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2- The answer

Hong Kong

"I have the answer!" exclaimed Tong Kai-Run, for the past two weeks they were expecting an answer from the "Moonlight Blossom Design's" (n.a: the name of the firm, I hope you like it, if don't pleas tell me), the famous firm who came the most wanted women clothes line in all Asia.

Tong was the calm type of guy, he never worries about anything, his eyes are blue like the sky in a summer day, and show how calm he really is, too bad sometimes they can be deceive. His hair is raven and he normally wears it short so he don't have to worry about it in the morning. He is on of the directors of L.H.T, he is one of the responsible for the financial status, and the other one in charge is Li Syaoran. He is also one of the models, actually he is the model for the formal clothe, 'cause sports clothe don't suit him right, he is not very athletic, don't get me wrong he works out, but he don't do it every single day, he can stay weeks without going to the gym.

"Okay! So what is the answer?" asked Hiiraguizawa Eriol, he was the mysterious and calm type of guy, but at that moment he wasn't all that calm, he was really nervous for the answer that they had been expecting, for the last two weeks, it was a deal of a life time. They want to merge their firm with "Moonlight Blossom Design's". They make man clothes and in that, line they were known has the best. He is the designer of L.H.T, the only season that his clothes didn't sold out was the season that "Moonlight Blossom Design's" design and sold man's clothes, he found out, they did it only for fun, but in that season their business was bad, almost hit bankruptcy. That is the main reason he is nervous he wants to meet the only designer that is better than he is, he wants to learn how, the hell, does she do it.

Eriol has midnight blue eyes, that hide every single mystery that exist in is soul, it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but in his case, his eyes didn't let own anything about his soul. His hair matches his eyes and is navy blue. He is tall and really don't need to do much work out, unlike Tong he prefers spending his free time reading, not that he doesn't work out occasionally, but he is fine the way he is. He is the director of L.H.T that is responsible for the design's and the clothes they sell. His newest assignment is to drive his best friend crazy, until the point he accepts being a full time model for the sport clothes, even though he has been doing it unwillingly, due to the lack of male models that suits his standards.

"I can't tell you yet! You know that! Syaoran isn't here! Therefore, we have to wait for him to arrive. You know I want this to happen the same way you do. Syaoran was the one having problems in accepting the merge with a firm that for bosses have women. But finally he gave in." said Tong.

Li Syaoran, a.k.a the president of Li Corp and L.H.T., he is the one that have the last word about any business his firms do, Tong and Eriol also work with him at Li corp. He has messy chestnut hair, which was referred to, has a mop tenderly by his ex-girlfriend; it seems that he was never introduced to a hairbrush or a comb. His eyes are amber, before I forget to mention, his eyes are also cold and icy, it's normal for him to glare, especially using his death glare when someone, like, let's say, Eriol doesn't shut up or says the wrong thing. He is tall. His features is what makes Eriol want him to model the sports clothes 'cause he is the one with the best body, everything is in place. He also has a bad boy vibe, that spell don't mess with me or you will die, he was always like this but now is worst, his glare was always powerful, but his eyes wasn't always cold, only Eriol and Tong, knew the truth behind it, everybody else only suspected.

"Please just give me a clue, it's not fair to me, I've been in this office more times that the all powerful Li Syaoran! Let me guess…" he said smiling and then add "What he is doing? Hum... hum!" he closed his eyes and put his finger on his temples, pretending to be searching his mind "You know it's not very difficult, he probably is walking SpinnelSun in the park, the one where he..." the entering of Syaoran and SpinnelSun cut him off.

SpinnelSun is Syaoran dog, his fur is black and has turquoise eyes, and his dog collar is green with a nameplate like a diamond that's also green.

"For Your Information, I wasn't at the park, walking my dog! I was walking SpinnelSun and thinking about the merge, you know I'm not comfortable with it! And yes is because they are women in charge!" said Syaoran glaring at Eriol for what he was about to say, he was talking about the past. The past he want to forget but couldn't let go.

"Yes we already know that you don't want to do business with that firm, but it's not only a good business for L.H.T but also for Li corp!" replied Eriol sensing Syaoran was getting cold feet about the merge.

"Okay! Fine! It's your choice! So what is the answer?" asked Syaoran in a bored tone of voice.

"One of the directors wants to set a meeting with us, before you ask when?! It is for two weeks from now, when they are coming to Hong Kong to open their new shop. They also sent us invitations so we can have access to the inaugurating ceremony of the shop, then we can meet them, and see if it's worth it before the meeting! What do you think?" said Tong

"It's a good idea so that we know who is who! Which director is coming to the meeting?" asked Eriol.

"Wait just a second what we know about the directors?" asked Syaoran, not liking going to their environment without any sort of information.

"What do you want to know?" asked Tong.

"You know damn well what I want to know! I want to know all the information we've on them!" Syaoran growled.

"That wasn't necessary, you know that don't you?" said Tong. If you didn't knew Syaoran you could be hurt by his harsh words, but not them, that was the normal behaviour of Li Syaoran, ever since 3 years ago when some girl broke his heart. He was never the same.

Okay, so back then, he would growl and glare, but now it is ten times worst, most of the time he only glares, and growls, the only thing he doesn't seem to able to glare is the girl photo, which he still keeps, not only a photo, he got thousands of them, and the engagement ring he gave her.

Now the only thing he does is walking SpinnelSun and work in the firms, he doesn't have a social life. And if you say something, anything at all, about that, you are as good as dead 'cause he'll beat you up until you are bloody pulp. Nevertheless, he denies having the photos, and holding onto the ring near his heart, like his life depended on it, 'cause it would make him seem weak.

"Poor Syaoran, it's time for you to forget her. Damn that girl. Why did she have to break his heart!" thought both Eriol and Tong. They both knew her name, but only Eriol knew the girls name, and how she left, 'cause he made Syaoran told him the truth behind her leaving.

"Let's focus people! Moreover, Syaoran, I can answer you that one! This time we check them out, and the firm." said Eriol "We don't want to that mistake again, right guys?" after that they all start laughing remember how they almost, I repeat almost, lose their firm. If it wasn't Syaoran reading carefully the contract they would be in deep shit.

"Sooooooo?" asked Syaoran

"Man, Syaoran you are really nervous about this merge!" said Eriol with a small smile that was more a mocking grin "You should calm down!"

"Eriol, shut the fuck up! Now it isn't the time for your damned and hopeless advices" said Tong glaring at Eriol, he usually didn't glare, must've learnt it with Syaoran "We only have information about two of the three directors. The one we couldn't find anything about, it's really creepy, it's like she doesn't even exist, but before you say anything to back out of it, she does exist. We talked with other firms that tried to do business with but sadly didn't accomplish it, the answer was no."

Syaoran nodded, so they would go on saying what they now about them, before saying anything else.

"Well one of the directors is Li Meilin Rae, your sweet cousin, she is single at the moment, and she handles the finances and projects where the shops will open..." before continuing Eriol said to Syaoran "Yes. It's our dear cousin, the one who didn't want to work for us although we begged a lot." (n.a: did I forget saying that Syaoran and Eriol were cousin's, gomen nasai, I'm really sorry)

"The second director he know about is also single is Daidoudjii Tomoyo the designer, she is related to Daidoudjii firm, but the Daidoudjii empire don't have nothing to do with "Moonlight Blossom Design's", she don't only design's but sometimes she does the clothes herself" said Tong. The idea of sewing really appalled him. "The only one we don't know nothing about is the president, the one that is going have to sign the contract, the one that you have to meet Syaoran and leave a good impression. 'Cause every contract they deny was her doing, many firms are afraid of her and their firm. So please be on your best behaviour."

"I've a question? First why do you want to try to do business and what is the reason the president says no?"- asked Syaoran breaking his silence.

"Well if you are worried that or offer will be rejected, I'm almost certain it won't 'cause we propose a merge, and all the other firms only talked about changing the way they work and about buying the firm. That's why I said try, and she says no 'cause she is like you, she reads every contract very carefully!" said Tong.

"Little do they know we will try doing the same but in a more subtle way!" said Syaoran grinning.

"Thanks to the other firms we know what to do and what we can't do" said Eriol while grinning.

"In fact they will work for us, they will be our employees, instead of partners!" exclaimed Tong.

"So what do we do for that to happen?" asked Eriol.

"Well who will be coming to that meeting?" asked Syaoran.

"Probably it'll be Meilin and Daidoudjii, the other only reveals herself when it's time for signing the contract, sometimes it's also present one of the models" answered Eriol.

"Okay, Tong you should be present to talk about numbers, and what both part would gain with the merge. Eriol you will talk to the other designer, and explain how you would work if the merge is to happen!" said Syaoran, he noticed they were looking at him, waiting to know what he will do "Don't look to me like that. If the merge is to succeed, I'll meet with the president to sign the contracts, after reading them myself!"

"And what about the invitation they send us?" said Tong.

"It's a good way for us to see how they work!" said Eriol.

"You are right, and don't gloat yourself Eriol" Eriol just puffed is cheeks, annoyed. "We should go!" said Syaoran "Don't contact Meilin to find out about the other director, I don't want her to know that it's us who want to do business."

"Will you attend to the opening party of the shop?" asked Tong don't believing what his hears just listening.

"Yes. I will. Didn't you just heard me, probably you are going deaf" said Syaoran.

After that, they all went to their way home, 'cause it was already 9:45.

Syaoran's House

"I'm home." said Syaoran walking inside his manor with SpinnelSun.

"How many times do I've to tell you Xiao Lang, clean your dog paws, before letting him in!" said Feimei one of his sister "You're lucky mum is in the office!" continued her in a mocking tone of voice, speaking louder.

"I'm tired can't we talk this in the morning?" asked Syaoran

"But it's only 10 pm, do you've got yourself a new girlfriend, so you are so tired at night…" asked her with a strange glint in her brown eyes.

"Don't be stupid, I'm just tired, that's all. The meeting was very long and complicated." said Syaoran, a little angry about what she was implying, "Can't they simply understand that she was the one, although she left, I don't want to open myself again to be hurt again", he thought. "I'll tell mama how was the meeting and what we decided to do."

After explaining everything to his mother, how they were going to proceed, so they would be the sole owners of "Moonlight Blossom Design's". His mother advice was:

"Xiao Lang be careful how you do business 'cause you may be caught, they could be only women, has you put it, but don't forget they don't do business with everybody, and if the president, is like I heard, she isn't any fool, if she even thinks your firm is trying to trick hers, she will back out the contract. And worst she could expand her business to man clothes." said Yelan Li "Don't think because they are women they are fools".

He was in his room thinking about what his mother said to him, "I know women aren't fool, I was fooled by a woman". He was sitting in his bed, while looking at the pictures of his ex-fiancée and holding her engagement ring. Thinking about how they met and how did they break their engagement.


Syaoran was walking his dog, Spinnelsun, when decided to let his dog run free.

Ring ring

His cell phone begun to ring, so he answered it.

"Hello, Li Syaoran, speaking!"

"Syaoran, it's Eriol! Where are you?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Because we've a business lunch in two hours and you still haven't shown your face in the office today"

"Hey! Yes I was in the office today, but now I'm walking SinnelSun! Talking about him, where the hell is he?"

"I can believe you lost your dog! That is so stupid even for you!"

"That isn't funny you know. And it's your entire fault!"

"Wait a minute! How you losing your dog it's my fault!"

"I only lost it 'cause you called me!"

"But you are the-..." he hang up while Eriol was still talking to him.

"SpinnelSun came here! Came here boy! SpinnelSun! SpinnelSun" he started shouting his name.

Syaoran's POV

After a few seconds, I heard my dog bark, and I knew he was coming back, but I heard another bark, a strange one. When I saw my dog coming my way I also saw another one, and they seem like they were playing catch, then appeared her, the most beautiful girl I have ever seem. Probably, the other dog owner. The owner of that "yellow" dog.

She was trying to grab the yellow dog and she managed to do it, but when that happened, she lost her balance and I caught her right before she fell into the lake, but their dogs didn't think so! So the dogs push us into the lake, I tried to held the girl above the water so only me would get wet, but it was to late, the both of us fell into the water, and she was sitting in my lap. I looked down to see if she is alright, and all I could see was a hat and when she looks up I saw… the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

End of flashback – end of Syaoran POV

"That was the first time I saw her, she went straight to my heart and never got out of there," thought Syaoran.

"But why did she have to break the engagement like that."


Syaoran was in a business meeting out of Hong Kong, he was only out for two weeks, he knew his fiancée was going back to her hometown to talk with her family about the wedding and that she was moving to Hong Kong to live with her husband, permanently.

She would arrive a previous day than him, but when he got home, she wasn't there, neither was in their apartment, nor in college, or in model agency she works for, she didn't come back. After searching for her, he went home.

When he got in, he caught one friend of his cousin Meilin on the phone talking Japanese.

"Who is on the phone?"

"It's a mistake!" and before he could take it, and see who it was, she hung up. "Don't you believe me?"

"No I don't believe in you, Kai-san!" he said bitterly.

"I thought I told you call me Shimura?"

"You did, but I don't! In case I've forgotten I'm about to marry so bug off!"

"I don't think so!"

"What did you just said?"

"I said I don't think so, that you are about to marry, unless you marry somebody else. 'Cause your fiancée before leaving to her country, she left you this" and she gave him the engagement ring, he got her fiancée.

End of Flashback

"Why did she leave like that? She owes me a damn explanation!"

"But you are too coward to go and find her, aren't you?" asked the little voice inside his head!

"Leave me alone! You 'cause too many troubles already!"

"What kind of troubles?"

"The wedding with Kai Shimura!" he grimaced at the memory.

"Ah! The wedding that you never appeared, and left the girl devastated!"the voice mocked sadness.

"I didn't love her! I didn't want to marry her! So I didn't! I only try it, so you would shut up about searching..."

"The woman you love! Is that it Li Syaoran!" the voice bellowed inside his mind.

"Yes! And, now, even if you don't shut the fuck up I won't search for her, she left me!"

"Suit yourself!"

Tomoeda, Japan

Kinomoto Sakura, was in her bedroom, with Kero thinking, about the only man that entered her heart, and broke it. While doing it she noticed she was still wearing her engagement ring.

"Silly me! Isn't that that right Kero. After 3 years I'm still wearing the ring he gave me, I still dream about him, and wish he came from me! However, the worst is that I can't bare myself to take the ring off. 'Cause when I do, it'll be the day I've forgotten about him, and don't love him anymore. And that I know it'll never happen" said Sakura to her dog, many times she had tried to remove it.

As if answering her, and agreeing with her, he bark and got near his owner, to show her, no matter what he will be there for her.

"I know you'll always be here! Thank you Kero!" after saying that, she got into her bed, to get some sleep, she will need to be calm and relax, when she went back to Hong Kong, to the city where she found love, love found her, where she was happy with him!

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