Chronicals of the Chosen Warrior

Book One: Something Wicca to Roswell Comes

Chapter One: Nomad 17

Elizabeth Parker sat silently contemplating the tragic events that have taken place in her life up to that point. She glanced around her room trying to fit herself back into its normacy, but she knew that she had seen to much and felt to much to lie to herself at this point. She knew for a fact that aliens existed,because an alien had saved her life and fallen in and out of love with her and killed her best friend, Alex Whitman. The alien that saved her life is named Maxwell Evans, Max to most. He had risked his, his sister Isabel, his best friend, Michael Gueirn's lives just to save hers and she was thankful for that. Although the trouble didnt start until Max found that his destiny wasnt with Liz but with Tess Harding, the fourth aleind in Max's group and his former wife in the twisted past lives. Though Max didnt believe in it and fought to try and get Liz back and almost did. Until, an older version of him came from the future and told Liz that because of them being togethor the world will end and that she had to get his younger self to fall out of love with her and in love with Tess.

Liz was a little skeptical at first, but later came around and did what Future Max told her to do make Max fall out of love with her. This idea started off not working at all, then she got an idea that would do the trick. She had made it look as if she had had sex with Kyle Valenti, her exboyfriend, thus making him fall out of love with her. It worked. Then Alex was later on was found dead in his car. The sherif said that it was suicide, but Liz and her former friend believed that it wasnt. Though they went different ways when it trully counted. Liz investigated the situation and found that it was Tess who had killed Alex simply to decode their alien book that told of their alien destiny. Tess left in a space ship pregant with Max's child. After that the people Liz called friends basically excomunicated her and started to be very crul to her. She thought that finding out that Alex was murdured would help, but it didnt.

There was a knock at Liz's bedroom door. Liz looked up and saw that it was her mom, Nancy Parker."Good morning, mom."

"Good morning, sweety. Is everything ok?" Nancy said coming in and siting down beside Liz.

"Yeah, just thinking." Liz said looking down at her hands.

"Alex?" Nancy asked, remembering how close the two kids were growing up.

"Yeah." Liz said.

"Want to talk about it?" Said Nancy putting a arm aroun Liz's sholders.

"No, I'm alright," Liz said.

"On a happier note your going to be 17 this Friday." Nancy said trying to brighten the mood.

Liz sied."Who would come to the party? My friends stoped talking to me sence Alex died."

"Honey, its ok we dont have to envite them. You however can envite anyone you want." Nancy gave Liz an odd knowing look."Besides there is someone special coming to see you."

"Who?" Liz asked now looking directly at her mother.

"Its a suprise." Nancy said.

Jeff Parker, Liz's dad walks in. "Your going to be late for school of you dont hurry, Liz."

"Good morning to you to dad." Liz said and kissed both her parents on the cheeks and left for school.

Liz sat silently ate her lunch in the Roswell High Cafeteria and watched as the other students talked away about their happy lives. She was so caught in her own thoughts that she didnt notice when someone sat right across from her. That is until she heard them clear their throat bringing her back to reality."Excuse me," Liz said noticing that the guy, who had short blonde hair and light blue eyes that fight just right his boy band features, had said somthing to her.

"I said," the guy began again," why are you sitting over here alone and looking so down? I'm Peter, by the way. Peter Quinn."

"Not that its any of your buisness but I miss my friend, Alex Whitman." Liz said giving Peter a slightly cold look for being so nosy. Even if she did think he was cute she still was warry of meeting new people because she never knew their motives. Liz realized she was beibg a complete bitch and wanted to appolagise."I'm sorry. You didnt deserve that."

"No I should appolagise. I didnt mean to bring up bad memorys for you." Peter said,"I just wandered why such a cuty was sitting alone and looking so down."

"It's ok. They werent bad memories, but I just miss him you know." Liz said looking down at her hands.

Peter was about to say something else, but desided not to when two blondes came up to the table and started laughing out loud drowning out any other possible sound at the table. Liz looked down as she heard Maria and Isabel get closer to her table. She knew why they where coming over, she just didnt think that they would be so low as to do it when a cute guy was sitting with her.

"Oh, Maria. Look what the cat dragged in. A trashy looking brown top." Isabel said looking directly at Liz. Then she and Maria both began laughing.

"Yeah Is," Maria said," I think that we should leave before she infects us with her trashiness." They both laugh again and walk over to their table and sit with Michael and Max, who were talking to each other and pointing at Liz and Peters direction.

"What was that all about?" Peter asked looking at Maria and Isabel as they walked he saw that Liz was on the verge of crying."Are you ok?"

"Yeah," Liz said, her voice cracking a little. She cleared her throat and continued,"Im fine."

"Who were those people?" Peter asked.

"They used to be my friends." Liz said.

"If you dont mind my asking, what happened?" Peter asked.

Liz sighed," We sort of had a falling out after Alex died." Liz said.

"I'm sorry." Peter Said.

"Oh my God, Peter. please stop apolagising." Liz said laughing.

"Ok ok. no more apolagies." Peter said, also laughing."You should do that more often."

"What." Liz said, with a smile.

"Laugh." Peter said."It will help the pain go much faster. That and the other thing."

"Oh really," Liz said giving him a sly look,"and what would that thing be? Exactly?"

"Well you could go out with me this Friday." Peter said.

Liz stopped smilling."I'm sorry, but I cant." Liz sees that Peter is very disapointed."I cant go because its my birthday this Friday and my familys throwing me a party. I would totally go with you under different circumstances."

Peter brightens up a little at this."How old will you be?"

"17" Liz said,"Why dont you come by. I mean its not like i have anyone besides family that will be there and you seem to have some potential there guy."

"Alright I'll be there." Peter said.

Liz and Peter get into another conversation and dont notice Max and Michael when they walk by and give them a dirty look.

The bell rings signalling the end of final lunch.

Liz sat at her regular lab table as the bell rang starting the 's chem class. Mr. Ramsey was a balding, chubby man, in his mid 50' apperance gave the impression of a pig that was out in the sun for too long. Liz watched him intently as he waited for the class to settle down before begining the lesson. Liz knew that she was being watched by a certain alien king with a certain need to control everything and everyone around him. Though Liz kept staring at Mr. Ramsey. The class finally had gotten settled and she heard him speak for the first time."Ok clas today we will be having a lab."said Mr. Ramsey."I want you to use the ingredients that you will recieve to make an metel off the periodic table. I will be picking who your partners are so dont get to happy."

Mr. Ramsey walked over to his desk and picked up a list and began calling out names. Liz wasnt paying attention at this point. That is until she heard her name paired with the opne person she didnt want to work with at this point. Max Evans."Thats it I dont want to see anylollygaging now." Mr. Ramsey said."If you need help just raise your hand and I will come over and assist you. Now partner up and get to work."

The students move to stand beside their appointed partners. Liz and Max had quickly gotten their materials and worked silently for the first ten minutes of class before.

'CRASH'. Liz accidently knocks over one of their beekers and it breaks on the floor. Mr. Ramsey gets a broom and cleans up the mess. "Be carful Miss Parker. We dont have it in the budget to replace these things."

"Yes sir," Liz said embarissed and with that Mr. Ramsey walked away.

"I'm suprised you didnt blame me for that." Max wisspered callusly to Liz.

"Well Max I hate to burt your bubble, but not everything in this world is about you." Liz said continuing with her work.

"Whatever." Max said turning back to his portion of the assignment. It was five minutes before he spoke again."I saw you talking to that guy at lunch today."

"So." Liz said.

"Liz," Max said,"you of all people should know better than to socialize with anyone outside the group. you know its not safe."

"Well Max just in case you havent noticed but I havent been aprt of your group since I prooved what tess did to Alex," Liz hissed angrly at Max. She made shure to not be overheard by anyone else even in her ruffled state."and you know that."

"Well if you'd stop being so stuburn and stop blaming us for what to Alex."

"I never blamed you or Michael or Isabel. You simply chose to ignore me and call me rude names in passing since I prooved that Tess, your 'wife' and mother of your child, had killed my best friend," Liz whispered."That I can not forgive."

Max was about to say something, but Liz raised her hand in the air signalling to the teacher that they were in fact finished. This made Max have no choice but to let it go. Mr. Ramsey comes over and inspects the contents and give them each an A+. For the rest of the class period Liz goes to an empty table and startes on the next assignment on the board.

Liz silently swept the now closed Crashdown Cafe. The phone behind the counter rang and she ran over to answer it. "Hello" she said.

"Hey Liz. This is Phoebe." Phoebe said. Phoebe was Liz's older cousin. Along with her two sisters Piper and Prue Halliwell.

"Hey stranger," Liz said,"I havnt seen you sence before Prue died. How are things?"

"Fine. After Prue died Piper and I found out that we had a half sister named Paige Matthews." Phoebe said.

To say Liz was shocked was an understaitment. She had another cousin."Thats great." That was all she could say.

"And we each are now married. Piper has two beautiful baby boys. Wyatt and Chris. Youll see them when we come over this Friday."

"You guys are coming to my birthday Party. Thats great!" Liz said,"I missed you and Piper soo much and I wouldnt mind meeting the guy that finally got you to settle down." They laugh.

Jeff enters and sees that Liz is on the phine."Who are you talking to Liz?"

"Oh its Phoebe. Why didnt you tell me that they were comming to my birthday party?" Liz said.

"I thought I did. Anyway let me speek to that cousin of yours." Jeff said taking the phone away from Liz.

Liz having been done sweeping for over an hour runs upstairs and gets ready for bed. All she could think about was how great her Birthday was going to be."Four days." she said turning off her lamp and getting into bed.