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This is my first HP story on fanfiction so be kind. This takes place after Harry's 4th year, because I don't like the 5th (the 6th was okay) and don't want to change the story in my head, which i would do if i had harry in his 7th year. Harry is going into his 5th year at the beginning of this story! THANKS!


'This is the last time!' Harry thought, as he watched his Uncle scream at him. He wasn't hearing the words, because he had gotten rather good at ignoring his Uncle Vernon. Harry wasn't even sure what he was supposed to be in trouble for! All he knew was that he had to get out of there! Uncle Vernon's face was turning purple, and Aunt Petunia had to take him into the kitchen, away from Harry to calm him down. Harry wanted to leave so bad, and didn't care that Voldomort could be standing right outside his door, he just had to leave!

Harry went upstairs to his room, and threw all his things into his trunk. Harry turned to grab his broom, and almost cried when his arm hit his favorite picture of his parents, and the frame fell and broke. He nelt to pic up the pieces, and cut his finger on a shard of glass. A few drops of his blood, and a single tear fell on to the white back of the picture, and curvy writin words began to appear, writin in his blood. He picked up the picture and read, 'BY THE BLOOD AND TEARS OF THE SON, THE PARENTS SHALL RETURN' Harry droped the photo as is became burning hot, and smoke began to come off of it. He jumped back, as two ghost like figures appeared out of the smoke, after a few seconds, the figures features began to become clearer, and after 30 seconds, they no longer looked like pale ghosts, but living beings, and not just any living being, but Harry's parents! Harry stood in shock, and watched, as his mother's legs buckled under her, and his father, held Harry's mum up, even though he could barely stand himself.

"What just happened?" Lilly asked, breaking the silence. She first looked at Harry, then, as she looked around her, at the room, that was filled with Dudleys old broken toys, Harry's old, and to big cloths, and a few chocholate frog boxes, she began to look confused and frightend.

James grabbed his wand, and pointed it at Harry, "Where have you taken us?" Harry looked at his father's wand, and felt all the blood leave his face.

"I don't know what your talking about! I didn't take you anywhere! Are you..." He took a deep breath, and said, "Are you really James and Lilly? Or am I just dreaming?" He hoped with all his heart, that this was not a dream, and that they were really his parents, and that they were alive.

"Before I answer that, you should tell me who you are. You arn't exactly in the position to be asking questions." James said, his wand still pointed at Harry.

"Your the one in my room!" Harry said.

"And I'm the one with the wand! So answer the question, WHO ARE YOU!" James asked.

"James... Don't yell at him... You can tell he's scared. He's oveously not a death eater." Lilly said. "OH my god! We have to find Harry!" Lilly cried.

"I'm Harry Potter." Harry said.

Lilly gave a little shreak, and said, "That's not possible, my Harry's a baby."

"Your Harry was a baby 14 years ago." Harry said. "I don't understand. How are you here? Your dead."

"What are you talking about! I am not dead! And you are not Harry! Where is my son?" James yelled. Harry could hear the Durslys down stairs, and knew that they would be either cowering in a corner, or about to come up stairs.

"I'm not lieing!" Harry said. "You've been dead for 14 years! I cut my finger and my blood got onto the picture of you, and you showed up!"

Lilly had gained some of here strengh, and was able to walk over to Harry, "Lilly stay away from him! He could be dangerous!" But Lilly ignored her husband, and looked into her son's eyes. Her motherly instincts told her that this was her son, and tears filled her eyes, "Oh my Harry." She held her son in her arms, and for the first time in nearly 14 years. After 10 min. of arguing, James was convinced that Harry really was his son. Harry didn't go into detail, but told his parents what had been happening these past years.

"What do you mean Sirius was in Askaban (sp?)!" Only after Lilly calmed James down, and Harry had told his parents more of what had been going on, did James apparated, and Lilly did side-along apparation with Harry to the Borrow, where they sent an owl to Dumbledore, and Sirius.

The Weasly's were more than suprised when Harry explained what had happened with the picture, and his parents coming back from the dead. He had just finished telling them about James's reaction to Sirius once being in Askaban, when Dumbledore arrived.