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Yuna could only watch in shock as Priests of Yevon wished her dead. She wanted to know where they got the information about her being half Al-Bhed.

The sphere stopped playing and Yuna turned her eyes to Ranma. "Why did you show me this?"

"I wanted you to know what the Priests thought of you," came the calm reply.

Yuna bowed. "Thank you Ranma. I have one question to ask." Just then a cold blast of wind blew across the ship, sending every one into shivers.

Ranma reached over to Yuna and pulled the silk jacket tighter around Yuna. "I will see you again. Stay safe Lady Yuna." Ranma backed up into a shadow and vanished.

Blitzball Tournament in Luca:

"So you are a Guardian?" asked Auron. His blood red jacket and whiskey jug blew in the wind.

"No. I detest what Yevon's society is doing to Summoners, and the Guardians do nothing to stop it." replied Ranma with anger in his voice.

"I agree. As you can tell I am an Unsent. My story may be over, but your story is not."

As the two talked during the Blitzball game, both felt something shady in Luca. As soon as the last goal was kicked, "The Aurochs have won it, folks," Cries the announcer, "2 to 3 folks, The Besaid Aurochs have won the championship."

"And what a way for the captain of the Aurochs, Wakka, to go out." Cries the other announcer.

A smile comes to Ranmas face as he holds out a hand towards Auron, "Pay up."

Auron hands over thirty Gil while mumbling about beginners luck.

At the time Fiends attacked the Blitzball stadium:

Auron looked at where Ranma was standing and felt a gust of wind as Ranma jumped to the roof of the Stadium. "Reminds me of me," Auron said to himself.

Ranma pulled out an Al-Bhed sniper rifle, and proceeded to shoot at the Fiends attacking the civilians.

"Damn it," cursed Ranma as his gun jammed. Even if it hadn't, there were still too many Fiends for him to take on with the gun.

Ranma brought his hands together, and cried out "Mouko Takabisha!" As soon as the blue sphere of Ki left his hands, pain wracked his body and blood started to ooze down his hands and arms.

Ranma cupped his hands together, muttering, "I will not give up." Over and over again, as a mantra. "Mouko Takabisha!" The pain brought him to his knees, as the blood poured faster than before.

Ranma looked down to see Auron, Tidus and Wakka fighting the fiends. His scenes then went into over drive as Seymour summoned his Aeon and proceeded to destroy the last of the fiends.

Ranma kicked the gun and bullets to the ground as he went off to get help. Yuna saw the bullets fall, and looked up and saw a black jacket with 'Wolf' on the back of it. 'Ranma?' she thought before turning her attention back to healing those hurt by the fiends.

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