Title: Sweetheart

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Summary: The agents Numbers One through Five enter their teenage years.

Disclaimer: I do not own Codename Kids Next Door.

Rating: K+

Author's Note: Just some random thought. I thought it was about time a started on a new Kids Next Door fic. I', not sure when I will update on this fic. I am busy with two other fics at the moment. It also depends on how many reviews I receive.

Chapter One-Changes and Determination

Abigail Lincoln held her breath as she thought about her thirteenth birthday in couple of months. Time was moving so fast. Soon she would be a teenager and forget all about her friends and the Kids Next Door.

After all the battles, after all of the adults' plans she helped spoil, even more than all of the candy in her possession, Abby was going to miss her team.

She would remember Kuki and her girlish ways or Wally and his over obsessive macho-ness. She wouldn't remember Hoagie and his quirkiness and most importantly she wouldn't remember Nigel.

Over the past year she had begun to see him in a different way and just recently he had asked her to be his girl.

She knew it was a big step for their leader. His relationship with Lizzie ended because her family had moved away and now she was going to turn thirteen soon.

Abigail hated decommissioning. It was always painful to see another kid leave the organization and she knew it would be even worst for her team. They were the closest ever on record. The best there every was in the whole thirty years the Kids Next Door have been operating. Their tree house was going to be left as it was. A monument to their greatness.

She huffed at that, sure they were the best, but they were only doing their job. Protecting the kids' world from teenagers and adults. Now she was on her way to becoming one of them.

Her older sister, Cree, was still working for the adults, more now that she was one. Abigail knew her sister was going to try to get her to join the fight against the organization she loved. But Abby wasn't stupid.

Keeping in code and not reveling the existence of the Kids Next Door, Abigail had written herself several small notes that read the same thing and placed them in places where she was sure to find them.

'Whatever you do, do not listen to Cree and join a group against kids.'

She had every attention of following it.

Another thing that she knew she wanted do when she became a teenager and that was baby-sit.

She knew Cree had done just to be mean to the kids, but not Abby, she wanted to be the best baby-sitter her neighborhood had every seen. She was going to be nice to the kids and play with them and not spend her time in front of the television or on the phone.

With those thoughts in mind, Abby sat by her window in her room in the tree house. She gazed up at the stars and just allowed her mind to drift.

END of Part 1