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Chapter 16: Ending Strike

The mysterious wind was picked up once again in the graveyard, blowing the leaves in assortments. Frank looked at the other gravestones in sad disappointment.

Elvin Gadd

Lakister Arrêter Devoursé

Catherine Tamago

Josophina Scatebord

Parakarry Ments

The flowers in front of the gravestones were arranged neatly, as Jill stood in front of Mush's grave. Tears fell onto the ground as she cried onto the rough dirt.

"Mush," she whispered sadly, wiping the tears from her face. "You won't be forgotten." Peach walked down the marble path and went over to Peach and Frank, holding a bouquet of roses. She placed a rose in front of Mush's gravestone, and went to the other graves and placed a rose for each one.

"I know," said Peach, as she placed her final flower on the grave of E. Gadd. "That Mush's death has struck both of you painfully. But we need to go on and solve this, to save all of us." Jill didn't turn around from Mush's grave, and she let out a huge sigh and looked at Peach.

"I believe you're right," said Jill. She took out her notebook from her jacket pocket and showed Peach what she had. In her second half, she had started a new journal of their own death predicament, just like Peach had done with the different sections: signs, deaths, intervening, solution, and others.

"Just in case someone cheats death," said Jill, flipping through the pages. "They'll have this notebook to look at."

"And they'll have us to ask," added Peach. They looked at Frank, who was looking at Mush's grave, his feet shoving against the dirt. When Mush had thrown away his pipe on the blimp accident day, he had bought another one. But he knew Mush was right, and Frank suddenly took the brier pipe out of his mouth and threw it across the lawn. He pictured himself lying on the floor, dying from the awful pipe which would ruin his time of living, and which would one day become reality instead of a thought.

"Yeah, said Frank, looking at the other two. "Some people are going to be in our predicament one day. I just know it."

"I thought you didn't believe us," said Peach, smiling as she took of her eyeglasses.

"Now I do, after these…fucked up deaths and…signs," explained Frank. He looked behind them onto the street and saw a large truck pass by which said "Death and Live Furniture Store". He blinked as he saw it drive away, and he swore he could see with his own eyes that there was no truck driver.

"You…you see that?" he said to them. The others turned around, but no truck was visible.

"See what?" asked Jill. Frank shook his head and laughed.

"Giving up smoking will cause me to see things," he chuckled. "When my parents saw my messed up face last night, they were so startled that they called the ambulance two times."

"Well!" said Peach, unbraiding her hair and taking out a hankercheif. "I'm now certain that my theory of new love is wrong. The problem is that Mush's father has cheated Death once and for all, which proves that there is a way of cheating."

"Maybe," thought Jill. "Maybe he's the one who was meant to survive. Maybe Death planned for Mush's father to die."

"Well, I do have to go," said Peach, and she turned around to cross the street. Jill was surprised.

"Where are you going Peach?" she asked. "Won't you stay with us until we beat it?"

"I will," she replied. "I just have to go elsewhere, somewhere further away from this. Somewhere to think." She started walking across the street, but was stopped by Jill.

"Will we meet again?" she asked, tucking her notebook into her jacket. "This isn't over, is it?"

"We will meet again," confirmed Peach. "I will see both of you another day." She stood there for a while, and turned around as the others watched her go. She had helped them in their journey of Death, and one day, the three of them would soon conquer the design and clean their lives fresh and new. But it wouldn't happen.


A truck ran directly into Peach out of nowhere, its horn blasting at full volume and splattering blood alongside the street. Frank stood speechless, and Jill screamed.


The End

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Fun facts for Ripple Of Cheating:

-Peach was meant to be blind from her hot glue accident, but I thought it would be too difficult to conduct the story.

-Catherine's last name, Tamago, means egg in Japanese

-Ages; Mush 17, Frank 17, Jill 17, E. Gadd 54, Parakarry 22, Catherine 20, Sophie 17, Lakister 24, Peach 23

-E. Gadd died from choking on the soap bar, and the aspirin tablets and Dust-Off spray was to add insult to injury

- It was supposed to be that Parakarry was never on the list in Chapter 15, and was still alive. Since Mush pulled away Frank's pipe, Parakarry was supposed to die when Frank's pipe fell and exploded Parakarry. But Parakarry then would have survived because he was able to fly away from the blimp accident. I ignored this.

- Parakarry, for those unaware, was Mario's partner in the first Paper Mario.

-Catherine's death was meant to be more gruesome, and after the two stool legs impaled her through the chest, another stool leg was also supposed to smash her face. I thought it would be too much of a death.

- Sophie's last name, Scatebord, refers to the skateboard which was included in her death. Her name was also meant to be Kayla Shroob.

- Some extra people included in this story will be characters in the sequel

- I deleted a chapter, which told all about Frank's troubling family life. Knowing that it was unneeded, I erased it from the story.

About the sequel

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