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Chapter 1: The Vision

"Dad, I'll be fine," said Mush from inside his room, as he packed his bags ready. His father came into his room and helped him pack his luggage.

"Are you sure you can do this by yourself?" he asked. Mush was going to a Job Application Meeting in Glitzville and was to stay there for a week. The young toad tucked in his blimp boarding ticket into his pocket and carried the luggage outside.

"Make sure you'll be fine," said his father. "I want you to have an experience as great as possible." Mush put his luggage into his car, and hopped into his seat.

"I promise I will!" he said back. "I'll be with Frank anyway, so just don't worry. I know that he could always be a bit wierd at times, but he's the only person."

"Son, I'll miss you," his father called, as Mush waved back and drove off slowly. He had only recently gotten his driver's license, as he stumbled his way across the road. His father paused slightly, and went back into the house.

He arrived at the large Blimp Station half an hour later and saw Frank the hammer bro., standing at the door with a cigarette pipe in his mouth. Mush sighed, thinking that he had quit smoking last week.

"Frank, those are definitely not allowed on the blimp," said Mush. "If something catches fire, guess who'll be blamed?"

"Mush, the blimp will NEVER catch fire from my pipe," Frank said. "You see that girl over there?" He pointed to a formally-dressed girl toad who looked around 17, and she was writing in a sort of notebook. Mush saw the cover of the notebook, which said Water Recordings.

"You're not making any sense Frank," said Mush, checking the flight lists for their flight. "Our blimp is leaving in fifteen minutes , and-"

A noki bumped into him, as he turned around.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly, and went the other direction.

"She looks so paranoid," said Frank. "She acts so stupid." A lakitu was yelling at a helpless service member, as a young birdo approached them.

"Hello is this flight ticket for 10: 27 leave?" she asked. Mush looked at the ticket.

"Yes, I believe," said Mush, handing the boarding ticket back to her. She smiled politely.

"Yes, it is wonderful! Thank you," she said as she walked away. Mush saw a train pass by on the railroad away from them, and wondered if Poshley Heights was a nice place to visit.

"Hey, umm, shouldn't we get onto the blimp now?" suggested Frank. Mush agreed and they both showed their boarding passes and went into the blimp. The blimp had open windows to look through, but no drinks or foods were allowed to be eaten on the trip. Their seats were all the way in the back.

"This stinks," groaned Frank as the sat down. "No complete windows, and we're standing right in front of the pilot's room, I mean this sucks horribly. Why the hell is the pilot's room all the way in the back of the blimp?"

Mush saw as the blimp started to fill up, and he saw the noki as she sat down somewhere near the front. She tried wiping her seat before sitting down, making Frank laugh out loud. The loud lakitu sat all the way in the front of the blimp, still yelling at another attendant for not having any drinks on board. He was causing quite an uproar as more people entered the blimp.

"Can someone just tell him to shut up?" Frank complained. Mush held his laugh when the lakitu fiercely grabbed the person by the neck, causing a commotion. The lakitu fought his way in staying in his seat, as a police koopa paratroopa wearing sunglasses warned him for behaving inappropriately.

The Asian Birdo sat next to the noki, scaring the noki a bit. The birdo looked over at Mush & Frank at the back and waved at them.

"What the heck is her problem?" grumbled Frank. "I knew foreign people were scary, trying to find a chance to harass and criticize you."

"I bet you're not xenophobic."

"Huh?" replied Frank.

Mush then saw a familiar person sit across from the obnoxious lakitu. He was an old, odd man named E. Gadd, who Mush had always heard about but never met. He sat closest to the door where the people entered.

The formally dressed toad made her way to the back of the blimp, as Frank nudged Mush with his elbow.

"Shoot, she's going to sit in the back. Get her away from us," he said, just as she approached them.

"Do you mind if I sit here in the back? I can't stand sitting next to the loud person in the front," she said, referring to the lakitu.

"Uh, we do have three seats in this row, so…" said Mush, but stopped when he saw Frank signaling for him to say no.

"So…umm, we don't mind if you take the extra seat," he said quickly, as she smiled and sat down. Frank got busy in smoking his pipe.

"Excuse me sir," said the police officer approaching them. "We don't allow sharp round objects, aerosol spray cans, toys with wheels, electric fans, sharp metal bars, pipes, or pipe cigarette in this blimp. You must exit the blimp momentarily and deposit your stuff in the Danger Luggage Depositary. Immediately," he added finally. Frank got up to exit the blimp, and did the finger to the police officer on his way out.

"So, are you going to Glitzville for the Job Application Meeting?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, I guess," said Mush. "I need an official job as something unique, interesting." He saw that she was jotting down things in her notebook.

"I'm the leader of the M.K. Water Treatment Headquarters," she replied. "I need to confirm a date with our new storage containers, containing the right needs to balance out the requirements for safe water. My name is Jill Hillisherry, by the way."

"Mush Rumberg," said Mush. "Prince Mush to be exact, although I hate that title. I gave it up a while ago because-"

"It makes others feel as if you're too great, and others feel down as if you are better," she finished. Mush just stood there, not knowing what to say or do.

"Uh, well, good trip," he finished off. She smiled and started to scribble something off in her notebook, and tore off the whole page instead.

"You know that man in the front, that lakitu who always yells and demands as if he were the king himself?" she said. "He's a director who got his previous successful auditorium brought down, because there was a freak accident in one of his plays. A curtains puller got killed, and many audience members are blaming him for the cause, accidentally of course. He got mad for no reason, but now he's the director of the Sarasaland Theatre, you know, the large one with all those fancy curtains and flashing lights?"

"He's the director of that large theatre?" asked Mush in disbelief. "Those lights gave two people epilepsy in the past month, and I heard the director was sued for around 26,000 coins. I then heard he ended up cheating the families and received money instead."

"After that death a year ago," continued Jill. "His mood has becomemore angryfor some reason. He probably felt that it was partially his blunder in the death, or the fact that he's still freaked out from it. And see that man in the front? You probably know that he's E. Gadd, but he was known to illegally revive people around a year ago. There's a story behind that, but I don't actually remember it."

"You know so much about the people more than I do," said Mush, as the blimp flight attendant spoke through the speakers.

"We hope you enjoy our flight to Glitzville, and we will be leaving temporarily," it spoke. Mush felt that the person sounded too familiar, and he laughed.

"You know, laughing helps the body lose weight, and is studied to be quite healthy," she said, then started to write like crazy in her notebook. Mush looked at her in curiosity, and tried to read what she wrote in her book.

"It's all business stuff if you're curious," she said, when the speaker spoke once again.

"We are now about to depart the Blimp Station. Please put on your seatbelts, and the lavatory is open only when the sign comes up. Enjoy your flight." Mush noticed Frank wasn't sitting next to him.

"Wait!" called Mush, but stopped when he saw Frank enter the blimp, sat down, and put on his seatbelt. He was grinning, and slowly tapped his feet. He then took out the pipe from his back pocket.

"Frank, you will be suspended and sent to jail if they see you with that," warned Mush. Frank only shrugged and secretly held the pipe in his hand. Mush saw Jill turn to a drawing of Australia in her notebook, and only the ocean was colored red.

"Is that part of your business? A water connection to Australia?" asked Mush.

"No," admitted Jill. "I drew it for a future possibility for my new home, filled with all the amounts of marsupials I need for company, plus all the surrounding water to observe."

"Oh shit," whispered Frank, as he noticed his soda can had exploded at his feet, leaving a huge puddle of liquid on the ground. Mush and Jill chuckled as Frank tried to cover it up.

The blimp started to rise from the ground slowly, as they all got ready to leave. Mush could see the noki was trying to look around the place for more privacy and safety. The officer koopa paratroopa went to the front of the blimp.

They suddenly noticed that the blimp was actually going towards the other way, so Mush, Frank, and Jill were actually at the front of the blimp, and the lakitu and E. Gadd were actually sitting in the back, making the blimp driver facing the correct way. The problem was that all the seats were turned the other way towards the wrong direction, so people had to turn their backs to look towards the front, and look out of the windows next to them. Mush, Frank, and Jill only had half windows, and were not able to see the correct way at all.

"What the hell, the blimp is going the other way!" whispered Frank. "I hate this crap, we're traveling backwards. Why did they even set up the seats like this?"

"I have no clue," said Mush, and he got out of his seat for a moment to look backwards out the window. He saw from a distance away the Poshley Heights train, emitting smoke into the air. It stopped at a station.

The driver of the blimp pulled the lever to release the flame level for the blimp, but there was a pipe leakage within the dilemma, caused by high pressure of the wind. The pressure had hit into the fire emitter and the back of the blimp and caused a problem that would affect their lives.

Jill was the first to notice something wrong. "We're descending," she said, her eyebrows furrowing as if there was a problem. There was a sudden bump as the whole thing shook violently. Everyone shifted in their seats nervously.

And then it happened. The whole back of the gondola, the cart where all the passengers were in, tore open in a split second, and the wires holding the back of the gondola suddenly snapped from pressure, making the gondola hang from a 45 degree angle.

"Oh shit!" yelled Frank, as he quickly grabbed onto his chair. Jill gasped in shock, as many passengers fell out of the blimp. E. Gadd had fallen out right away and the lakitu director tried grabbing on to the end of the torn off edge forhis life, until he let go, screaming until he hit the ground below.

"Hang on!" Mush yelled, as many screams filled the air. Many passengers kept on letting go and fell out through the open section. Frank fell but managed to grab onto another chair near the noki.

His smoke pipe fell into the officer who was all the way at the dangerous end, and there was a gas leakage coming from the ceiling. The people hanging on board witnessed the officer blow into pieces inthe explosion, causing a fire at the end of the torn section. The fire was spreading through the gondola, as the people left on board were grabbing onto the chairs.

"Oh my gosh!" screamed Jill, as the gondola suddenly dropped to a 90 degree angle, straight down. Screams filled the air, as the three of them fell from the sudden drop. Mush got caught onto a chair right above the fire. He saw the Japanese birdo scream and fall through the fire, then outside of the blimp. They were hanging for their life.

"Fucking god! Oh my fucking god!" shouted Frank at the top of his voice. His fingers were slipping from the headrest of a chair, as he tried to monkey bar his way around.

"Hold on!" shouted Mush. "Hold on!"

"Mush, I can't!" yelled Frank over a sudden sound. The door of the driver's room suddenly swung open, and the driver fell towards the bottom, banging into chairs until he disappeared in the fire, and fell out of the blimp.

"Help me!" screamed the paranoid noki in terror. She fell from above, but Mush caught her at the last second. A sudden jolt came when the blimp balloon started to smoke, and Mush let go. The noki cried in fear as she fell through the fire and out of the blimp to the ground hundreds of feet below them.

"Ahhhhhhh!" shouted Frank, as he let go and fell down to the ground. He caught half of his body in the open window as he fell, and was split in half as blood sprayed all over the other windows. His two body halves disappeared outside, as Jill and Mush kept on grabbing on to their seats in fear.

"Frank!" cried Mush in horror. "Frank!"

"I can't grab on forever like this!" cried Jill, and she let go and fell out. The fire had gone away, and Mush saw the terrified look on Jill's face as she fell hundreds of feet below through the back of the blimp.

He was the only one left in the vertical gondola. His fingers slipped away from the headrest of a chair, and he plummeted to the earth. As he looked up from falling, he saw the blimp explode into a fiery flame, and he looked the other way and saw the ground, a few feet away from him. He yelled in doom.

"We are now about to depart the Blimp Station. Please put on your seatbelts, and the lavatory is open only when the sign comes up. Enjoy your flight." The loudspeaker turned off.

Mush jumped slightly from his chair, and saw Jill writing in her notebook. He gasped as Frank sat down in his chair, and then took the pipe out from his back pocket. The whole thing seemed like a flash to him. "Was it a dream?" he asked himself.

"Fr…Frank!" Mush shouted in shock. "I…the blimp," he stuttered. Frank only shrugged, as Mush grabbed the notebook from Jill.

"Hey!" she said, as Mush flipped through the pages. Jill tried to grab it from him, but his eyes widened when he saw a picture of Australia.

"Oh no," gasped Mush, and then lifted Frank's foot. There was the exploded soda can in the puddle of soda.

"Oh shit," Frank groaned, seeing the spill. But Mush got up to his feet, making Jill and Frank curious of his terrified look. He looked and saw everyone, all safe.

The blimp is going to explode!" he shouted to everyone. Everyone turned to look at him suddenly and confused. Frank held is laughing, as Jill looked at him strangely.

"I saw the blimp explode! We're all going to die!" he shouted. There was a confused murmur within the people, as the lakitu stood up.

"You know, just shut the fuck up, you worthless piece of attention!" He ran over to him, but got tripped by the noki who was sticking her feet out. E. Gadd stood up, not knowing what to do.

"Sir, if we ask you to stay in your seat-"said the koopa paratroopa officer, but the lakitu ran towards Mush, but was hit back by Frank with a punch. The lakitu hit him back, and more security members had entered the blimp.

"Mush, what happened?" asked Jill, scared at Mush's outburst.

"We have to get off!" he shouted once more. "Now!" The police officer grabbed Mush and brought him his way out, as Frank and the Lakitu were fighting as they were brought out. The noki, who was standing nervously in the way, was carried out in the commotion. E. Gadd moved out of the blimp so the others could pass through him.

"Get off the blimp!" shouted Mush, trying to stay on board, but the police carried him out before he could stop them.

The Japanese birdo decided to get up because she thought the command was to leave the blimp, and Jill immediately stood up and exited the blimp along with the others.

The ones who got off the blimp were brought to a seperate section of the blimp station, and they were all seated down. Mush couldn't help but speak out.

"I saw the whole cart thing unhook from the blimp, and we all fell out!" Mush shouted . "We started to fall out and later on, the whole thing explodes!" Frank raised his eyebrow in disbelief, as E. Gadd looked at him in slight terror. The noki just stared at the blimp out the large glass window, her eyes watching the blimp lift into the air.

"Mush!" said Jill, as she entered the door passage connected to the blimp. The Japanese birdo was too confused to say anything.

"Hey, I get pulled out just because this guy is causing the problem?" demanded the lakitu. "This is full of crap!"

"You know, fuck you!" Frank said back.

"Me? Your idiotic friend just pulled us off the blimp, and we're missing our trip to Glitzville!" he yelled back. "Fuck him to hell!"

"No unacceptable talking in this place," commanded the officer. "As by me, Officer Parakarry, you were all pulled off in the violation of outbursts and law breaking, except for a few of you."

"Excuse me, why we come off? The blimp is leave already," asked the confused birdo. "I am supposed in that certain flight."

"You know what, I'm filing a report against this!" shouted the lakitu. "Against all of you!"

"But I didn't do anything!" cried the noki in terror.

"I said to quiet down!" commanded Officer Parakarry.

"What do we do now?" questioned Jill.

"Shut up!" yelled the lakitu. "You'll remember the name Lakister Arrêter Devoursé once you're sued for 40,000 coins!"

"Shut up, you stupid play director! You suck at your job!" yelled Frank. Frank lunged at Lakister, as police officers had to break their fight. Jill just stood there, looking at the blimp.

"I said to keep it quiet!" shouted Officer Parakarry once more, but they all heard the noki gasp in horror. They turned to see the window, and saw the blimp in a fiery blaze in the air. It started to descend rapidly.

"Shit," gasped Frank, and he looked at Mush with a terrified look. The noki screamed and hid behind a chair, as E. Gadd looked at the blaze in horror. The Japanese birdo was too frightened and confusedon what was happening, as alarms suddenly rang around the entire place. Police cars appeared outside, and ambulances rushed to the scene.

"Oh my gosh," whispered Jill, and then looked at Mush. Everyone was looking at Mush with shocked expressions on their faces, as Officer Parakarry talked into his walkie-talkie.

"Authorities now, there has been a blimp explosion while aerial, all meet at destination four," he commanded, and ran out of the blimp station into his car. The others stared at him, as Mush just stood there, speechless, looking at the blazing blimp in the sky.

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