i wish i owned inuyasha cause if i did id probably be rich and own every thing inuyasha and keep kikyo away from inuyasha but none of that is true so i obviously don't own inuyasha or any other characters

the gang was once again laying down for the night shippo and kirara were already curled up together asleep next to the fire miroku is laying down rubbing his face which now held (once again) sangos red hand print and sango is laying on the opposite side of the cave with a very angry look on her very red face the only ones not trying to sleep is kagome and inuyasha they had stopped in the cave not only because of all there travailing but also because it had begun to rain so both inuyasha and kagome were siting at the mouth of the cave watching it rain

'i just realized inuyasha looks so much more peaceful when he watches the rain i wonder why' thinks kagome watching inuyasha

inuyasha realizes shes watching him and stiffens back into his usual self "what are you looking at" he snaps

"oh nothing just admiring how peaceful you looked watching the rain why is that inuyasha" kagome asks and for a second it looked as though sadness crossed his face

inuyasha was caught off guard by the question and for a second all the memories of his childhood went through his mind all the memories with her

"hemp...i don't know what your talking bout" inuyasha says with no feeling in his voice at all which kinda scares kagome who's always used to him full of emotion normally anger but emotion none the less

"inuyasha are you OK i didn't mean to say anything wrong i was just curious you seemed peaceful almost at ease when our normally so stiff and cautious" kagome says a little uneasy inuyasha doesn't stay anything he just sits there almost slouched like he was exhausted "fine if your not going to talk to me then I'm going to bed"

"wait kagome..." inuyasha says grabbing her arm

"yes inuyasha" kagome says hopefully

"uh...um...never mind" and he lets go of her looking back out side with a sad expression now on his face

"inuyasha you know you can tell me anything ill keep it a secret if you want. you can trust me" kagome says looking at him softly

"i know just some things hurt to much to talk about" inuyasha says with sadness in his voice

"sometimes it helps to talk" kagome says siting next to him

"I'm not sure if i can i never have before why should i now" he says a little anger edging into his voice

"because before you didn't have friends now you do now you have people to talk to" kagome says taking his hand and looking into his eyes

"I'm sorry but i don't know if i can it hurts to much" inuyasha says looking away

"don't worry maybe you will one day but for now lets go to sleep its late kagome says tomorrow is a new day" kagome says laying in inuyashas lap knowing one he wouldn't be going to sleep any time soon and when he did he'd be in the same spot in the same position

inuyasha looks down at the girl in his lap and frowns 'tomorrow might be a new day but its the day i hate above all others'

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