A/N: Yeah, I was bored last night and couldn't sleep and had a bit too much sugar coughEctasycough (jokes) and THIS is what popped into my little brain. It's only going to be 2 chapters long, and I already have the other one written but I want a review on this before I post it:P It's stupid, and quite possibly disgusting in the next chapter. It's not that you think. You've been warned. I own nothing.

When Darry, Steve, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Johnn and Two-Bit approached the door, they all stopped at once.

"Did you just hear that?" Sodapop asked.

"Uh, I think so," Steve said and Ponyboy's ears went red.

"In OUR house?" Darry almost shouted. A mans house is his castle, and there is NO WAY Dally was doing that in there!

"He's gotta do it somewhere…" said Two-Bit. "An' there's no way he could do it at his place…"

Darry held a finger to his lips to show the gang to be quiet. He whispered "Now, careful. We don't know who all's in there, and this could be dangerous once they know we've caught them."

"What if it's Sandy?" Steve teased Soda.

"With Dally? No way. What if it's Evie?"

"NO way, we do it all the time," Steve replied.

"Yeah, well, me and Sandy almost do, you know, we get all ready and everything, but she doesn't actually want to do it until she's sure it won't hurt her." Steve sniggered and Ponyboy's whole face went red. Johnny was trying his best to be not noticed, and Two-Bit was trying to balance an empty beer bottle on his nose while Darry gave him an your-an-idiot look.

"Did you pick that up off the street?" Darry asked.

"Yeah, thought there might still be some in it…" Everyone gave him a disgusted look, and it sounded like someone from somewhere nearby shouted "Aids!" in a squeaky voice.

Darry approached the door and opened it to reveal very redfaced Dally and a panting…