This is a pleasant poem about the basic Shoma is my first…thing so please review and tell me about how I did.

My Terrible Curse

The path of my life is long

Where it ends is unknown

My curse

My terrible curse

I must repel and avoid those that I love

Though I must repel I still may love

But what is the point

I will live long and alone for all eternity

Forevermore unhappy

This is my curse

My terrible curse

My undying unwavering curse

To fill the void left by my unneeded love is hatred rage and fear

Hatred and rage that will not last a millennium by to the end of time itself

Hatred and rage that will never die no matter what you do or say

And fear that will last but may soon be washed away

To be taken up by love

Love that I never knew existed

My curse

My terrible curse

May soon

Be lifted

And I will at last be able to live

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