Title: Hacker

Summary: Some one has been hacking into Artemis's computer. AF/EG crossover

Setting: Thaddeus didn't let Cadel return home and so they were both able to escape.

Disclaimer: I don't own either Artemis Fowl or Cadel Roth, but I wish someone else would right some Evil Genius fanfiction, because I'm dying to read it.

Author's note: I don't really now where this is going, any ideas you have would be welcome.

Cadel was siting on the plane, between Thaddeus Roth and the window.

He had been tying to fall asleep for over an hour, but thoughts just kept spinning though his mind. Most of them regarding the man seated beside him.

Thaddeus. The only man he had ever trusted, the one man he feared more than any other. He had known Thaddeus sine he was seven, but had only just begun to wonder at how little he knew about him. Then, just yesterday, he had learnt that he was Thaddeus's son. How was he to act around the man he now knew to be his father? He had already been informed that acting out of sentiment would not be accepted, would be considered as failure. So what could he do? He shifted in his seat to try and see out the window.

"Rest, there is still quite a way to go." The quiet voice of the psychologist broke though his thoughts.

"I tried, but I can't stop thinking"

"About?" Everyone around them was sleeping and there was little chance of being enough over heard.

"About what happened, and what's going to happen. You haven't told me what name I should use and…" He had meant to continue and add that he didn't know where they were headed yet either, but Thaddeus cut him off.

"What are the names on your birth certificate? The names of your parents, do you remember?"

"Susan Jones and Daryl Poynter-Chuffley."

"Well, that gives you three options. Cadel Jones, Cadel Poynter or Cadel Chuffley. That's more choice than most people have in their life."

"Perhaps," Cadel paused, it made no difference really. No name he had ever held had ever been his own. In fact, it made no difference at all. "Pointer? Would that be all right?"

"As long as you are happy with it that's fine by me. Now that that is settled why don't you continue with one of your infiltration projects? You haven't had many opportunities to work on them lately. Seeing as you probably will not sleep for a while you might as well do something productive." He grinned as he drew a laptop from his bag and handed it to Cadel. "I heard that gold is still powerful."

Cadel's answering grin was not quite as certain. "Glad to hear it."

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