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Time Line: The end of the Manga and Anime by eight months months.

Ranma had been getting sword training from his mother for eight months, ever since the wedding fiasco. He had learned, not only his mothers' style, but he also created his own style of swordsman ship. It was called the Defending Wolf.

The three weapons Ranma had mastered were the Katana, a Kodachi and a Hook Sword. He was also well versed in using throwing knives.

This story takes place on a cold summer night at the Tendo Dojo.

The Fiancés wanted to know where Ranma was.

The Okinamia cross dressing chef asked, "Where is my Ranchan?" As she looked at the contactor, Nabiki Tendo.

"Yes, were Airen?" Second the chiese Amazon Xian Pu as she had one of her Bonbories out.

"Where is the Pervert? I bet he is out with that Kodachi bitch." Stated the delusional moron, Akane Tendo.

"I am right here." Stated Ranma from the doorway with Cologne to his left hand side, she was balanced on her staff. To Ranmas' right, in a fighting kimono, was Nodoka with her katana attached to her back, with the hilt seen over her right hip. Ranma him self was dressed differently. He no longer had his traditional red and black silk clothing. He wore Soft leather shoes, Form fitting black jeans, a white long sleeve silk shirt, with the Kanji for Death on the front and on the back. At his back was a Katana in a deep purple sheath. The handle was of simple wood, but it had a deep red sheen to it. Around his waist was a strong black leather strap. Attached to it, under his right hand was a hook sword. Under his left hand was a Kodachi, with a simple gray scabbard, but the handle had the same deep red sheen over its simple wood design. His once blue eyes were now a deep violet color. His once raven black hair was now blacker than night.

Just as Genma opened his mouth to complain, he was hit with the Chinese elders staff.

Nodoka gives all those there a piercing stare.

"Due to what Ranma has told me, I have asked that Elder Cologne give Ranma the wish-bringing sword, so that he make one wish. And I don't want anyone to interfere." Stated Nodoka with a silky smooth purr as she drew two inches of her katana out of its sheath.

Cologne handed Ranma the Sword.

Ranma looked hard at the sword before opening his mouth.

"I wish to go to where I can help save lives and find someone to love me for who I am!" Ranma shouted

"Wish Granted" the sword said out loud

Xian Pu started to glow and a small purple and white kitten was seen on the ground. And where Ranma once stood, was a naked red haired girl. Nodoka drew up a blanket and covered the girl and moved her to the couch.

Somewhere else, and sometime else

Ranma groggily got up from the cold rock floor. He tried to stand but stumbled back down and threw up. The wish-bringing sword was no-where to be seen. When Ranma was able to get up, he looked around. There were no windows in this room. The only light came from three torches. There were seven doors with a different insignia on it.

The first door had the seal of Alchemy on it.

The second door had a pagan seal on it.

The third door had two hourglasses on it. One had an arrow pointing down, while the other hand an arrow pointing up.

The fourth door had tow swords on it. One was bathed in blood, while the other was a sakabato.

The fifth door had to metal cylinders on it. One cylinder had a green blade made of light coming from it. The other cylinder had a red blade of light shooting from it.

The sixth door had an emblem of the Dragon god, Bahamat.

The seventh door had a simple upturned golden crescent moon

"Where to go?" was Ranmas only question.

Until next time readers. You get too chose where Ranma goes to. And below are the worlds the doors go to:

Door 1: Golden sun

Door 2: Full metal alchemist

Door 3: Inu-Yasha

Door 4: Ruroni Kenshin

Door 5: Star Wars

Door 6: Final Fantasy X

Door 7: Sailor Moon

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