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Last chapter

"No Sakura," Meilin said, "If we aren't welcome here we can go to my parents' house I'm certain they wouldn't mind." Sakura looked at Meilin as if she had two heads instead of one, and every one in that room that knew how dire the ties between Meilin and her family were when she left, knew that would be the last thing she would ever do. However, for her friends she would eat her pride.

"No Meilin, we will just return to the ho-"

"Don't be silly you three, you are staying, after all this is still my house. And if anyone has any type of comment they could very well pack their stuff and leave." She eyed Tong carefully, "Now follow me; I'll give you a tour of the manor."

The tour ended up to be only for Tomoyo, since from the three she was the only who wasn't familiar with the house.

On with the chapter

21- Home sweet Disaster?

"Mrs Li…" Tomoyo said barely above a whisper. She was impressed with the manor she would live for the time being "Your home is awesome."

"Thank you Miss Daid-"

"Please call me Tomoyo."

"Very well." Yelan said nodding, "Thank you Tomoyo. The decoration of the house goes back to the time of the very first Li. Every piece of art you can see it's due to my ancestors…"

"Really?" she was impressed. Tomoyo loved everything about art sculptures, paintings, or fashion, it always caught her attention how each artist capture the world in their own way, and what exquisite ways they were.

"It took the Li's, if I'm not mistaken, 7 generations to have the collection you are seeing today." She said nostalgic – "Sadly it will perish with me…"

"Oh… That's awful…" Tomoyo said truly sadly for such a collection to disappear "How so?" she knew it was rude to pry into other people business but she just couldn't hold herself.

"Well my three daughters have their own homes with their husbands, except for Feimei and Syaoran." She said smiling slightly, "And since I don't see either of them getting married soon or in the future, well maybe Feimei if she finds that special someone she will go with her husband." She explained.

"What about your son?" Tomoyo inquired.

"He has his own mansion." She stated.

Tomoyo looked over to Yelan trying to sort her thoughts in how to ask the next question without prying, "So why does he live here?" she failed miserably with her plan.

"Because even though he is grown man, he doesn't want to live there all by himself…"

"That's understandable," she said thoughtfully, "but isn't Meilin part of the family surely she-"

"You've met right?" Yelan asked not sure how to answer her question.

"Yes, for quite sometime now but surely-"

"Not my Meilin," she said smiling dearly; Tomoyo noticed she was recalling something about her friend, "when she first-" she stopped talking suddenly as if she had said too much, "oops I was talking gibberish…"

"Married." Tomoyo offered.

"Yes…" she sighed relived she didn't spilt her niece secret, "when she married," the way she said the word surprised Tomoyo, Yelan said the word like it was a curse, "she could have come and live with her family or even his family, but she choose to live in an apartment." She smiled at the memory, "Even before that, she lived with Sakura and another roommate instead of her family home. Meilin was always and still is an independent woman that refuses to have the same ending her ancestors did – a housewife."

"That sounds just like her…" Tomoyo giggled.

"So has you can see this manor won't have any owner in the future."

"What about Hiiraguizawa?" Tomoyo said referring to Eriol. Yelan observed Tomoyo trying to read her, but she couldn't, she was a puzzle just like Eriol, "Amazing…"

"What about him?"

"He is your nephew right?"

"Yes, he is my brother son, so not really a direct heir to the Li family," she said smiling fondly thinking of her nephew, "besides he also has his own manor."

"It's a pity," Tomoyo said looking a Van Gogh painting, "Imagining this amazing place be abandoned, collecting dust in the future, it's really sad…"

"Don't fret about it, after all nothing last forever." Yelan said admiring the same painting, "Everything change and ceases to exist. I think it's time we head back…" she said walking down the corridor with Tomoyo following behind her, "My bones are telling me a storm is heading our way."


After Yelan took Tomoyo to see the house, Meilin and Sakura headed for the garden. They sat on a stone bench observing the night sky.

"Sakura are you sure about this?"

"Meilin," Sakura said looking at her, "It's a bit too late to go back now. And know your aunt will only let us leave if we find a good apartment, according to her standards," she said slightly amused with the prospect of managing to leave the Li manor, "I'm not seeing that happening any time soon."

"How are you feeling?"

"What do you mean?" Sakura said trying to gain some time to collect her thoughts.

"Returning here…" she said looking at her, she saw a glimpse of emotion inside her eyes, but as quick as it appeared it disappeared before she had time to identified it, "To live here the same day you left."

"Now that you mention it…" she said looking back towards the night sky, "You made me feel worse…"

"Sorry…" she muttered.

"It's not your fault." Sakura said smiling at her, "It's me really. I just keep wondering if I hadn't left that day what would have happened…?" she revealed to Meilin, "Would we still be married? Would I've been a mother?"

"Stop it." Meilin hissed not wanting to draw unwanted attention to them by shouting, "If you had stayed you wouldn't own Moonlight Blossom Design's or, god forbid, wouldn't even exist. Everyone working for us would have a horrible job with a nasty boss…" that thought made Sakura giggle.

"Even so, I won't forgive Shimura…" she said the name like a curse, as if only the name would leave a sour flavour on her mouth.

They didn't notice Tong just a few yards away from them, he heard everything they said, and he wasn't pleased one bit with what Meilin said to Sakura. She was meddling with their affairs. Even though he believed Syaoran should move on and forget about the green-eyed woman, he knew that Syaoran will only be his old self, with Sakura by his side. Apart they were good, together they were invincible.

"Damned woman, screwing everyone life's since she got here…" he thought angry.

Neither on of them noticed Syaoran leaning against one of the doors that gave access to the garden, looking towards the dark garden only illuminated by the moon and stars. He had been watching her and only her, everything else in wasn't important.

Seeing her sat on the same spot she used to made his mind wonder freely and forgot everything, where he was, who was also present in that garden, at that moment there was the two of them standing there like they did years before. It was the perfect view he had been seeking since she had left the only thing missing was the children around her.

Wei waked him up from his dream like state.

"Dinner is ready Master Li." He declared.

"Thank you Wei. Can you warn everyone else?" he asked.

"Yes Master," after bowing at him, Syaoran saw him entering the garden to warned the others, without sparing a last glance to Sakura he walked towards the dinning room, he didn't want to be caught spying on her.

When he entered through the double doors, he saw his mother was already present and seated along with Tomoyo, Eriol and his sister. Briefly after he sat down on his designed seat, Tong, Sakura, and Meilin appeared. Tong sat at Meilin's left, on her right side sat Feimei, then it was Yelan at the head of the table, Syaoran with a vacant seat on his left, Eriol and finally Tomoyo.

"Sakura…" Yelan called her attention seeing her standing at the end of the table, biting her lips, a sign she had learned to interpreted has nervousness and uneasiness, "what are you doing still standing? Sit there." She said concealing her amused smile the best way she could trying to pass it like a simple smile while pointing to the empty seat between Syaoran and Eriol. Sakura glared at her but against her will did has she was told. Deep down she knew she shouldn't have sat there; after all it was where she used to sit before she left. It was her place.

Returning to that house on that day, sitting next him as if they were together, like in the past, should have set alarms on her head, that something was bound to happen. However, it didn't, she was to preoccupied trying to hide her emotions from everyone.

She picked the linen napkin that was on top of her plate and laid it over her legs, and then dinner was served.

Yelan found it weird the room being so quiet, like it was before Sakura entered their lives, well first through Meilin when they were teenager, she made sure her cousin were more hyperactive than she was. However, when she became part of her son live, the meals wasn't the same, it always had a party and happy ring, which Yelan's daughters were delighted with. She tried to get them to talk but sadly, her attempts failed.

The only sounds heard through dinner was the silverware clattering on the dishes, and Feimei informing her mother how she denied another proposal.

"Well now that dinner it's over I've got an announcement." The serious tone woke up the men from their stupor. "There are going to be some changes around here."

"How so mother?" Syaoran didn't like the tone his mother used.

"Well I couldn't let my niece live in a hotel room, even if it's a 5 stars hotel." she said looking at them, she saw dread starting to appear inside Tong's eyes, she glared at all of them. That simple glare sent off alarming bells on Syaoran's mind.

"Mother what have you done?" Syaoran asked fearing the worst outcome. His mother smile didn't leave room for doubt that it was something wicked. "Why did I let Meilin and Sakura with her…? She is plotting…"

"Nothing much… Syaoran why are you so aggravated?" she asked enjoying tormenting her son more than she should.

"Just get on with it…" Syaoran looking at his mother missing the amuse smile on Sakura's face.

"It's quite simple actually, if you think about it, your cousin and her friends are moving in to the manor, after all it's too big for only us…" had anyone been drinking at that time they would have spluttered their drinks across the table.

Meilin was frozen in her seat, she couldn't react, she knew both her cousins lived on the manor it was a given, but Tong too, "My me time is over…"

"Mother you didn't…" Syaoran said standing up, he didn't know either to be angry or happy, he then turned to his sister and accused "you were in on this…"

"Of course, little brother you didn't thought I would miss it…" she said grinning; who looked at her could have confused her with a small child since she was almost bouncing up and down in her seat.

"You could have said no…" Tong said, dismissing the fact that Feimei was grinning like she was a child caught with her hand inside the jar of cookies. Sakura knew that look on Feimei's face, she was a busted, she looked up and saw Tong staring at her.

"Well then…" she said regaining her posture and ready to argue with him, "You try and say no to his mother if it's so easy, and when you are at it call my father and brother explaining to them why you wanted us out. Why don't you Tong?"

"Enough…" Yelan roared standing up, "This is my house and I do whatever I very please." She said.

"Yelan," Tomoyo spoke from her place at the table, she hated being the centre of dispute, she had a small glimpse why Sakura wanted to refuse the offer, "if we are such a nuisance we'll move out, I think I know a few people who wouldn't mind our presence." She said, her mind was already searching for one of her grandfather and cousin associates in Hong Kong that could help her along with some friends.

"Tomoyo," Meilin said angry at Tong for trying to make her friends leave, "That makes no sense at all. This is my family home. Tong is an outsider his word doesn't count in this matter."

"I've so…" he said looking at her.

"Do you want me to break it this time?" she offered threatening him lowly so only him could hear. Meilin expected to see fear or maybe for him to back out a little, Tong didn't recoil his glare as if daring her to break it in front of her aunt. It was a risk.

During the time, they had been arguing among each other no one noticed that Sakura and Syaoran were nowhere in the room. The quarrel was escalating to a degree of verbal abuse between Tong and Meilin that not even Yelan could intervene. Eriol didn't try to intervene he just kept looking to the wall, while Tomoyo tried to calm down Meilin a notch, before she lost it completely, and would something she wouldn't regret.

They only stop when Feimei asked "Did any of you saw where Sakura and Syaoran went?"

"Thank you," Yelan said looking at her daughter, "Now has I was saying. They are staying."

With Sakura and Syaoran

"I knew I would find you here…" he said sitting down next to her under a cherry blossom tree.

"It grew in three years…" she stated looking up to the leaves.

"Yes it did. You should see it when it blooms… it's a beautiful sight…"

Sakura tore her gaze from the tree and looked directly at him, "If you want I'll leave." She said and then added, "This was a mistake I should have never returned…"

"No… Where would you go?" Syaoran couldn't help himself asking, he wanted to know who would go to.

"To Anne's, surely she has a spare bedroom, or a couc-" she started to say but was interrupted by him.

"I want you to stay…" he said, wondering what she would make of his statement.

"Because of your mother?" she had to ask, even though the confirmation of her statement would do nothing to stop her already broken heart to break yet again.

"Not because of her…" he said seeing the turmoil inside her eyes, "but because I want you here…" he didn't dare to add dare the last part "You belong here…" he said mentally, he wasn't aware he had said that out loud.

"Don't…" she pleaded, "I belong in Tomoeda…"

"Sakura," Syaoran said, his voice, or rather the tone he used, got her attention. She knew that tone, he was going to say something serious that would leave her hoping for a bright future, a future with him, "Why is it so hard to accept that I love you."

He looked adoringly to her, he saw the emotions that pass through her eyes, he manage to identify all of them, something her friends couldn't, "It's too painful…", she answered, looking away from his warm amber eyes.

"Not being with you isn't?" he offered her a peek inside his heart, which resembles her own.

"Let's change the subject…" she asked with a pleading tone. She didn't want to talk about them, in fact that was the last theme she would ever want to talk about.

"Okay," he heeded her request, "You'll stay here for as long as you want."

After Syaoran said she would be staying, Sakura couldn't help but feel warm inside. She felt like she returned home, where she was safe. There wasn't a need for her to say anything else, or for Syaoran to add anything more. They enjoyed the quiet night looking at the stars, just simply being in the company of the person they love the most. They couldn't pinpoint how long they stayed that way, just enjoying each other company, nothing else matters, for the first time in three years their hearts were content, and they felt at home.

That feeling didn't last long,

Tomoyo brought them back to reality, where being together really wasn't true, just figment of their imagination, of what they truly desire.

Tomoyo called Sakura from the garden door. Standing up she walked back to the manor, fighting against herself to not look back, to check if he was following her with his eyes, like he did in the past. She didn't look back when she heard his faint voice call her name, 'cause if she did she would breakdown.

Inside the Manor

When Sakura stepped inside the manor she noticed Tong and Eriol were nowhere in sight, she dismissed that fact, on account they were probably in their rooms, and Syaoran had stayed in the garden

"I'll show you to your rooms now," Yelan said leading them through the stairs to the first floor; she stopped in front of a door, "Meilin you'll be staying here…"

"Of course, auntie…" she said jumping towards her neck and hugging her while saying thank you's over and over again. She suddenly was conscious of what she was doing, meaning hanging on her aunt neck like a kid, "Sorry… If it isn't much trouble…" she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"You didn't think I would let you be away from your friends…"

"The thought may cross my mind," Meilin said smiling embarrassed, "With my parents' home…"

"But I know for a fact you don't want to go back there. So you'll stay here."

Meilin was happy she wouldn't return to her parents' house and instead would occupy her old room in the Li Manor.

Tomoyo was mesmerized with the room that Yelan assigned for her; it looked like it was decorated especially for her. The walls had been painted with a faint colour of violet, the best part of the room was that it had a desk for her to draw and a window pane to the garden, which reminded her slightly of her room in Tomoeda.

The only one of them who wasn't pleased with their living arrangements was Sakura. Sakura just like Meilin returned to her old room that was right beside Syaoran's room.

"Yelan…" Sakura said with an angry voice when she recognise the door that stood in front of her, she refused to open the door, or even touch the doorknob, as if it would burn her hand. She was afraid of what she might find on the other side, "you said I wasn't going to stay here."

"No, I didn't. You said that." she corrected Sakura, "Sakura this is your room. No one else entered or stayed here after you left…"

"But" she tried to reason, so that she could have another room.

"No buts." Yelan said in a mother tone of voice.

"You are impossible to say no to…" she said angry with herself for not being able to stand her ground.

"I'm glad you notice it…" she said carefree, she only acted like that on her presence. "Good night darling..." she said walking away.

"Good night," Sakura said watching her go. She stood in front of the door for sometime unable to move.

It was hard opening a door of her past, not knowing what she would find inside, afraid of what might happen after opening, since once upon a time beyond that door she had been truly happy, but now that time was gone, and she didn't know what to do.

"I can't stay here all night… It's just a room…" she tried reason with herself, to force herself to open the door, which was proven harder than she thought, "It's just a door… I can open it… No big deal…"

She touched the doorknob with her fingertips, cautiously, as if it would burden or bit them, "Geez Sakura get your act together, it's just a freaking door… The past is long gone, the future far away, this is the present… I can do this… It's nothing big…", but it was.

She took hold of the doorknob and turned it, but still she didn't open the door, something was holding her back, the memories of what she had lived inside that room, and the room next door for that matter, come rushing back. She barely could breathe, as if when she opened the door she would see Syaoran standing there waiting for her, like he used to. How silly was that when she knew he was in the garden. And knowing him like she did he was still there brooding over what happened while they were there, before Tomoyo appeared.

"Stop delaying the inevitable, even if you sleep on the couch you'll have to go in to get change… it's only a room…" she thought to herself while she opened the door.

The first thing that come to her senses was the mouldy smell which told her the room hadn't had the windows open for quite sometime, just like Yelan said.

She then turned on the light and looked around the room, still standing by the doorframe. She saw the room looked exactly the same way she had left it three years before, even the clothes she had wore the day before her leaving was folded and on top of the sofa.

The pictures she had brought with her when she was given that room for the first time were where the should be, her family picture on top of the bureau and one of Syaoran and her on her bedside table.

The books she had left behind were on the shelves on the same order she had left them. Even the book she had been reading at the time was on the bedside table.

However, even though it seemed exactly the same, she knew something was different, something was missing, she just couldn't put her finger on it.

She finally stepped into the room to find out what was missing, but nothing seemed different from her last memory of that room. She turned to another door and felt dread clawing up her heart.

She stared at it for about twenty minutes as if it held the darkest place on Earth. Just like before she didn't dare come near it, but she just had to know if the door was unlock.

She walked slowly towards it, and she reached it she held her out to touch the doorknob once again with her fingers, at the first touch she recoil it like it burnt her. "You are being silly Sakura… You are just seeing if the door is open… It's nothing much…"

She slowly held her hand and forced it to turn the doorknob, afterwards she tried to push it open, but it didn't give him. The door was close. She couldn't believe it that the door was closed.

"So that was what feels different." She said touching the surface of the door gently as if it would bite her, "This door used to be open… Syaoran sealed it…" she removed her hand quickly as if the door burnt her with that last thought. Although she still felt like that wasn't the only reason it felt different.

She looked around again and noticed a few things were missing from where she stood she didn't saw her jewellery box, and she caught a glimpse of her walk in closet and from she could see her clothes were also missing. "They clean it all up…", even that wasn't what made it seem different she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

She lay down on her bed on top of the covers and it come to her, "It's the smell that is different… and the warmth," she added, "It isn't the same has it used to be…" she turned on her back looking at the ceiling. " Despite what his mother and he said about me belonging here, it's not truth… at least not anymore…" a stubborn tear rolled down her cheek before she could prevent it. She couldn't understand her own feelings, "We are a thing from the past…" she couldn't find the reason why that thought bothers her so much, why it hurt her so much. She couldn't stop what going to happen next while she laid wake on that bed…

She cried.

The next day

The whole manor was woken up by a shrill scream, "Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" that come from somewhere deep inside the house.

None of the residents or workers knew who had the lungs to scream like that but it seemed like the ones you hear at the movies and the girl is about to get killed.

Syaoran found Eriol and Tomoyo at the bottom of the stairs all of them has the same objective find the person who screamed bloody murder at 7 o'clock in the morning.

Syaoran saw his mother appear from the other side of the hallway and then they heard it again, "Pervert… You Freaking Bastard Pervert…", the sight that appeared before their eyes was somewhat hilarious as well as horrifying, on the floor with his back against the wall opposite from the bathroom there was Tong, a butt naked Tong, with nothing more than a pink towel to cover himself from prying eyes.

From their places, they could see objects flying out through the bathroom door all going straight to Tong's head that made him have to avoid every single hit as well as holding the washing cloth in place to avoid further embarrassment.

Yelan although she was worried with Tong she had an amused look on her face when she saw what type of objects were flying heavy, glass, sharp, that if they hit him they would do more than just leave a nasty bruise. Luckily Tong was quiet agile, "I wonder what brought up this situation… I would really hate to call his mother and explain how he was sent to the hospital…"

They them had the answer to the million dollar question of the moment, who was inside the bathroom, Meilin come out from it clad in a red towel throwing, soaps, razors, bottles, combs, brushes, everything she could put her hands on and she knew would make a dent in him if they hit.

"It figures it would be my sweet little Meilin…" Yelan eyes gleam with excitement when she notice not a single object connected with Tong, which was a rare, no impossible event, Meilin had a good aim at distance, close she was lethal. "She is missing… Good girl… Scare him…"

"You freaking asshole I told you stay away from me not to get in the shower with me…" she said seething, everyone took a step back seeing her like that. True they were worried with Tong's safety, well at least Eriol and Syaoran were, but they weren't crazy to interfere when their cousin was clearly out to get blood. Tomoyo on the other hand was amused with the show. Sure, she knew Meilin had a short fuse, was a bit violent, but she never caught her in the act, and that show she was seeing was giving her a few ideas for a new line. "That's harassment…."

"Oh dear… I knew I had forgotten something…" Yelan said that finally caught the attention of Meilin and Tong that they had an audience.

"Auntie you didn't…" Eriol said watching Tong trying to avoid a perfume bottle, that shattered right where his head been seconds before.

"What?" she asked not liking the accusatory tone Eriol said to her, "It's a natural error…"

"Mother…" Syaoran disbelieving in his mother words, "You are playing match maker…" he shook his head.

As if reading his mind, Yelan glanced at him, winked slightly, and said, "I forget to warn everyone that the rooms next door would be occupy meaning they would sharing the same bathroom." She looked Syaoran and Eriol's face and knew they didn't believe a word she said. Composing herself, she said sternly, "It could happen to anyone."

"No…" Meilin corrected her aunt, "if the person knocked it won't happen…", she stopped throwing objects at him to say that, "But this perverted didn't have the decency to knock!" she added picking up where she left off, "he didn't even noticed the shower was turned on, he was already undressed and inside the tub when I noticed him…" she roared becoming aware she just announced he had seen her naked. She glared at him daring to make any smart come back about her body or what he may or may not have seen.

"Meilin, please stop…" he begged from his spot on the floor, "I'm not used to share a bathroom, or even have to worry about that." He tried to give her his best innocent look trying to stop her.

"You should have knocked…" with each other a new object was thrown his away, the last one only missing his head by an inch.

"She is getting closer," he thought repressing a shudder.

"Don't you dare laughing…" she glance to both sides, her eyes barely open, was a clear indication she was beyond angry, she was furious. She turned around gracefully and entered the bathroom was if she was floating, she closed the door behind her and then shouted, "And this time stay out!"

When Tomoyo come to her senses, after being amused with the show she provided by Meilin, repressing a shudder with the mere thought that could have happen to her. "What if it had been me?", she didn't even want to think about that, it wasn't good for her sanity.

Yelan sensed all eyes were set on Tong, "I guess that was enough for one day…", she smiled wickedly, "Okay everyone, it's time we take our leave. Tong has gone through enough embarrassment to last him a life time." She said before leaving.

Before they returned to their rooms, they saw Tong picking himself up from the floor and knocking at the door.

"What do you want?"

"My clothes are in there…" he said.

"No…" was her rude remark.

"I can't walk around naked…" he tried to reason with her. But Meilin never paid attention to reason, if she had maybe she wouldn't have made so many mistakes in life.

"You entered here that way; I think you can stay that way till I finish…" No one else noticed except Tomoyo the laughter in her voice.

"Don't be so cruel…" he complained to her.

"I'm only being fair…" she said.

"Let's leave…" Syaoran told the others barely above a whisper before any of them saw him beg or something worth, whatever happened was between his cousin and Tong. Meilin always knew how to take care of that since she was a kid, and that didn't change over the years.

Syaoran returned to his room quickly he had a long day ahead of him, he need to change and leave as soon as possible.

While Syaoran returned to his room alone, Eriol and Tomoyo walked together to their rooms. On the way back, Eriol took notice of Tomoyo's clothes, or lack of it. She was still wearing her pyjamas, if he could call it that. With the scream, Tomoyo didn't have time to put a robe to cover up her knee-length purple negligee.

"Nice clothes…" he thought not noticing he had said it.

"Than-" she stopped when she was aware of what he said, and what he was referring to. She was so used to receiving compliments of her attires. But she didn't want them from him, "Where are you looking at?" she hissed when she noticed his eyes glimmering down at her.

"Nothing… Nothing at all…" but he didn't remove his eyes of her body, she was suddenly aware of what she was wearing.

"aaargh…" she roared "You are all a bunch of perverts…" she screeched.

"Wha?" he snapped out of his reverie.

"Walk in front of me without turning back." She ordered.

"Hey…" he protested when she shoved him to stand in front of her.

"The dumb are the one who eats it…" she said.

"Don't need to be rude…" he call to her.

"No need to be pervert, but alas you are one…" she shot back.

"It's not my fault…" he said, "You were the one prancing around the house with such attire…"

"If it wasn't for your pervert friend trying to take a shower with your cousin, I wouldn't have, as you put it, pranced around like this." She said stopping in front of the door to her bedroom, "And you as her cousin should have beaten the crap out of him. That is what a normal cousin would do." With that said she entered her room and slammed the door close.

With Syaoran

After getting dress, Syaoran walked to the dinning room to have his cup of coffee, he noticed his mother was already drinking her tea. He was expecting Sakura to be there talking to his mother, waiting for him, like she used to. But she wasn't there.

"Syaoran have you seen Sakura?" his mother asked before he could ask the same question.

"Not since last night." He remembered the talk they had in the garden.

"Madam…" one of the maids call Yelan attention, "Lady Sakura isn't in her room."

"Weird…" she muttered dismissing the young woman.

"What's weird auntie?" Meilin asked entering the room and taking her seat.

"Sakura's absence…" she said looking to her niece, "She was always a late riser. I actually remember your cousin having to drag her out of bed a few times." She smiled fondly at the memory.

"People change." Meilin answered to her aunt observation. She didn't want to get into much detail in how much Sakura had changed.

"Well," her aunt kept going not wanting to believe it, "The manor is big and we have a new wing maybe she got lost."

"I doubt it." Syaoran said.

"You won't find her here…" Meilin finally said, so that it was clear Sakura had already left for the day.

"But she left without eating breakfast…" she said looking to Sakura's unused dish.

"She probably picked up a piece of fruit before leaving." Meilin said like it wasn't something big.

"Well I'm off to work…" Syaoran said standing up, "I've got a busy day ahead of me. Mother I won't be home in time for dinner."

"Have a goo day…" she said after him. Syaoran didn't want to stick around and found what else changed about Sakura without her being present.

Moonlight Blossom Design's building – Lobby

"Good morning Mr. Li."

"Good morning Miss Jun."

"We weren't expecting you today, were we?" she asked politely.

"No, I've come check on something."

He noticed the woman in front of him suppressing a smile, "Go right ahead."

"Did Miss Kinomoto arrive yet?"

"Well, I've been here since half past seven and until now she hasn't come in." she said.

"Is there any chance she could have entered without you noticing? Like through the garage?"

"That's a possibility, but highly unlikely of her, she always comes through the main door to check if Miss Yoji has arrived on time." She said referring to Suki, the rude receptionist.

"Where is she by the way? She should have been here by now?" Syaoran asked, not liking to see Sakura's orders disrespected like that.

"She will probably be late… again…" she said.

"When she arrives please let me know."

"Sir, will you tell Miss Kinomoto?" she asked dreading the answer.

"You work for her don't you?"

"I know Suki doesn't deserve it but I know how hard it is to be unemployed." She said.

"I won't tell on her, at least not this time."

"Thank you Mr. Li." She said, "I'll let you know."

"Call my cell phone or to my office at Li Corp." he walked towards the elevators to find out if Sakura was on her office.

Once he walked out of the elevator he marched up to her office to see if she was there, he getting worried, she might be missing.

Quietly he opened the door and found her reading a file, she was still the same Sakura with her brow furrowed when she was in deep thought.

"Sakura," he called from the other. She looked up from the file and straight at him.

"What do you want?"

"Good morning to you too." He smiled slightly while walking towards her desk, "I can tell you still aren't a morning person. Here I brought you this." He put down a small bag.

She could smell the freshly brewed coffee, Bertha's, when she opened the bag she wasn't disappointed, he had brought her coffee and a muffin, "Thanks…"

Syaoran didn't say anything about that, he was happy seeing her drinking the coffee while nibbling the muffin, "Miss Jun told me she didn't see you come in."

"She wasn't there."

"What time did you come to work?" he asked.

"About 6 a.m."

"What? You need to rest."

"I can rest when I retire," she said using the same words he used to say, "Now I need to put in order all the files, and since I skip working last night today I've got to make it up…"

"You are going to get sick."

"No I'm not." She said sure of herself, and sure had a glimpse what the past three years had been like for her, "Now if you excuse me I need to get back to work." Syaoran left without saying goodbye and Sakura was sad because of it.

Later that day

Every employee had left the building, even the CEO's had left. The cleaners had resumed their work hours earlier; the only living being inside the building was the security guard, and Sakura.

"Looks like it's going to be another long night at the office…" said to no one in particular.

Her phone rang.

"Sakura speaking…"

"Sakura, it's Chen." She heard his voice with a hint of amusement.

She dropped her professional voice and said, "Hi"

"I figured you'd be at the office…"

"Mou that's not funny…" she said grinning slightly. "But what can I do when you know me so well." She teased, "After all I like to have every file update."

"yada, yada, yada… I didn't call to find out how stressful your job is…" he said and then added, "Since you already know my opinion about it, I won't be wasting my breath."

"Fine… You called because?"

"So tomorrow I'm expecting you for dinner."

"I said I was coming, didn't I?"

"So the address is the same from the letters, you think you can find the house?"

"Yes, don't worry. See you tomorrow."

"Bye," and she hang up.

Li Corp

"Mr. Li," someone called from the door, "You told me to come after my classes."

"Miss Suki Yoji," Syaoran acknowledge her presence, and with a nod told her to enter his office, "they ended two hours ago."

"I wanted to make myself presentable and beautiful for you." She said licking slight her lips as if to call his attention towards her mouth.

"Why would you want to do such thing?" he asked feeling his insides twisting with what went through that woman's head.

"Mr. Li…" she said in seductive voice, which only made him want to barf, he was getting sick, "We both know why you call me here." She said crawling to the top of his desk.

"Have a little self-respect," he said, trying to get has far away from the desk without being to obvious about his intention, he didn't want her to get the wrong idea, "and get off my desk."

"But Syaoran…" she said climbing down.

"It's Mr. Li." He said cutting her off, he never gave an employee the liberty to address to him by his given name, there were few people with that privilege, and that only happened after he had met Sakura.

"But Mr. Li we've doing this dance for three years!" she pointed out.

"You are the only one who is aware, or thinks that might be, a dance how you put it." He said glaring towards her, "But let me assure there isn't. You worked for me I paid your salary, there wasn't anything else going on."

"So why did you call me here?" she asked with a huff.

"This file," he said pointing to the file open on his desk, "is the file Sakura-"

"Miss Kinomoto," she said with disdain a hint of malice in her voice, "what does that thing…"

"Watch it." He warned, she didn't need to be told twice, being his former secretary she knew he didn't like to repeat himself, he could even be harsh and brutal when dealing with insubordinate employees, "It's a file she has with every infraction you've made, she could fire you with this." He informed her.

"That's a lie…" she said outraged, "I'm a good employee."

"According to this…" he said taping his finger on the file, "you aren't. You don't follow the rules."

"Mr. Li," she couldn't take another scold like the previous day, "I've worked for you, and you never complaint about it."

"But you don't work for me anymore; you work for her, which means you have to follow the rules. Which you don't."

"Those rules are stupid, dress code, no flirting…" she said with a disgusted look.

"Miss Yoji, behave properly in the work place, isn't a stupid rule."

"But sir," she tried to say but was cut off.

"And then there is also your lack of respect for your superiors, being late." He pointed out what was most evident in her file, "You are a mere employee, so act like one."

"Sir I-"

Syaoran didn't let her say anything, he didn't care with what she had to say, "You'll arrive at 7. 30; you'll dress properly no knee showing, no fishnet stockings, no cleavage showing;" he said looking at her, "the hair firmly held in a bun, no flirting." He said, his eyes turning to slits, his mouth was a thin line. "If you fail any of this, or if I hear you are acting up, you'll get fired, make no mistake, and it won't Miss Kinomoto doing it, I'll do it myself." He warned, "Which will lead you to have some difficulty to find a new job. You are dismissed."

When she had left her work earlier that day she thought her night would be a blast, she thought she had him where she wanted him, but apparently, she was wrong. She was aghast with what happened that evening, not only she had to endure etiquette classes, she was humiliate.

"I could always try to persuade Mr. Tong…" she thought deviously.

"Being dismiss means getting the hell out…" he then added with an afterthought, "By the way you have 10 minutes to do so, unless you want me to call up security to escort you out."

She got up and walked like a robot, she was functioning automatically, never before had she been so mistreated, "Mr. Tong will help me… Mrs. Suki Yoji Tong, I liked it…", she thought already finding a new target, but before she would do anything she wanted to plant a seed of doubt in him, "Mr. Li do you happen to know where she is? I saw her leaving with a man…"

"Miss Yoji, I advise to stop talking, that isn't a good way to get yourself out this. Don't try to trick me… I smell deceive a mile away." And with that he closed her file, and open a new one, returning back to his work.

5 a.m – Li Manor

In the Li manor, all the lights were out, except the ones leading from the front gates to the door. All the servants, the mistress of the house, her guests, and family were sleeping peacefully on their beds. Everyone that lived inside of the manor was sleeping, all except two souls that were sneaking into the house.

Each coming from a different direction.

Syaoran heard another set of footsteps, he knew no one would be up at this time of night or should it be morning, the guards were in their station, and he had been forced to practice martial arts since he was kid for nothing. He was resolved to attack the intruder.

Quietly to surprise the intruder, he walked steadily without making a noise; he walked behind him, and managed to flip him over and brought him down to the floor. In his head the plan sound better than it went, because he wasn't counting on the intruder to grab his wrist and sending him sprawling on top of him, her.

"Oof…" that knocked the air out of the female intruder, which made Syaoran, grin, "Hoe that hurt…" Sakura said referring to the fall and serving has mattress to someone who was a lot heavier than her.

"Sakura…" Syaoran asked looking down at her.

"Syaoran?" she asked confuse why he was on top of her.

"Facing meeting you here, like this?" he gestured to their compromising position, "It's just me, or we meet like this all the time?" he asked, his speech was bit slurred.

"Not quite. For starters, last time I was on top, and even though I'm getting wet we're soaked." She said referring to the first time they met.

"Well it's a funny situation…" he chuckle like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

"Mind telling what went through your mind to attack me?"

"I thought you were an intruder, a thief," he said making perfect sense in his head, "What are you doing this earlier outside?"


"At 5 in the morning?" he asked suspiciously.

"I've to leave people wondering how I keep in shape and I don't want anyone to find out."

"Plausible…" he muttered under his breath, "but jogging in a suit and high heels?"

"Fine you caught me, I was breaking in." she smiled slightly at his widen eyes, "I had a late night at the office. What about you?"


"Yes…" she pushed him to tell her, she would find out the truth why his breath smelled at booze.

"I was sneaking in too, from the office…"

"Syaoran I can smell the scotch in your breath." She hissed, "You were in a bar…"

"No I was at the office." He said stubbornly.

"Fine." She let that slide; she didn't feel like arguing with him while he is drunk, it never led them to a good place, "So why does your breath smells like alcohol. Someone could smell it on the other side of the manor."

"Yes. And it was only a night cap. There wasn't any chocolate or coffee."

"Right and scotch is a great replacement…" she said sarcastically.

Syaoran didn't like her tone, he hadn't forget what the receptionist said before she left, "Like you were at the office…?" he muttered under is breath, but since she was so close she heard it and felt a pang in her heart for him not believing in her.

"Of course I was. I've work to do, even though the merge had it's perks it also has a lot of problems."

"That wasn't what I was told!" he said, looking at her eyes.

"Who told you otherwise?" she glared at him.

"What's her name…" if looks could kill, Syaoran would have drop dead when he mentioned her, "Miss Suki Yoji," her glare intensify at that name, he must have a death wish, "Said you went out with a guy. And you are only arriving this late."

"The bitch lied to you!" she snapped at him, she wanted to scream, but didn't want to wake up anyone, "And when did she told you that, when you were supposedly at Li Corp all day."

"I asked her to meet me there. She came at 9." He said, he didn't know why Sakura's eyes were blazing, it scared him slightly, but whatever it was bothering it couldn't be him.

"Oh she did, didn't she…" she hissed, suddenly she didn't want to be close to him, she didn't want him to touch her. Until a few moments before she was alright with him lying down on top of her, now she was angry with the information he let on, "Get off me…" she said pushing him.

"No." he said.

"Yes, get off me you male whore. You are a freaking asshole. I hate you…" those words stung him, which helped Sakura getting out of under him.

"Sakura we aren't done here yet," he said looking at her standing up.

She glanced back and said, "Yes we are. Go back to that low life employee who jumps onto anything that has legs and breaths, see if I care…" she turned back and stormed inside the manor.

"Sakura, wait we didn't finish here…" he saw disappear inside the house, "I'm so stupid…" he said lying down on the floor.

With Sakura

She was still awake when she heard the door next-door closing, ten minutes after.

She was packing a suitcase with what she would need for the following two weeks; she already had made the reservation for her flight on Sunday. Without making any noise, she hid her suitcase under her bed, and changed to rest for about an hour, until it was time to return to the office.

Knock Knock

She heard a faint knocking sound coming from the door that connect both their room, she decided to ignore it. Sakura wasn't in the mood deal with him, "Especially after he saw her… The idiot, and even said like it wasn't a big deal."

"Sakura open this door…" she notice he seemed frustrate, his voice at least was, and with the doorknob working without success, she could imagine how close he was to barge in, "We need to talk…"

She really hated when he drank, because he got stupid, "You were the one who locked it. You are the one with the key." She said like if she was explaining the abc to a child, "And there is nothing to talk about…"

"Oh yeah right…" he laughed, that laugh made Sakura furious, she hated drunken laughter, because, according to her, makes even the most intelligent people sound stupid.

Then she heard the sound she dreaded.


The door had been open. "Me and my big mouth…"

"Yes we do."

"Syaoran," she said through gritted teeth trying to calm down. She couldn't speak to him at the moment she was having a hard time forgetting that that receptionist had been with him. She knew she had a crush or lust, whatever she wanted to call it, on "my man", and could only imagine what they did, or she tried to do, "get out of here. There isn't anything for us to talk about." She turned around, and point towards the door, "Get out of my room."

"No." he said stubbornly.

Sakura was beyond furious, she wasn't even paying attention to what her mind was saying. "That freaking idiot will pester me because she was with my man, my Syaoran…"

"Get out," she said turning around, so she wouldn't see him, trying her best to ignore his presence in her room, "Go talk to someone who cares."

"Like you?" he offered. She couldn't understand how even drunk Syaoran could see right through her, it had always been like that.

"I don't care." She said stubbornly, trying to convince herself and hoping her voice had been strong enough for him to stop pestering her.

"If you didn't you wouldn't be acting like this…" he said walking up to her.

"Syaoran go back to your room and leave me alone." She said. Syaoran was right behind her.

"No you want me…" he whispered on her ear, his hot breath on her skin worked like a electric wave and enhance all her senses, she could smell his musky sent, his perfume, his own odour that drive her mad. She knew he was behind her, and soon she would be in his arms, but she wouldn't give in. Not after he had seen another woman the previous night.

"No I don't, especially after you were with that good for nothing woman…" she heard herself saying, she couldn't believe she told him the truth, she could see him smirking without even turning around.

"So you don't want me?"

"Syaoran what game are you playing?" was the thought that crossed both their mind.

"No…" she choked out, feeling his arms embracing her waist and turning her around. She was facing him, his eyes seemed gold, liquid gold looking at her, she couldn't stand it, she had to get away for him, she could feel her resolve slipping away. "Get out…" she felt his thumb caressing her neck and tipping her chin upwards covering her mouth with his own. He kissed her, and even though she loved it, she couldn't help but feel it was wrong. She finally managed to push him off her – "Gosh you are drunk." And she step back…

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