Title: A Life After

Author: satine01 I'm not the great J. , I own nothing.

Beta reader: LynnGryphon

Rating: maybe R later

Summary: Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World without a sign at the end of the War. He went into the Muggle World and forgot about magic. But some years later, it returns with the death of his fiancée when she gave birth to their son. In the end she confessed that she was a witch and that the boy had a 50 percent chance to be one too. She died without knowing Harry's secret.

Warning and others:

I'm French author and my English is very bad, but I had this idea and I couldn't not write it (Pour les français: je vais publier cette fiction en version fr. plus complète bientôt, ou peut être pas si bientôt que ça ça me plaît mieux de l'écrire en anglais pour l'instant bien que j'ai déjà les deux premiers chapitres en français au brouillon).

Maybe child death, drama, a little child abuse & violence later, slash story.

I consider only 5 first book of HP.

Chapter One: A New Year

"- I'm going to teach there this year," Mark said during breakfast.

"-Yeah... It's great," Julian grinned.

"- I'm going to be your teacher, son," Mark grinned too.

"- Oh, Merlin, you're not going to…" said Julian a little louder.

"- I'm going to be very professional…"

Julian couldn't stop laughing. His father was very serious, much too serious to be truly. And a moment later the two men were laughing aloud.

Some minutes later the son stopped and looked out the window.

"- When are we going to Diagon Alley?"

"- Well, I thought tomorrow would be nice, little J."

Julian rolled his eyes: he hated when his father called him that. He felt a little… little … when he did it. But he knew his father enjoyed it…

"- So, I'm ready, daddy."

- -

"- Sorry Severus, I already have a DADA teacher," McGonagall said with a little frown. "His name is Marcus Evans and his son is going to Hogwarts this year."

She groaned.

"- But only for one year and I don't know why."

"- Evans, hum, like in Lily Evans?" asked Snape.

"- Oh, I didn't see the connection."

"- You're become old, Minerva," smirked Snape.

"- You're going to have a new colleague to terrify, Severus."

"-Oh, hell, you're driving me nuts!"

And Snape burst out of the Headmistress' office.

- -

"- Welcome to Leaky Cauldron, Mister…?"

"- Evans, Professor Evans in fact," smiled Mark when Tom welcomed him and his son.

"- Oh, ok. Do you want something?"

"- No, we need to go buy school supplies for my son and then we'll come back here for a glass of… whatever you have."

- -

"- Welcome, Julian, to Diagon Alley!"

His son was enchanted by this place his father had told him about. He had a right to be.

- -

"- Father, why can't we have a broom for this first year?" asked a little voice by Mark's right hand.

"- Because you're too young and you know that you're going to be one of those who knows how to ride it," answered the father with a sneer.

Mark frowned; this voice was so familiar… but…

"- Daddy!"

His son's voice ended his incognito hearing.

"- Daddy! It's great here. I found three books that you told me I can buy and which weren't on the list," grinned Julian. "I love extra scholar work."

"- Yeah, I know," Mark smiled.

"- Mom would love being here," said Julian softer.

"- Yes, she would; you're her son!" this time Mark's smile was sad.

"- Yeah and…"

But he stopped, his right hand over his heart.

"- Ouch, it hurts!" Julian hissed in a cry and Mark went to his son immediately.

"- I told you not to overreact," whispered Mark. "You know when you're exited, your heart hurts, little One."

Marcus transfigured a book into a chair and made his son sit down. Hе did not see two set of eyes watching them.

"- Breathe, Julian," continued Mark. "Breathe and search your inner magic, like I taught you. Find it and calm it. Please… do it!"

Julian took his time, but did it.

- -

"- Is that the thing I think it is?" asked Sebastian.

Snape nodded.

They had been watching the two intruders for 10 minutes and they were stunned by the power the two showed when the father tried to calm down the son. And Snape knew already what he was going to do. He moved.

"- Can I help you?" he asked when he went near other man.

The man in question got up to face Snape and the Potion Master froze.

The man's eyes. Merlin! He'd seen eyes like that only twice and each time he was stunned.

Two green lakes.

- -

Julian has just stopped his seizure when Mark heard someone approach. His heart nearly stopped when he understood who it was.

"- Can I help you?" asked the new comer.

And he got up to find Snape near him.

- -

Mark found it very difficult not to run away under his Potion professor's glare. The youngest man understood immediately that the man knew who he was.

"- Harry," whispered Snape.

It was not a question.

"- Severus," Mark answered.

He knew it was useless to protest. How could he think that nobody would discover the truth when he did nothing to hide it… well, but the first day….

"- Harry, as in Harry Potter?" asked Sebastian with a little frown.

But Snape stopped him. The Potion master knew that the youngest man could not handle it here and all the questions that would come when others discovered the truth.

"- Let's find a more private place for that talk and let this little man here rest."

That was the way they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron in a private room some minutes later.

- -

Julian was resting on a couch behind a fireplace and Marcus was pacing near him. Severus and Sebastian had taken seats on the other couch and waited for other man to talk.

"- When I killed Voldemort, I was shot by a Death Eater and the only thing I wanted was to disappear from the surface of the Earth. And I disappeared. I was found by Julian's mother and I didn't leave her afterwards. Then, it was too late for me to return here and I hoped everybody had forgiven me. And after all that time…everybody forgot me."

Severus glared at him before getting up and, taking Marcus by the arm, dragged him out into the dark corridor. Immediately, Marcus tried to free himself but Severus pinned him to the wall.

"- You disappeared without a word, without saying anything. And when I woke up, they told me you had run away. Do you know how I felt? I loved you, and I still do. It was very selfish of you to do that! Don't you understand! Your friends, me… We were so worried. Merlin, help me! I …"

Before he could do anything, Mark was pulled into a strong embrace. He relaxed, tears running down his chin.

"- I ….I saw your death. I did not want live after that, but Julian was there and…"

His words were a shock and they stayed there, for a long moment.

- -