Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

Disclaimer: SEGA owns the Sonic characters and Rareware owns the B-K characters.

Before reading this, make sure to read the Sonic Side and BK Side in their respective sections, or you'll have NO idea what is going on. Now that Sonic and Banjo have a truce, they will be following the same story, which is this.

Chapter 1 (or Chapter 11)

"Well then." Banjo said. "We have no reason to fight anymore. Truce?" He held out his hand.

"Truce." Sonic shook it.

While the animals made friends and swapped stories, (see the Sonic and BK sides respectively) Grunty the witch slowly crawled away. Banjo was holding the light blue Chaos Emerald, so she couldn't get that one in her current state. However, she noticed the red and yellow Chaos Emeralds on the distant floor of the cave, momentarily forgotten by animals after Sonic and Shadow's fight.

Grunty managed to get her hand on the yellow emerald, and a bright flash greeted her. The animals wheeled around and were shocked when they saw Grunty with full her body restored. "I'm back to my original strength after only four emeralds!" She reached down and picked up the red one and after another flash said. "And now with five emeralds, I'm stronger than I've ever been, and there's still two whole emeralds left!"

"What?" Banjo gasped.

"Oh no…" Sonic began.

Out of nowhere, the Egg-o-matic floated down. "About time Grunty." Eggman said. "I was just about to take the emeralds for myself."

The witch smirked. "Good. How about we finish off our enemies here and now?"

"Good plan. Unfortunately my machine to harness the emerald's powers is back at the base, so you get to do the honors." He threw the dark blue Chaos Emerald to Grunty, who welcomed it with open arms. "Thanks." She glowered down at the animals. "By the way, I think that Chaos Emerald in your hand belongs to me."

"You'll never get it!" Tails shouted angrily.

Sonic and Shadow looked at each other, nodded once and then rushed at Grunty. She calmly held out her hand, and the hedgehogs were lifted into the air.

"W-what?" Shadow said.

Both the doctor and hag laughed as Grunty flung her arm to the side. Sonic and Shadow flew into the cave wall, and slid into a pool of water that was in the cave.

"SONIC!" Amy shouted.

"What's the big deal?" Banjo asked. "Its just water."

"Sonic and Shadow can't swim!" Tails panicked.

"Are you kidding me?" Kazooie asked.

Banjo ran towards the water, took a deep breath (as did Kazooie), and dived in.

"Oh no you don't!" Grunty laughed, as the surface of the water formed a large tentacle, which grabbed the bear and bird duo and lifted them high in the air.

Eggman laughed like a delighted child. "Oh man, I could watch this all day! However, Grunty, we have a schedule to keep. So if you could take their Chaos Emerald, we can continue with the plan."

"Oh, if I must." The witch smirked. The water tentacle began to shake violently. Banjo tried to hold on to the light blue Chaos Emerald, but it escaped his grasped and tumbled towards the cave floor. Grunty held out her hand, but was tackled from behind by Tails.

"I won't let you get that emerald!" He shouted. Grunty temporarily lost her concentration, and the tentacle released Banjo and Kazooie. They fell into the water, and dived down. Moments later, they emerged with the coughing forms of Sonic and Shadow.

Grunty flung Tails off of her and began to charge a spell. Suddenly, she heard Mumbo performing his magic chant. The hag focused her attention on him and let loose a blast of fire. Mumbo managed to jump out of the way, but lost his concentration on the spell. All of a sudden, Grunty was struck from behind by a large rock from Mumbo's spell from earlier. Knuckles had thrown it.

By now, Grunty was ticked off to say the least. A shockwave of magic erupted from her palm, knocking all of our heroes back. She quickly descended on the light blue Chaos Emerald, picked it up, and pocketed it like the rest. Her body was surrounded by a large aura and she began to float in midair.

"This isn't good…" Shadow said, coughing up water. "C-Chaos Spear!" he yelled. A golden ray erupted from his palm, but Grunty just absorbed it into her hand. Next, she lifted her hand into the air, and all the animals rose into midair.

"I could have a lot of fun with the lot of you, but I've got some other things to do." Grunty floated out of the cave, and to the edge of Cloud Cuckoo Land. The animals floated above the mile-high drop. The witch glanced over at Eggman. "Hey, what's to stop me from finishing you off right here as well?"

The doctor sighed and brought forth a legal document. It had glowing runes on the border. "When we joined forces, you made us sign this contract which is bound by magic. I think you did this to stop me from betraying you."

"Oh right, that." Grunty said, disappointed. "Oh well." Suddenly, ropes appeared and wrapped themselves around Kazooie and Tails' tails. "That's to stop you from flying to safety."

The two members of the evil truce cackled madly and Eggman said. "We have plans for this island, and the world, and they don't include you interlopers!" They teleported away, via Grunty's new powers, and the animals plummeted towards the Isle o' Hags below.

"Aaaaghhhhh!" They all screamed as they fell.

"I'm too young to die!" Tails shouted.

"I'm too pretty to die!" Amy screamed.

"I'm too cool to die!" Sonic yelled.

"I'm too hilarious to die!" Kazooie said.

Shadow sighed. "I have a plan everyone! Quick, join hands!" The group did, and Shadow moved towards the center of the group. "Everyone hold on!" The ground was coming to meet them fast."

"Any time now Shadow!" Sonic yelled.

When they were mere feet from splattering on the ground below, Shadow activated the jets on his air shoes and fired a super powerful Chaos Spear at the ground. The animals were shot slightly up, where they fell down to the ground at much slower velocities. Still, they hit the ground pretty hard, and the animals lost consciousness.


Wow, our heroes survived the fall from Cloud Cuckoo Land. But where are they now? What are Grunty and Eggman's plans, and How can our heroes hope to stop them now that they have all Seven Chaos Emeralds? These questions and more may be answered next chapter, but who knows for sure?

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