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As soon as they entered their hotel room, Asuka immediately headed towards the bathroom. Shinji watched her as she opened the bathroom door and peered inside. Smiling, she turned and walked to the bed. Dropping her luggage onto the bed, she opened up her backpack and pulled out a white t-shirt and matching panties. She then proceeded back to the bathroom.

"I am taking a bath" was all that she said as the teen entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Shinji sighed and dropped his luggage next to Asuka's' on the bed. It was a king sized bed with a grey quilt and green pillows. He then looked around the room and smiled as well. It was a rather large room with a red carpet and white-colored walls. There was a computer desk in the corner and a fancy wooden dresser underneath the large window on the far wall. There was also an entertainment center with a very expensive flat screen television, DVD player, and a CD player. There was also a cordless phone and a digital clock on a small desk next to the bed.

'They really go all out for their clients' thought Shinji as he moved Asuka's and his belongings so that he could lie down. He then got onto the bed and propped himself up so that he was lying against the headboard.

Reaching for the remote control, Shinji turned on the TV but kept the volume mute. He flipped around for a couple of minutes, going through all 576 channels. Finally, he flipped back to cartoon network which was playing Crest of the Stars. As he watched the program for about an half an hour, the bathroom door opened up and out came a very happy Asuka who was dressed in the panties and shirt that she had grabbed earlier. The shirt was a little small for her and barely covered her belly button. She looked at the TV for a minute and then headed to the bed. Without looking at Shinji, she grabbed her and Shinji's luggage and put then on the ground next to the bed. Asuka then climbed onto the bed laid down next to the boy with her head on the pillow and eyes at the TV.

As the two lay there watching the program, Shinji occasionally stole glances at the girl. The way she was dressed brought upon a feeling of lust within the boy. However, Shinji always waited for Asuka to make the first move. It was an unspoken agreement between the two.

As he glanced at her again, Asuka looked from the TV and their eyes met. The two teens stared at one another in silence for a few minutes. Asuka suddenly moved and climbed on top of Shinji and lay down until the tips of their noses almost touched. Both sets of blue eye continued the meet as neither body made any attempt to move. Finally, Shinji moved his arms and wrapped them around Asuka, embracing her.

"At some point, we'll have to stop" said Shinji.

"What?" asked Asuka questionably.

"The sex; It won't be good for the baby" answered Shinji with seriousness.

"I know we have to take care of our child" said Asuka, with a note of seriousness in her voice as well.

Neither one moved as they lay on top of one another. They were locked in their embrace and silence returned between the two. Finally after a few minutes, Asuka turned around and Shinji pushed himself up until he was once again in a sitting position. Asuka stayed where she was, using Shinji's stomach as a pillow.

Shinji and Asuka watched the program until its conclusion. After the credits were done, the next show came on; Pokemon Sagas. Both teens gagged in disgust and Shinji quickly picked up the remote, flipping the channel.

"Mien Gott, will it ever end?" asked Asuka incredulously.

"I heard that they are up to eight thousand now" said Shinji.

"How do they keep coming up with names for those things" asked the girl again.

"They probably have one guy whose sole job is to come up with new Pokemon and their names" answered Shinji with a laugh.

"Our child will NOT be raised watching Pokemon" said Asuka with extreme seriousness.

"Agreed" said Shinji.

After a few more minutes of flipping, the teen landed on the local 6'clock news. There was a local report on an incident involving a group of surfers getting into a fight with a gang of jet skiers. There were no serious injuries but multiple arrests were made. As the teens watched the broadcast, the anchor was interrupted and a report was handed to him.

"We have just been informed that the White House Press Secretary Samuel Arlen is about to make a statement regarding present events. We will now go live to the White House"

As soon as the anchor finished, the scene changed to the White House where a tall African American male was shown in front of a group of reporters. He was dressed in a black suit and had a pair of reading glasses on.

"Thank You for coming. After I am done, I will take a few questions. Two weeks ago the nations of China, France, and the United States launched a unilateral military operation against the Organizations of NERV and SEELE as well as their subordinates in the various national governments and United Nations. This action was taken due to overwhelming evidence indicating the planned initiation of a Third Impact. Currently all branches of NERV are under Allied control as well as facilities run by NERV's secret backers SEELE. The United Nations is also occupied and the Secretary General and his cabinet have been arrested in their connection to the scheme. Commander Gendo Ikari of the Japanese Branch of NERV and German Entrepreneur Lorenz Keel has been taken into custody and will be tried for numerous crimes including attempted genocide."

Reporters suddenly stood up and began yelling their questions. Mr. Arlen pointed to a woman in the middle.

"Where did the evidence come from in regards to this military action?"

"The evidence itself came from the Japanese Branch of NERV's own MAGI which was made available from within the facility."

"Do we know who was responsible for this leak?" asked the reporter again.

"Yes, it was due to the valiant efforts of a NERV scientist by the name of Doctor Ritsuko Akagi. However, she was murdered by Commander Gendo Ikari before US forces could arrive."

Shinji and Asuka became saddened at this. Ritsuko had helped them escape Tokyo 03 and NERV's detection.

"What is the status of the Japanese Branch of NERV? Has the entire Command staff been arrested?" asked another reporter.

"Other than the Commander and Sub Commander, the rest of the staff at NERV have been exonerated and has been very cooperative with the US forces. Currently, NERV Japan is under the complete control of the United States Army 4th Division under the Command of General Walter Sherman."

"And the children who pilot the Evangelions?"

"The First Child Rei Ayanami has been put into the permanent custody of Major Katsuragi as part of our agreement with her. The Second and Third Children, Asuka Langley Sohyru and Shinji Ikari, have disappeared and have not been found"

"If found, would they be arrested?"

"No, the children are still considered heroes and will be needed for testimony against Gendo Ikari."

"There have been reports of protest about the presence of US troops by the Japanese Government. What does the President have to say about this?"

"We have learned that the Japanese Government was planning an attack of its own. However, from what we have learned; this attack involved the possible massacre of the NERV staff. This was unacceptable in our opinion. Therefore, this is why the US moved in without Japan's knowledge."

"What about the occupation of Berlin and the imprisonment of some of the German Government by French and British forces?" asked another reporter who was located in the front row.

"Many of the officials in the German Government as well as their Chancellor were under the payroll of Lorenz Keel, the head of SEELE. Their arrest was necessary in order to purge the German Government of SEELE interest."

"What about influence within the US, Chinese, French, and British Governments by SEELE?" asked the same reporter.

"Shortly before the attack, there were high level arrests of all SEELE officials within the Allied Governments. Within the US, seventeen Senators from both parties as well as the Secretaries of Treasury and State along with their staff and contacts. They have been charged with treason."

"You have also arrested key United Nations officials including the Secretary General. Was he under SEELE's employment as well?" asked another reporter from the back.

"No; we have confirmed that he was a member of the SEELE council itself. We believe that he was responsible for allocating various UN funds to SEELE's operations."

"You have mentioned that Gendo Ikari and the SEELE Council will be going on trial for various crimes. Where will this trial take place and when?" asked a reporter.

"There is no word on when the trial will be seeing as the evidence against them is still being gathered. However, an agreement has been reached for where the trial will take place. The trial will take place in Ottawa, Canada."

"Who will be the judges for this trial?" asked the same reporter.

"The Canadian Government has agreed to provide the judges. The prosecutors will be from China, France, Great Britain, and the United States."

"And the Defense Attorneys?"

"The accused will be able to retain legal counsel. That is, if they can anyone to represent them" said Samuel Arlen with a smirk. There was laughter from the assembled.

Shinji shut off the television and both teens lay there in silence as they took in what they just witnessed. After a few minutes, it was Asuka who broke the silence.

"At least we know that Misato is okay" said Asuka in a somewhat tone of relief.

"I guess" responded Shinji in a monotone voice.

"One of these days, you are going to have to tell me what she did to make you so angry at her" said Asuka.

"Its not what she did but what she said to me" said Shinji in a tone that had a trace of anger in it.

"What did she say?" asked Asuka.

"I'll tell you another time" answered Shinji.

"Very Well" was all the Asuka said.

The teens once again descended into silence. They lay there, holding onto one another. After twenty minutes of neither one taking an action, Asuka looked up at Shinji's face. Their eyes met and they stared at each other. Asuka then shook her head and Shinji nodded in agreement. They continued to hold each other even after they both fell asleep.

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