Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

Disclaimer: SEGA owns the Sonic characters and Rareware owns the B-K characters.

Chapter 12

"Avast there, ye landlubbers!" Banjo was awoken by a familiar voice, as well as something sharp poking him. He groggily opened his eyes, and saw the blurred shape of a hippo pirate holding a sword.

"Captian Blubber?" He asked. The bears' vision cleared and he realized that what he was looking at indeed looked like Captain Blubber, but it was a robot. The once kind (if slightly greedy) hippo was made of metal. The whites of his eyes were black, and his irises were red. Also, it wasn't holding the sword; it was attached to the machine's arm. Its other arm had sharp claws on the fingers.

The machine spoke in a voice similar to Blubber's, but it was computer generated. "RESPONSE: I no longer be Cap'n Blubber, I be Mecha Blubber, who exists only to serve me master, Dr. Ivo Robotnik." (If you couldn't tell, he was talking using pirate slang) "Now stand up!" He jabbed Banjo again with his sword. "I've got orders to bring all strag'lers before me master!"

"Fine… uh, just let me wake my friends… so they can come too." Banjo said.

"Fine, but ye best be hurryin'" The machine said.

Banjo managed to rouse his companions without much effort.

"Woah," Kazooie began. "What happened to Blubberguts?"

"I don't know!" Banjo said. "He says he goes by Mecha Blubber now…"

"Oh no…" Sonic said. He appeared to have gone pale and stared ahead. "Don't tell me he's started using it again…"

The creatures from Isle o' Hags looked at Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, who all had a similar reaction to Sonic's."

"What's it?" Shadow demanded.

Sonic managed to regain his composure. "The Roboticizer. A machine Eggman used to use a lot. He would use small animals to power his weaker robots, but he would use the Roboticizer to turn larger and more powerful animals INTO robots who would only serve him."

All animals other than Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles gasped.

"Why haven't I ever heard of this?" Shadow asked.

"For some reason, the doctor stopped using it long before he released you." Tails said.

"H-how do we change them back?" Banjo asked.

The members of the Sonic Crew, (other than Shadow) bowed their heads. "We don't know." Knuckles said sadly.

"But, surely Chaos Emeralds can fix this!" Mumbo exclaimed.

"We haven't found a way yet…" Amy said.

Banjo's expression hardened. "I will make that Dr. Eggman pay for this!"

Mecha Blubber turned to him. "Not without a fight yer not! Now come peacefully, or I may hafta kill ye!"

Sonic and Tails glanced at each other. "Leave this to us!" Tails produced a rope from who knows where (probably wherever Amy gets her Piko Piko Hammer from) and handed it to Sonic. The fox then flew over to the robot, and broke the sword hand off of it. Next, Sonic ran around the machine at the speed of sound and tied it to a tree. "That should hold him for now." Sonic said, dusting off his gloves.

The imminent threat over, the animals looked around (over the wail of Mecha Blubber and realized they were in a secluded spot of forest, near the Wooded Hollow and Jinjo Village. After trekking through the forest for a while, they stumbled across the Jinjo Village.

"Oh my god." Kazooie said, with none of her usual cockiness.

The houses in the village had been severely damaged, and the castle was completely destroyed. But that wasn't the worst part. In the village, was a line of the islanders, bound by chains, being lead into a Robotocizer. Guarding the animals, where former islanders, who had already been robotocized, including a large number of Jinjos.

"We're gonna need more rope." Tails said.

"First things first!" Shadow shouted, fire in his eyes. The raven colored hedgehog leapt unto the scene and shouted. "CHAOS SPEAR!" The gold beam obliterated the Robotocizer.

Our heroes gave a roar and charged. The robots were caught completely off guard. Mumbo began his magical chant, and a mystical cage appeared. Banjo roared, his kind nature forgotten, as he flung robot after robot into the cage. The rest of our heroes followed suit, and while sustaining minor injuries, they managed to force all of the former woodlanders into the cage. Meanwhile, Tails worked on freeing the prisoners.

Once the cage was shut and locked, (the robots were kept in by magic) our heroes surveyed the damage. The cage was full of animals from the Jinjo Village, and parts of Mayahem Temple. Banjo even noticed some robotic vegetables that must have originated from Spiral Mountain.

"You will not keep us penned in here forever!" Mecha Jingaling shouted. Some Mecha Jinjos shouted in approval. Amy's eyes filled with tears at the violent actions of the once kind creatures.

"Ten-hut! This in insubordination! I'll court martial you all!" A metallic mole in army clothes shouted to the non-robots.

"Not Jamjars too…" Banjo said.

"Banjo!" said a voice. Bottles the mole ran up with his family, which besides Jamjars had stayed all right. Behind them were a dozen or so Jinjos and assorted other creatures.

"What's going on?" Banjo asked.

"Grunty appeared before everyone on the Island. She was super powerful and had teamed up with the Eggman character!"

"It's because she got ahold of the Chaos Emeralds…" Sonic muttered.

Bottles continued. "Then, they sentenced all animals to be Roboticized. I assume there are stations like this all over the island."

"And once they take the island, they'll have more than enough powerful robots to begin to spread around Mobius!" Tails concluded.

"Bottles," Banjo began. "I don't see Tooty her as an animal or a robot. What happened to her?" He asked, concern for his kid sister showing.

Bottles looked away. "She was taken by Gruntilda. Grunty is going to take Tooty's beauty like she originally intended."

"GRUUUUUNNTY!" Banjo roared at the top of his lungs. He seemed like a wild animal now. "Where is she? She turned my friends into robots and she kidnapped my sister! Grunty and Eggman will both pay."

"They're in Grunty's original lair." Bottles said.

"Come on." Banjo said to his new friends, storming towards the tunnel that lead to Spiral Mountain.

"Wait." Bottle said. "I'm coming with you."


Okay… uh, that one was a little dark. (The part in the village sorta makes me think of the ending to the Bartimaeus Trilogy.) At least now we know part of the villain's plans.! (sweatdrop)

So, Bottles has joined the group, and the animals are heading to what is likely to be the final battle. (After they get through the traps in Grunty's lair of course) Will they be able to rescue Tooty and save the islanders? Only time will tell.

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