times and then stepped back. The door opened and Shinji stepped inside. As the door closed behind him, Shinji placed the two trays of food onto the small table and turned to the other occupant of the room. The first thing he noticed was her hair which had changed color since his visit to the galley for food.

"You dyed it black?" asked Shinji, surprised by her choice.

"It was either that or blue. You don't like it?" asked Asuka, the pitch of her voice rising a little bit.

"It's not that I don't like it; I just though that you hated black" answered Shinji, raising his hands.

"I also hate the idea of my hair being blue. Black is the lesser of two evils" replied Asuka, taking a look at the food. Picking up one of the plates, she began eating, but there was the slight appearance of disgust on her face in which Shinji caught.

"I know; I hate the food as well. However, we only need to deal with it a little while longer" said Shinji, taking a seat on the bed.

"I know; I just wish you would be the one who was cooking it" said the girl as she took one of the plates and began eating.

Shinji smiled as he watched her. This was a pleasant moment for the both of them and he wanted to relish it as long as possible. Lying on the queen size bed, Shinji continued to watch Asuka as she inhaled her food. Taking notice of his untouched food, Asuka stopped eating.

"Aren't you going to eat?" asked Asuka, slightly concerned.

"No, I am not hungry. Besides, you need it more than me anyway. Especially with your condition" answered Shinji with a comical tone in his voice.

"I don't need your pity" said Asuka, her voice rising in anger.

"I am not pitying you; I am just concerned. Your life is no longer your own now" said Shinji, a serious tone in his voice.

"I know" said Asuka, her anger deflating. Finishing her food, she grabbed the second plate and wolfed it down. After finally finishing it and was finally full, she placed the empty plate onto the first one and sat down on the bed. Lying down next to Shinji, she curled up against him.

There was silence between the two as the sound of the ocean was heard in the background. Both had their eyes open as they stared at other things in the cabin while being in deep thought. After an hour of silence, it was Asuka who finally spoke.

"Do you want to do it tonight?" asked Asuka in a tone that lacked emotion.

"Do you?" asked Shinji in the same tone.

"Yes; I need it and so do you" answered Asuka.

"Very well; but you have to be on top. The baby can't be hurt" said Shinji, the slight sound of worry in his voice.

"I agree; our baby can't be harmed" said Asuka in genuine agreement.

After a few more hours of silence between the two, darkness entered the cabin which signaled that dusk was approaching. As cabin continued to grow darker, Asuka rolled onto the top of Shinji and sat up. Looking down at him, she spoke again in a hushed whisper.

"When we are done; I want you to tell me of this new home for us that we are traveling to again."

Author's Note: This is my first Shinji/Asuka fic and I apologize if the characters seem OOC. I will hopefully explain the OOC as the fic progresses. I promised one of my readers an A/S fic and I hope he enjoys this one, sorry for the wait. Please R&R and a big thanks to Sideris for the pre-read.