the title will make sense later, i promise

Blood. There's so much blood. I think as I glance at my arm and leg.

What did I do to deserve this? Did I do something wrong? I can't stop, not until I get away from him. I risk a look back at my pursuer, the one that shot me.

I'm not really sure what happened though…


Yuki was at some kind of student council thing and Kaugra had forced Kyo to go on a date with her, so neither of them would be able to walk home with me after work. Momiji had offered but I said he didn't have to worry about me.

I was just passing an alley on an empty street and BANG! I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I followed my instincts and started running away from the alley.

Just then I wasn't really thinking about the pain I was in or anything I just wanted to get away. If someone just shot you, you would want to get away before they try to hurt you more. I heard footsteps following me and I ran even faster.

My breath was sharp and jagged and my heart was beating so loudly I didn't hear most of the insults thrown at me, and the commands saying "stop or I'll shoot again"

Since I didn't hear that threat my pursuer shot again, this time it hit my upper leg.


I kept running as fast as I could, knowing that if I stopped that I would get hurt again.

I'm almost there, I'm almost home. I think to myself.

I scream out in pain as I feel another shot that hits me in the other shoulder. I fall to the ground to tired from running and the loss of blood is so great that I can't do anything else. I remember that Kyo should be home by now and that Yuki could be too and I'm close enough to the house that they hear my scream and the gunshot.

The man is close behind me and he runs up to grab me. I see the figures of Yuki and Kyo in the distance as the man roughly picks me up. I hear them shouting my name and see them running after the man, but he is faster and has a head start and there is a car not to far off so they don't catch up.

I see them close now I can see the worry in their faces at my loss of blood, and at the situation.

If you didn't figure it out that was from Tohru's P.O.V. so what do you think of my first actual story i have posted a poem and this is the first thing with chapters i will post. i will try too get the next chapter out a so as i can but there is homework(which i am currently putting off) and other family things and yah i like reviews and sorry for any mistakes i made