Disclaimer: I don't own the song 'When Love and Death Embrace' by HIM, and I don't own HIM either. Though, I wouldn't mind owning Ville Valo, but that's not the point… The characters aren't mine, credit to Gaston Leroux, Susan Kay, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The idea was mine though, I came up with it in my math class, while listening to 'When Love and Death Embrace'. Anyways, enough of my rambling, enjoy.

I'm in love with you

And it's crushing my heart

All I want is you

To take me into your arms

When love and death embrace

She returned three weeks later, just as she had promised to do. The wedding invitation that had been hand-written and hand-delivered was now resting peacefully with all the other invitations Erik had received over the years in a drawer.

Though no sunlight reached where Christine lay in his arms, she somehow knew that it was morning. A new glorious day had begun. Though, the beauty of it would rapidly begin to fade…

Lifting her head from the nook in Erik's shoulder, she brushed some of her brown tresses from out of her face, doting a kiss to his cheek.

"Erik, wake up.. Today is a brand new, beautiful day." Christine murmured quietly. Though he didn't stir. His eyes did not open, his limbs did not move an inch, and as she now looked more closely, his chest was not rising and falling with breath. Her chocolate eyes widened in a mixture of fear and denial.

"No… Erik.. It's time to wake up now… Wake up!" Christine said, tears brimming her eyes and creating a lump in her throat.

"Open your eyes, and tell me you love me!" Christine sobbed, the tears making glistening paths down her pale cheeks. The cheeks that just last night he had kissed before they had fallen asleep.

I love you

And you're crushing my heart

I need you

Please take me into your arms

When love and death embrace

"Please… wake up.." Christine pleaded, taking one of his cold hands into her own, rubbing it as if to warm him up.

"Don't leave me… Mother left me, and then Father left me.. Don't you leave me too.. Please.." Though it was no use, because no amount of begging or pleading could bring back the dead. He had left her too, and that was what she couldn't bare. Who would comfort her suffering now? Who would sing her to sleep and brush away her tears?

Her angel, her protector, her love… They were all gone now. Death had stolen him from her, but now it was time for love and death to embrace.. If there was a God, as she was taught to believe, then surely God wouldn't let her suffer here without him. These past few moments had been more painful than anything she had ever endured in all her days.

Brushing away her tears, her breathing calmed and she closed her eyes for a moment, praying that he would be there, waiting for her.

"I love you.." Christine whispered, a small smile attaching itself to her lips… Moving a wisp of his hair from off of his forehead, she placed one last kiss there, and laid back down in his arms.

And neither one of them ever had to see the garish light of day ever again…