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When you try – don't try to say you won't
Try to crawl into my head
When you cry – cause it's all built up inside
Your tears already said – already said

You Are The One-Shiny Toy Guns

Chapter 13: The Final Bow

Ginny was steaming as she speed around the Quidditch Pitch practicing her diving, and throwing techniques. She had been getting more and more aggressive as she went, and couldn't seem to stop her self. At one point, she'd thrown the ball so hard, that she had fallen off her own broom. If her wand hadn't been tucked into her robes, she wouldn't have been able to Accio her broom in time to miss the ground.

"Oye, slow it down out there." Harry called to Ginny when he saw that she was maxing out the speed of her broom. If she wasn't careful, she could really hurt someone, including herself.

Ginny wasn't listening to him, or anyone else for that matter. All she cared about was working out her anger, and she was doing so by throwing herself into her Quidditch Practice. She ducked, dived, and slung-shot herself around the goal posts trying to test out her own vulnerabilities. As hard as she tried, she just couldn't get the irksome feeling to leave her, and she knew deep inside she was only a thought away from breaking down and crying out the heartache. She hoped her pain wouldn't result in that.

Had she really felt so much for Draco Malfoy?

It was thinking like that which made her so reckless in the first place. Had it really been only a month ago that she had been cooped up in the Hospital Wing with him; the place where they had shared their first kiss.

She shook her head of the thoughts for the third time that day.

" The Quidditch Pitch is off limits Malfoy, even if your not playing next weekend." Harry had been yelling across the pitch at the slim figured body below him. Ginny had a feeling this was Harry's way of informing her that Draco had stopped by. The only problem was he informed the entire team (or at least those who had showed up). She and the rest of the team immediately stopped practicing and stared over at Draco to see what was going on.

Draco gave a clipped smile to Harry at his witty repartee. "Well, seeing as your going to lose next weekend any way. Mind if I steal Ginny from this circus you call a practice?" Harry turned to look at Ginny, and his expression was wordlessly asking her what she wanted.

Ginny rolled her eyes at all of this. Had she suddenly stepped into someone's weird idea of a fantasy where she was the one being protected by the gallant Harry Potter from the evil and conniving Draco Malfoy, when in reality, she was the evil one. Well, her and Colleen that is.

"I'm leaving." Ginny announced to the entire team. Who was she to leave them out now that they had butted in. Harry frowned at Ginny as she landed near Draco on the ground. He watched as the two walked out in silence, and felt he had to break it some how.

"Practice again Tuesday! Don't think you're getting away with leaving early today." Ginny waved a hand in Harry's direction to stop his rants.

The two made it out to a secluded area of land not far from Hagrid's hut before either one said anything.

"So." Ginny started, wondering what his sudden appearance was all about. Especially since he made it pretty clear that he didn't want to see her ever again. Ginny glanced at the parchment in Draco's hand and sighed. She recognized the notes loopy and tight fitted words almost instantly. She knew how childish those notes seemed to others, but to her they were the deep seeded truths that only her and Colleen would understand completely.

"Look, though's letters were written by two moronic girls who were bored with their lives and wanted to spice things up, but I didn't know that Colleen had another agenda behind it all. She never told me her true plans. I thought she was doing this for me, which is why I was so willing to help her on her fake father problems with Shane. Had I known even partially what she was up to, I would've tried to stop her. I don't think she counted on me falling in love with you-" Ginny stopped. Draco froze. Both were taken back by her words. Ginny tried again to see if she could back track a bit.

" I mean... What I meant was... What I was trying to say is I'm sorr-" Ginny didn't get to finish her sentence as her words were cut short by Draco's kiss.

"Apology accepted." Draco murmured when he pulled away.

When Colleen did finally make it out of bed that day and showered, she half wondered if her and Shane weren't meant-to-be after all. Maybe Ginny had been right? Colleen dressed and made it down to the Great Hall where she was spotted by Harry and forced to go change so he could help her get some practice in before the sun went down. She really hadn't been in the mood for it, but she did as she was told. She found out really quick how bad practice could be when Harry had no one else to focus his coaching skills on but her. With aching bones Colleen made it back up to her dorm room where she threw herself into her homework to avoid the looks from the other girls in the room.

Days went by in a blur of classes and practices for Colleen. Outcast-ed by rumors of what she did, Colleen found herself sitting alone for most of her classes. The only person even willing to work with her in Potion's was her teammate Shannon. It was a nice gesture, but Colleen didn't want or deserve her sympathy, and she knew it. Walks to the Great Hall were more bearable than the classes themselves, until the first time she spotted Draco and Ginny arm-in-arm with one another chatting amongst themselves. Her eyes burned again, she would have been crying had she not done enough of that to completely dry up her tear ducts.

How was it possible that a couple like Draco and Ginny could make it through awkward times, while her relationships, especially the one with Shane, seemed to rock back and forth all the time. Maybe she'd been fated to live alone all a long. Depression swelled around Colleen, and she decided to take the rest of Friday off.

Lucky for everyone else in the school, Saturday came and the final Quidditch match of the season was here. The crowd smeared together in a mass of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw colors. Even Draco Malfoy held a gold and maroon scarf between his fingers.

With the routine toss of the Quaffle, the game started and everyone was off in speeds that only muggle cars could compare to. Quickly Gryffindor was up by thirty points, but Ravenclaw had not given up. Woollongong Shimmies were seen all over the place as Chaser's were deflected, but still the ball made it's way around as if it were flying on its own. The Ravenclaws had somehow perfected their reverse passes, and were throwing the ball backwards, forwards, and sometimes up to their teammates before the Gryffindors saw it coming. Like most of the Ravenclaw moves, they were straight from the book, and it didn't take long for the Gryffindors to catch on. With all the Quaffle movement, the Beater's were having trouble keeping up with the bludgers flying overhead. It was reckless, it was violent, it was intense. It was Quidditch at it's finest.

Two hours into the game when the momentum had gotten even higher, the Seekers had still not seen the elusive Golden Snitch, and many were becoming worried that this may go on all day. Others were extremely pleased at that fact. A ripple of dead silence suddenly took the crowd, Harry had spotted the Snitch and was weaving and diving after the glint of gold with a velocity that left the audience almost unable to keep up with him. The other players paid no mine to the Seekers. This was the time that Ravenclaw always evened their score, always taking advantage of the awed crowd to sneak in and steal a few goals. The Beaters were taking a full beating themselves trying to keep up with the Ravenclaws Bludger passes that rocketed around the pitch. In an instant of under estimation, Emmett (the Gryffindor teams second Beater) let the Bludger pass by him. Colleen's head turned at hearing Emmett's disgruntled bark. She was off in the direction before her eyes even focused, if Ginny kept on her path toward the Ravenclaw goal posts, she was going to come in contact with that same Bludger. If Colleen wasn't there in time, Ginny was a goner for sure.

It happened in the time it took someone to yelp for Ginny. Colleen jumped in front of the Bludger meant for Ginny, and took the full brunt of the impact. Everything for her went black as Harry caught the Snitch.

Colleen wasn't really sure why she was in a dark black space, and hearing voices. If she had listened hard enough she could have recognized them and differentiated the sounds, but her body had more interest in her health, and she blacked out again.

Nearly a day later, Colleen's eyes slipped open in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts castle. The first face she recognized was Shane, and she immediately convinced herself that she was so drugged on something she was seeing people.

"Hey, her eyes are open! Do you think she's awake?" A familiar voice chirped from somewhere she couldn't see.

"No, she's sleeping with her eyes open hun, we all do it when we've been attacked by Bludgers." Ginny's sarcastic tone quieted Mallory for the moment.

"Oh thank Merlin, Colleen. You're awake." Shane said taking Colleen's hand. It was the good thing he was on her other side, or the arm movement would have caused a wave of pain to flow through her body.

"Wa-" Colleen tried to say, but the word wouldn't come to her.

"Did she say water?" Colin asked from beside Mallory. All at once three people tried to pour some out and hand it to her. Only she didn't extend her hand for it.

"Oh, straw, duh!" Mallory exclaimed, having forgotten her moment of silence. They placed the straw at Colleen's lips and let her sip a little before waiting for her to try and speak again. She cleared her throat.

"What happened? We win?" Colleen's groggy question took them all by surprised. They didn't expect her to have forgotten.

"Did she hit her head?" Colin mumbled into Mallory's ear. Mallory shrugged.

"You dove in front of a Bludger that was coming for me, and than started to fall. So, I caught you." Ginny said sheepishly. She suddenly felt very awkward standing there in front of the person she was supposed to be mad at, but couldn't find the anger for anymore.

"And, yes, we won." Shane added with a smile and a kiss to her forehead. Colleen gave him a bewildered look. Then, she turned her gaze to everyone else.

With one act of bravery, suddenly they were all speaking to her again? Was this a joke?

"Aren't you all mad at me?" Colleen finally asked staring between them. "Because you don't have to be. Just because I saved Ginny from a Bludger. I mean she caught me, so it evens out after all."

"Actually, it's funny you should bring that up." Mallory said with a smile. "We," she pointed between herself, Colin, and Ginny. " Have decided that you're off the hook.


"Well, I kind of told them everything." Ginny added while biting her lip.

"Everything?" Colleen asked and tried to sit up at the same time. She winced as a flood of pain raked through her.

"Don't do that! You have four broken ribs, a punctured lung, and you cracked your hip." Shane said forcing her back down.

"Well, I gave them all the details, not just the notes, but as well." Colleen gave Ginny an awestruck look.

"Yeah, we were shocked that the notes were only a sneak peak, but some of the stuff you put in their about you and Shane was pretty intense." Colin rambled out before he could stop himself. They all glared at him. Colleen sighed in defeat.

"Ugh, everything." She mumbled as she rested her eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm burning it when I get back to Gryffindor tower." Ginny said quietly.

"What about you?" Colleen asked Shane now. "I thought it was really over forever. Why are you here?" Shane smirked and placed another soft kiss on her forehead.

"I had a little talk with Malfoy." Shane glanced at Ginny when he said this. "And well, I've seen the light." Shane smirked at this thought. How stupid did he sound. "Plus, I missed you like crazy."

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Colleen mumbled. "Remind me to thank Malfoy, G." Everyone laughed at this, for Colleen really sounded horror struck now.

"Wait. G? Just G? No G-dawg, or G-Wizzle?" Colin asked.

"Oh, come on C-dude. I'm recovering from injuries, don't make me have to force something girly on you." Colleen defended herself weakly, and everyone laughed a second time.

As if it were meant to be, the little gaggle of friends had become just that once again. Best friends.