...O.K. First of all I have never written any story's on here before so you guys will have to plzz bear with me...I haven't completely figured out how the whole uploading the story thing works so if it's messed up please tell me! I will be having post-chapter warning's-meaning warning's of my mood and current hyper-ness. I have a HUGE problem with hyperness (I eat WAYYY to much sugar..u can ask my bestest friend Casey if u don't believe me! lol) here's my warning's-so if u have a problem with them then I don't think that you should read my story(s)...for your own health and sanity.

Warning #1-I have problems with controlling my sugar intake-meaning I eat to much sugar and bounce off the wall' you will have to bear with if there are any words or sentences that are incomparable do not be

Warning #2- I have a huge problem with cussing- I am a HUGE potty-mouth and I am apologizing ahead of time for it so if you read a part where a little kid or old person just yells out something perverted or inappropriate then I am just telling you guys how I feel about the subject….ok u know what, fuck it I have huge issues with saying stuff like that and I am very happy about it-it's what make's me…well ME! So if u have a problem with stuff like that then stop what you're doing right now close this page then go delete it from your history page ok?

Warning #3-I use the words lol, anywho, and a lot of other words like that wayyyy to much so if u get annoyed im going to go ahead and say that im sorry ahead of time….

Warning #4-I have VERY STICT pairings- pairings like Kagome with Kouga, and Inuyasha with Kinky-ho, pairings like that annoy and sicken me to hell! I have strict Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku and Sango, Shesshamaru and Rin, Kouga and Ayame, and last and defiantly least Naraku and Kinky-ho… if you have any problem with these pairings stop reading now and get the hell away from this page! GOT IT!

Warning #5-Inuyasha is a hanyou and will forever stay that way-except when he gets mad or on his human night-well u know what I mean….

Warning #6- All of the characters (well the ones I like) are and forever will be either punk, Goth , or skater, so get over it…..!

Ok I'm done with the warnings so if you have a problem with them then BIIE BIIE!

DISCLAIMOR: I OWN INUYASHA MUAHAHAHAHA….hears footsteps.. ….uh oh NOT AGAIN, NOT THE STRAIGHT JACKET! GAH! AHHHHHH….after many morphine's, a straight jacket, and a very evil death glare to the owner's of Inuyasha…grumbles I don't own Inuyasha…..or any of the other character's….. YET MUAHAHAHA! cough cough sorry 'bout that….

Im going to post the first chapter right now (well as soon as I post this one) that way you guys know about the characters-n-stuff, so yeah….


Kagome's Birthday-First day of Halloween-October 31

Inuyasha's Birthday-Last day of school-June 4

Sango's Birthday-May 24

Miroku's Birthday-May 15

Shesshamaru's Birthday-June 16

Rin's Birthday-September 11

Kagome-16-Junior-Punk/Goth-Hanyou-Midnight Raven Black hair and ears with silver tips, her eyes are crystal blue with gray specks, when she gets happy her eye's show even bluer (if possible), and when she gets upset or mad her eye's start getting green flecks in them (unless she gets REALLY mad then they turn like when Inuyasha gets REALLY ticked), and is 5'2 tall (don't laugh! Im 5'2 to so don't laugh!-im making her really short in my story's that way she's even cuter (if possible! Lol) (but another reason im making her short is stuff and comment's later on in the story!)

Inuyasha-16-Junior-Punk/Goth-Hanyou-Silver hair and ears-Molten Amber eyes, and is 5'9 tall

Sango-16-Junior-Punk/Goth-Human/Demon exterminator-Chocolate brown hair and eye's, and is 5'4 tall

Miroku-16-Junior-Punk/Goth-Human/'Monk'-Jet black short hair in a dragons tail at the nape of his neck, Violet eye's, and is 5'7 tall

Souta-18-Senior-Punk/GothFull blooded dog demon-Black short hair in spikes, died different colors everyday (temporary die), and a black fluffy tail like Shessamaru's, dark blue eyes, and is 5'10 tall

Shessamaru-18 Senior-Punk/Goth-Full blooded dog demon-Silver hair and molten amber eyes-a lil bit darker color than Inuyasha's, and is 5'10 tall

Rin-17-Senior-Punk/Goth-Full blooded neko demon-and can control the element water-Shoulder length black hair, light brown eyes, and is 5'5 tall

Im sorry im just to tired to list anymore so im just going to go to bed, and it would be pretty much pointless to list all the other's since there just the other characters. Kinky-Ho is very much hated in this story also so plzz do not read and further if you don't like that. There is going to be a BUNCHES of Inuyahsa-X-Kagome fluff! I will have a fluff-o-meter! And it will look like this (I got the fluff-o-meter from one of my favorite authors on here….so if you do not like me using your idea then please tell me and then I'll take it off ok!

Here's what it'll look like…..

This is the meter-the further it is the more the fluffy-goodness! (the more the more fluff in another words!)-it is rated on a 15 rating-15 being the highest and none being obviously the lowest…

i know it's cheesey but what the hell! lol -

lotsa luvs,

lil pyro angel