Beyond the Sunset

A royal princess danced away into the sunset. When the princess danced into the sunset, she never came back. Everyone said she died, but I know the truth.

At a royal ball in Derainem, there is a princess named Merope. Merope was dancing with herself when she started floating. When Princess Merope realized what was going on, she headed for the sunset.

Before she knew it everyone saw her go into the sunset and never come out. The princess could have died but was chosen to live a beautiful life in the world of Ellderron. When the princess came to Ellderron, she saw a world of peace and harmony. Merope had never seen such a place because she grew up during the war.

Merope was confused. She never saw this place on any foreign map. Merope asked a boy about her age named Eric where she was. He told Merope that she was in a world called Ellderron. Merope asked Eric if she could look around. As Merope was looking, she noticed that everyone was so friendly here.

Later that day, she went back to Eric's house (he had told her where he lived the night before). That night, she asked Eric who lived in the palace the Emperor he had said (fragment sentence…what did she ask him?). Merope said she was tired and went to bed.

(Merope's thought)
He said that he would take me around town and show and tell me the origin of Ellderron and one day maybe even see his majesty.

(Authors note) So how did you like the story it is my first try .I will try to up date as soon as I can.