Dedicated to the writer of
Child of the Night.
It was absolutely a wonderful story!

It Has Been.
By Alianna15

It has been a long journey, Love!
Searching for you.
I long to have you at my side again;
To know...
Your warmth,
Your touch,
Your soul,
Your heart.

It has been centuries, Love!
Lifetimes without you have...
Left me empty,
Left me hallow,
Left me in sorrow,
Left me in darkness.

It has been a desolate world without you, Love!
There has been no joy,
There has been no innocence,
There has been no happiness,
Without you here with me.

It has been an endless eternity without you, Love!
I long to hold you again,
To kiss you again,
To love you again,
To just be with you again.
I wait for you,
My love,
My heart,
My angel,
My Nicolas!
I will wait until you return to me.

Then we will be together
Beyond time,
Beyond heaven,
Beyond God's reach,
Beyond the reach of earthly bounds.
For only then can we be free
To love as we may without

It has been a long journey, Love!
But the wait will be worth it
To see your.
Kind presence again.

It has been a long battle, Love!
But God,
Nor mortal
Will never come between us
And never will.
I swear it!
Upon my cursed soul,
I swear it, Love!