Author's Note: Hello my fellow readers. I am back with a most unexpected story, and don't worry, my other stories are on their way. I don't make promises I can't do. Their just a tad bit more complicated. (A.K.A. I have no plot bunnies hoping around giving me ideas for them. Maybe some of your stories will help.) Though I must admit this story came to me while watching 'A Cinderella Story' starring Hilary Duff. Hmm, that's quite amusing actually.

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Chapter 1: Missing a Step

It was a usual year at Hogwarts. The lake was glistening. The students were all in the Great Hall finishing their teachers sat up at their table observing the room, and Dumbledore was speaking about the Forbidden Forest being off limits and what not. The Gryffindors sat with the Gryffindors, the Ravenclaws with the Ravenclaws and so on and so forth. And somewhere off in the distance, someone was planning a way to make Harry miserable once again, and to have him drag his two best mates down with him.

Yes, for Ginevra Weasley, this was a normal year. Or so she thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted by something Dumbledore had said.

"This year, I and the rest of the staff have decided that in order for you students to have a ... shall we say better year, there will be a Masquerade Ball." He paused.

Ginny dropped her fork and turned to her Headmaster, noting that she wasn't the only one in a bit of a shock.

"But I do have some rather bad news for the underage students. Seeing as the last activity the staff had put together, featuring all students, went up in flames, quite literally. We have decided that only fifth, sixth and seventh years shall attend." At this a rather large crowd of under aged wizards went into a ruckus over their dilemma.

Ginny had never been so happy to be in fifth year. She couldn't wait to tell her mother so she could get an outfit for ... that's when her heart sank.

With the cost of things lately, including books and such, she knew her mother had very little to go around, let alone buy her an outfit for a Masquerade Ball.

Her first thought was Bill, but he wasn't in touch much lately, then Charlie, but he had spent his life savings on Dragon breeding. She wasn't even going to consider Percy at this point. Working for the ministry or not, he was off his rocker for dismissing his own parents. Besides, getting a dress from them would only mean that she would owe them something, and she was not to fond of that thought.

A slight grin reached her features, however, when she thought of her older twin brothers new business. Yes, her help in their shop over the summer did make a bit of an opportunity to beg them for some galleons to buy a costume. If that didn't work, she could always just manipulate them. She had learned from the best.

While eating some of the chicken on her plate, she reached into her school bag, pulled out a bit of parchment, some ink, and a quill that she could write a letter with. Once finished doing so she turned to Ron and asked him if she could use Pig.

"What for?" came Ron's crude answer, as he stared at his younger sister with a bit of a quizzical look. She grimaced.

"To send something you loon, what else?" He gave her another quizzical look that didn't work to well with the noodle stuck to his chin, when Hermione leaned over.

"Just remember that the password to the common room is 'Shrieking Shack'." She said with a bit of a smile.

"Shrieking shack?" asked Ron as Ginny got up to go.

"Well, next time you come up with the password then!"


Ginny entered the Owlery with a bit of a sigh as she found pig and tied the parchment to him. The bird was quite content with delivering the message and flew off without even so much as a hoot. She watched as the bird flew off and then to turned to leave, only to bump into someone coming up the stairs.

This sudden movement sent her off balance and she flailed her arms around trying to catch it. She gasped and missed the edge of the top step, sliding down and hitting the next step and the next. She would have kept going down the stairs if a pair of arms hadn't shot out and stopped her descent of doom. Leveling her on the third-to-top step to keep her from falling again, her rescuer spoke up. Had Ginny not been completely dazed she would have recognized him right away, but seeing as she still thought she was falling, she skipped the part of caring.

"That might've been tragic." Came a cool voice. She only had a second to see him before he was off to a black owl in the top most corner of the Owlery. With her mind spinning, Ginny started at a run all the way back to Gryffindor.

It wasn't until Ginny was safely in the Gryffindor Common Room that she realized who she had just run into. Draco Malfoy.