Disclaimers: I don't own Dragonlance or Ranma ½

Disclaimers: I don't own Dragonlance or Ranma ½.

Author's Note: Most of the Ranma ½ series is the same, curses, etc. only one character difference, Sakura Saotome, Ranma's twin sister.

Sakura ½

Chapter One: Crashed Reunion

Our setting is an old styled inn room. Placed on the room's bed are two figures; a boy and a girl, no older then seventeen. The boy is Ranma Saotome and the girl is his twin sister, Sakura. Ranma has ebony black hair pulled into a mid length braid. He is dressed in a red, Chinese style shirt and baggy black pants. Sakura hardly resembled her twin in looks. She had hair from her high ponytail falling in waves of gold silk and two blue barrettes, one on each side of her head. She wore a blue Chinese shirt and white baggy pants.

Two pairs of sapphire blue eyes blinked open. In union the twins sat up. "Where are we?" Sakura asked, looking around.

"I don't think it's the Tendo's, that's for sure," said Ranma.

Anyone else waking up in a strange bed would have freaked but not the Saotome twins. The two of them had seen, touched, and heard the abnormal enough times to handle things calmly. While Ranma puzzled where they were, Sakura puzzled how they had gotten there. "That's it!" she cried in triumph.

"What?" asked Ranma, startled at her outburst.

"Do you remember what Kunou said before we blacked out?"

"You mean besides all that poetic mumbo jumbo? Mmm…"

A brown-haired boy welding a bokken, a wood sword, opened an old scroll. "A spell to banish an evil sorcerer," crackled Tatewaki Kunou, "justice has found a punishment fitting."

"That scroll he was holding!"

Sakura nodded. "Right, I think it was a spell of some kind. It probably sent us into another world or something." She paused, tilted her head, and remarked, "You know, I'd really like to find out where he gets all his stuff…maybe Nabiki."

Ranma sighed and his shoulders slumped. "I'd like to say that it's impossible and couldn't ever happen but you always turn out right."

"Not always," she mummered," there was that one time when I was wrong about where you had landed via Akane airways." Standing up, Sakura headed for the room's door. She paused when Ranma stayed sitting on the bed. "Come on," she said, "We won't find out anything staying right here."

He grinned as he joined her. "Since when did you start to take the initiative?"

"Since a twin brother of mine beat it into me," she responded.

The two laughed, trying to use humor to cover their fear. Together they left the room and followed the sound of music and a woman's voice.

"The grasslands are endless, And summer sings on, And Goldmoon the princess Loves a poor man's son.

Her father the Chieftain Makes long roads between them: The grasslands are endless, and summer sings on.

The grasslands are waving, The sky's rim is gray, The Chieftain sends Riverwind East and away,

To search for strong magic At the lip of the morning, The grasslands are waving, the sky's rim is gray.

O Riverwind, where have you gone? O Riverwind, autumn comes on. I sit by the river And look to the sunrise, But the sun rises over the mountains alone.

The grasslands are fading, The summer wind dies, He comes back, the darkness Of stones in his eyes.

He carries a blue staff As bright as a glacier: The grasslands are fading, the summer wind dies.

The grasslands are fragile, As yellow as flame, The chieftain makes mockery Of Riverwind's claim.

He orders the people To stone the young warrior: The grasslands are fragile, as yellow as flame.

The grassland has faded, And autumn is here. The girl joins her lover, The stones whistle near,

The staff flares in blue light And both of them vanish: The grasslands are faded, and autumn is here."

The twins entered a room filled with people, all of whom were staring at the silver-gold haired woman who had just finished singing. "Oh, you're awake," said a red-haired, green-eyed woman, the only one to notice them. "I'm Tika Waylan, I found you both unconscious in the forest and brought you here to the Inn of the Last Home." She tipped her head in a way that reminded Sakura of kind Kasumi Tendo. "You didn't get into trouble with bandits now did you?"

"Just a bumbling idiot, soon to be a very dead, bumbling idiot when I get home," Sakura remarked darkly. She then smiled at the kind woman. "Thank you for your help. "I'm Sakura Saotome and this is my twin brother."

"Ranma Saotome," he said, bowing, before speaking the words that had caused him so much trouble in the past, "Sorry about this."

Before Tika could respond a voice snarled across the room, "Blasphemy!"

A rather drunken man stumbled to stand up. "That's High Theocrat Hederick," Tika whispered to them. "Be wary," she warned before disappearing into another room.

On alert, Ranma and Sakura watched as Hederick tried to take a blue staff from the singing woman. Her tall dark-haired companion pushed the man away and he fell right into the inn's roaring fire in its stone place. He screamed as his clothes caught on fire and ran around in frenzy. Sakura started to rush over to help him but was held back by her brother. "It's already taken care of," is all he said.

True to his word the fire was put out and the man healed by one swing of the blue staff by a short, pointy-eared kid. Curious, Sakura stretched out her senses, studying the staff with her mind. To her shock the staff did not resist by welcomed her probe. Warmth and foreign power encompassed her. Then all of a sudden she was back in her own body; Ranma had pulled her back using their twin bond. "No time for that," Ranma mummered in answer to her unspoken question, "We've got trouble."

In an almost panic, Tika rushed to them. Handing them the packs holding their stuff, she dragged them over to a bearded man with lovely almond eyes, similar in shape to Sakura's. "You've got to get out of here, Tanis!" Tika gasped out in between breaths. "The whole town's been hunting for that staff! Those hooded men told the Theocrat they'd destroy Solace if they caught someone harboring the staff. The townspeople will turn you over to the guards!"

"But it's not our staff!" the man, Tanis, protested.

"Do you think they'll believe you!" Tika wrung her hands. "Look!"

Ranma and Sakura exchanged looks that told the other the confusion they felt. Shouts drew the twins' attention back to Tanis and Tika. "The guards are coming!" Tika exclaimed.

Tanis rose. "We'll have to go out through the kitchen."

"Yes!" She nodded. "They won't look back there yet. But hurry. It won't take long to surround the place."

She then hurried to the kitchen door, twins in tow. Tanis and a group of others followed. The man looked at the twins in puzzlement. "This is Sakura and Ranma. They're stranger here and might be imprisoned just for that, please take them with you," Tika begged.

"Get the kender here and you have yourself a deal," Tanis said.

As she left the half-elf (as they later found out) introduced them quickly to the others. First was the knight Sturm Brightblade with brown hair and a long sweeping mustache. Then the old dwarf Flint Fireforge, the twins Caramon and Raistlin, Caramon brown-haired and strong, Raistlin white-haired, gold-skinned, gold-eyed with hour glass pupils, dressed in red robes and carrying a staff; there was the beautiful singer Goldmoon and her companion Riverwind, and finally Tasslehoff Burrfoot the kender (though they didn't know what a kender was.)

Soon they were all rushing through the kitchen and at the exit, which were nothing more than a hole cut in the floor. A rope hung from a limb above the hole and dropped to the ground. "Ah!" exclaimed Tas, laughing. "Here the ale comes up and the garbage goes down." He then swung out onto the rope and down easily.

"I'm sorry about this," Tika apologized to Goldmoon, "but it is the only was out of here."

"I can climb down a rope," Goldmoon said and smiled, "Though I admit it has been many years."

Both she and Riverwind descended down. The Saotome twins were next. Ranma jumped onto the rope and down effortlessly. "Show off," Sakura muttered before following her brother.

She made it to the ground and joined the others. The mage Raistlin didn't even use the rope, he just floated down with the crystal on his staff glowing brightly. As his feet touched the ground, Raistlin stumbled forward but he did not fall, for much to the other's surprise, Sakura caught him, moving so fast that it had seemed she had disappeared and reappeared at Raistlin's side. He stared coldly into her eyes, trying to intimidate her. He didn't frighten her, for Sakura had been through too much to fear a nasty look. "I don't need your help," he growled.

His angry comment didn't even faze her; in fact it made her want to know him even more. As a martial artist she was used to facing challenges and what Ranma called her foxside couldn't resist them.

Once he was steady, Sakura pulled back, a mischievous smile on her face. "You shouldn't frown so much," she told him, "it might get stuck that way."

Tas and Flint (who had just climbed down) started laughing only to be shut up by Raistlin's evil glare. Finishing his decent, Caramon gave them a confused look, which prompted Tas to giggle. As Sakura passed by them, Flint whispered, "Careful, lass, that you don't make an enemy."

She winked and gave a lopsided grin. "I know what I'm doing."

"For your sake, I hope so," he said, gruffly.

Ranma grabbed her arm a pulled her to the side. "What is wrong with you!" he whispered furiously. He peered suspiciously at her. "You're not letting your youko side take control are you?"

"Of course not!" she protested. "I still remember what happened last time."

"Good," he said with relief, "that's the last thing we need."