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Chapter 13

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When Draco arrived on Saturday, Tally was dressed in a black skirt that went to her knees, and a pale blue top. She was talking to Ginny about an article that they had both read last week in Witch Weekly. Harry was sitting beside his sister, and his date on the couch, looking like he wanted to kill himself. Mr. and Mrs. Potter greeted Draco at the door, Lily with a smile, and James with a look that was almost lethal.

"I'll go get Tally." Lily said smiling and left James and Draco by the doorway.

When Lily was out of range, James whispered to Draco, "If I find out that you touched Tally, or even looked at her, I will stick my foot up your ass so far, that you'll have toes for teeth. Got it Malfoy?" James said.

Draco gave a secretive look, and said, "I got it."

Lily then came back with Harry, Ginny, and Tally. "Hey Draco." Tally said, as she took Draco's hand, and dragged him out the door.

When Draco saw that Ginny and Harry were following them he staged whispered to Tally, "Why are Potty, and the Weasel girl following us?"

"My Dad doesn't trust you alone with me, so he sent Harry along. We're supposed to be double dating." Tally said rolling her eyes, "Who even double dates anymore? That's what old people did in the 1500's."

"Don't you think you're exaggerating Tally? It can't be that bad." Ginny called from behind Tally and Draco.

"Um… do your brothers go on dates with you, when your out with a really cute guy?" Tally asked. "No they don't, so don't saying that I'm exaggerating Ginny."

"Listen to my girl, Weasel." Draco said. "Not that you ever would go out with a cute guy anyways."

"Shut up Malfoy!" Both Harry and Ginny said.

"Don't tell Draco to shut up Harry, or I'll pour honey all over you when you're asleep, and then pour ants on you." Tally said.

"You wouldn't do that!" Harry said.

"That's what Helen McGormer said at summer camp three years ago, the night before she had to go to the hospital for extreme ant bites." Tally said.

They went to a small Italian café for dinner that was called la cucina italiana, Harry nearly punched Draco, when he saw his sisters date wrap his arm around Tally's waist.