Title: A Life After

Author: satine01 I'm not the great J. , I own nothing.

Beta reader: Lynn

Rating: maybe R later

Summary: Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World without a sign at the end of the War. He went into the Muggle World and forgot about magic. But some years later, it returns with the death of his fiancée when she gave birth to their son. In the end she confessed that she was a witch and that the boy had a 50 percent chance to be one too. She died without knowing Harry's secret.

Warning and others:

I'm French author and my English is very bad, but I had this idea and I couldn't not write it (Pour les français: je vais publier cette fiction en version fr plus complète bientôt).

Maybe child death, drama, a little child abuse & violence later, slash story.

I consider only six first book of HP.

You can find in the end a commentary by one French friend (mvs: autor on as myvaughn-sark) (who is as bad in English as I am) and me(s). She always an author on you can find a link to her profile in mine.

Prologue: only one year to live.

"- Am I going to die, daddy?" asked a little voice.

"- Yes Little One," answered a low, shattered voice.

"- I don't want to," the same child's voice.

"- I know, my child, me neither," the same adult's voice.

/Oh Merlin, it's hard/ The man thinks with a sigh.

"- My heart aches."

"- My poor little son," the still, young man whispered, then glared at the door before continuing. "I must tell you something important."

The ten year old boy looked at his father before frowning.

"- Yeah?"

"- When I told you that we were wizards, I also said I would tell you another secret at your eleventh birthday," said the man.

His son looked at him without blinking. The boy had known since his first accident with magic, at 3, that he was a wizard. That his father was a wizard. But, not the kind of wizard who could do everything with his magic. His father was a great wizard, but he knew that he couldn't heal his heart.

His father had taught him spells and tricks. He had shown him magical beings and things. He had bought him books when the boy wanted more knowledge. The boy had never asked where he had found the books, potions ingredients and other things.

But, the boy sensed that the moment for answers was approaching. It was his birthday today. His eleventh birthday. The first of July. And he was in the hospital wing of their mansion.

"- You must know there is a Wizarding World outside," said the man after a minute of silence, "That it was there that I'd found all the things I gave you."

"- I know, daddy," sighed the boy. "I'm not an idiot."

"- No, you're not," smiled the father. "You're a very intelligent young man."

The boy returned his smile.

"- And that's why I want to give you a choice."

The father took his bag and opened it. A minute later the boy had a strange letter in his hand. A letter with, in its back, an 'H' and around it was a Griffin, a Snake, a Raven and a Badger.

He opened it another minute later.



Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

(Order of Merlin, Second Class, and the Mistress of Transfiguration)

Dear Mr. Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Severus Snape,

Deputy Headmaster (1)

"- Oh," said the boy. "Is that one of your friends, one of those you've told me about? The one who'd helped you a lot in that war?"

Mr. Evans – the father- looked at his son before smiling: he had told him about all that had happen to him before he met his mother. All the things: the war, his friends, his allies, his enemies, his problems. And the end, his name change.

"- But I can't use the Potter name, can I?"

"- No. I became Marcus Evans before I met your mother and it is irreversible."

Then the boy and his father stopped talking and looked at each other.

"- I have my mother's heart," said the boy.

"- Yes, Julian, you have," sighed Marcus. "And I want you to choose going there or not."

"- If I do it, then I'm going stay there only one year, aren't I?"

"- Julian," the only thing his father could say.

/I've only got one year to live./ (2)

- -
1) Mvs: the little boy looks at his father and sees that he is becoming red, very red ... Severus ... s: You're an idiot, I'm not going to make them together before a long time! Mvs: you're very sadistic! S: never, but forever ( I know it's not English, but I like that 3 worlds)

2) Mvs: I understand now. You can't do that you think! I don't want this! S: it's my fiction. I do what I want!