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Business Relations

1- The offer

In the little city of Tomoeda lived to cousins, Daidoudjii Tomoyo and Kinomoto Sakura, besides being cousins they were also best friends with a Chinese girl names Li Meiling Rae. They all meet each other in primary school and since then they were inseparable.

Meiling's eyes are crimson, like rubies gems, and the thing about her is that you do not want to make her angry 'cause she is very impulsive, normally she acts without thinking. Her hair is has black, has the sky without the moon or star glow, long and straight and normally she wears it in two big braids. She is the tallest of the three.

Tomoyo's hair is the same length has Meiling, though she prefers wearing it free, her hair is black but appear it has some shades of lilac. Her eyes are amethyst and her skin is very pale, which contrasts perfectly with the colour of her hair, she is the smallest. She is also the one that manages to hold Sakura and Meiling down; she is the only one who can calm them down. She is known among that has the damaged controller.

Sakura isn't small nor tall, she stands in the middle. Her eyes are green like two emeralds. Her hair goes down until the middle of her back and normally she doesn't have what people consider a normal hairstyle, it was auburn. Once, in her past she was very cheerful person, go lucky, peaceful, but some guy hurt her badly, that she lost all of her good traits, only going back to her old self when she is all by herself with her best friends. Just like Meiling, she never thinks before she acts, she goes with the flow, and follows her impulses. Never before had they failed her.

The three, together, own a firm of clothes, a very famous one (n.a: I need suggestions for the name), they founded it when they finish college, at least that's all her friends in Tomoeda think, each one has a specific work. Tomoyo is the designer, Meiling the accountant and the person who develops the new shops, this means she is the one who designs decoration and decides where and when will they open, what collection it will have. Everyone knew what Tomoyo and Meiling job was, but Sakura's job was a bit fuzy to others not related to the firm, she was not only the main model but also the CEO, this was unknown to the whole world. She decided what deals they would accept, also which show they would be present.

Now they were discussing a new deal for a shop that was going to be open in Hong Kong, Sakura didn't like this one bit, but in all the main cities in China there were a shop they own, all the cities except Hong Kong and now they couldn't postpone it anymore.

"So finally Kinomoto Sakura agrees in opening a shop or two in Hong Kong!" said Meiling triumphantly "It was about time we open one in my home town!"

"Hey, don't brag yourself so much! I'm still in time to change my mind" said Sakura giving Meiling one of her glares "But I won't! So please stop that!"

"And will you go to Hong Kong, right? We know you hate that city since 3 years ago but it's time for you just move on, and give the city a chance! It's not the city fault that He was a bastard!" said Tomoyo

"Yeah! I know but, it still hurts!" said Sakura in a broken voice.

"Okay, Sakura, stop remember the bastard that broke you! That was why we are having so much success 'cause you spent all your spare time thinking about ways to improve our business" said Meiling knowing Sakura was about to cry all her sorrows again about some bastard that broke the engagement, and a week later was about to marry another girl. "Now let's talk business! I think the line of clothe we should take to the Grand Opening of the shops for the next month should be summer clothes, and we can't forget that we have all that cocktails and parties to attend to. To show everybody that we run a serious business even though we are women."

"Why are you saying that?" asked Tomoyo.

"Because once again…" started Meiling before being interrupted by Sakura.

"Let me guess... We received another offer to sell the firm, right?" said Sakura in a bored tone of voice.

"Yes, that's absolutely correct! How did you do it?" asked Meiling feigning surprised by the answer.

"Well probably she did, because in this month how many offers did we get twenty?" said Tomoyo in a serious way.

"Actually yes, and all of them wants to buy our firm, 'cause they said and I quote "Your firm was a magnificent success but to go any further you need help from other firms, with more knowledge" meaning you need a men help for managing the success" after finishing saying that she simulated nauseas and throwing up.

"Doesn't this so called business man know that we are not for sale! How many times do we have to answer to those same letters saying, "Thanks for the offer, blablabla, it's very appellative, blablabla, but we are not interested." It's just too much for us" said an annoyed Tomoyo.

"Mei why do you think we should meet this one?" asked Sakura, noticing a glint in Meiling's eyes.

"Well 'cause they were the only ones that don't want to buy us?" said Meiling excited by this fact.

"What?" asked in unison Sakura and Tomoyo.

"They don't offer to buy our firm they want be our partners, they want to do business with us! So what do we do now?"

"I really don't no Mei, when they want to buy us it was an easy answer now, it smells like a business opportunity" said Tomoyo.

"Yeah I know, I think we should hear them out. What do you say Kura?"

"I agree but what do we know about this firm, we have to research first."

"And who will go to the first meeting?"

"You Mei, of course this is your pitch. You know very well that I'll be the one that must close the business but you must see if it's worth the trouble!"

"Sakura is right, you know that"

"Yeah I know, but... Okay, I'll do it, but you guys will help me right?"

"Of course" they said excited.

"So Mei what do we know about this firm. And don't look to me like that. 'Cause Tommy and I know before talking to us you check every single firm, even if the answer is always no" said Sakura looking straight in Meiling eyes.

"Fine. Damn. I forgot about that, and that you know it." said Meiling in an upset tone of voice "The firm was founded recently, about two years ago, they only sell men clothes. The name is L.H.T. It is similar to ours; they have their own designer, models. But there is a catch, the firm is somewhat connected with Li Corp, like it is a filial to it." Meiling stopped to get some air, but was quickly enough to not let Sakura say nothing. She didn't even look to her. "Like us they have three main directors, but I couldn't find any input about them, only that they are all single and free." Sakura and Tomoyo fall in the ground for this last bit of information.

"Okay, now tell me why that is relevant for the business?" asked Sakura, overlooking the connection with Li Corp.

"Oh, it's not! I only think maybe we can get ourselves some boyfriends!" Said Meiling jumping up and down very excited with the prospect.

"You both can, I can't! And I won't" Stated Sakura with watery eyes, preventing to let any tears fall down.

"C'mon Kura you need to get yourself a boyfriend" Tried Tomoyo.

"I just can't do that!"

"But the engagement was broken! And it has been three years ago, it's time for you to let go" said Meiling in a very calm voice.

"I can't do that!" she stated. The way she said the words they knew, it was the time they would find out why Sakura won't date anyone, even after three years. "He will always be the one for me, my true love, and if he didn't want me, so the only explanation is that I must have something wrong with me! Therefore, I won't go out and found someone new. That's the reason I give so much to our Business." She couldn't take any longer, so after she stopped talking, she let the tears fall. She leaned towards Meiling, from her two best friends present; she was the only one who suffered due to love.

Tomoyo gave both of them a bear hug and said in a calm and serene voice "Calm down, he doesn't worth it. If you don't want a new boyfriend it's okay, but you can still have fun and go to parties and be beautiful like you always were and still are!" she smile to Sakura "And I won't take no for a answer".

After a while she stopped crying, and begun calming down. Tomoyo and Meiling went to their offices and start preparing everything for the opening of the new stores and the business reunion.

Sakura's office

The office was decorated in shades of pink and white, with a pink sofa, and a table done in cherry tree. The chair was white with little cherry blossom's engraved on it..

Sakura shrunk in the sofa, crying, remembering and battling against herself, against the feelings she have to the man that destroyed all her happiness who happens to be the man that one day made her the most happy woman in the world.

"Why can't I just let him go? He broke the engagement, and probably its already married. And with children." she thought torturing herself.


Sakura was walking her dog, Kero, when another dog came along and they started playing together. After a while, she heard somebody calling Spinelsun and the black dog looked up, and started running to the place the sound was coming from, his suppose owner. Kero run after the other dog and Sakura after Kero.

She finally caught up to him only to lose her balance and would ended up in the lake if that boy didn't grab her. To bad, their dogs didn't thought in the same way! So they push their owners into the water. The boy tried to held Sakura, so she wouldn't get wet but the only thing he could do was falling to the water with her on his lap, his chestnut hair was wet and his amber eyes were laughing at the image of that girl sitting in his lap all wet and giggling like crazy.

End of Flashback

Sakura's POV

That was the first time I saw him and the time I fell in love with him! Why did he propose if he didn't want to marry me.


Sakura was visiting her cousin back in Tomoeda when she received a phone call.

"Hello Sakura speaking" she answered the phone.

Someone answered "Hello!"

"Who is this? Hun is that you"

"No it's not Hun, I'm his best friend!" that person voice said. Even though she knew his best friend, and couldn't match the face with the voice.

"What do you want?" Sakura asked afraid that something bad could happen to him.

"I want to give you a message from him!" said the voice in a very cold and creepy way.

"So what the message is?" asked Sakura 'cause her fiancée has never asked any of his friends to call her.

"He wants me to say to you, that the wedding is off, and if you open tomorrow magazine you will know why!" said the voice laughing.

By this time Sakura was crying a lot and Tomoyo was beginning to be scared of what had happened with Sakura, why was she crying.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura, she went back to solve some problems with the new collection she was going to model for her Tomoyo in that summer and to ask her to be one of her bridesmaid.

"Well what I mean is that the wedding is off 'cause he is going to marry to someone else! Someone better than you! Do you understand it now?" said the voice laughing like a maniac.

The phone fell down and she begun to crying hard. If she had stayed on the phone for a while, she would have heard his voice coming from the phone.

End of Flashback

"How could you do this to me. I hate you bastard! I hope you drop dead." After it was over, she couldn't ever bring herself to say his name.

'No. You don't?' came a little voice.

"Why does that voice always have to be right about everything? I miss you so much. But you hurt me so me much. Why did you hurt me so badly?"

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