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The feeling seizes to my love

A feeling of emptiness is within me

A feeling of loneliness destroys me slowly

Yet I cant figure why it is I feel alone

Everyone is near me

Watching me

Embracing me

Caring for me

Yet everyone feels so far away

What am I missing?

What is this emptiness within me?

Another feeling emerges

I feel I don't belong

Everyday seems the same

Nothing seems to faze me

Yet everyone seems to be fazed by me

Every battle is just a battle

But everyone praises me for every victory

I have nothing to offer

No advise to give

Yet they constantly come

Asking what they should do

Asking for my help

For my guidance

My protection

But why?

You want me to give you my help

Yet I cant help my self

You ask for my guidance

Yet I cant guide my self

Protection is not a problem

But why do they ask for it?

Will this feeling ever seize?

What is it that I am missing?


No impossible

The gang is constantly around me and with me

They are considered my friends

Aren't they?

Could it be that I am missing


Is that what I am missing?

That one person to love me?

Here comes that person that I wish would eases the pain



She approaches

My heart aches

I cant deal with another rejection

In my mind I push her away

Physically I open my arms

I hold her and she holds me

The feeling of loneliness

Is still with in me

she looks at me and smiles

I fight to smile back

Deep in those blue/brown eyes

I see emotion after emotion

Most I cant/wont understand

Slowly she inches herself closer

Her soft breath

touches my lips



Then they touch

fire burns with in me

Tasting her

Engulfed in her warmth

She consumes my soul

she pulls back and smiles

"Inuyasha, I love you"

Those words surprise me

Can I, a dirty and unpure hanyou be loved?

I notice something

The feeling of loneliness is no more

was it those simple but powerful words

able to seize the emptiness within

A smile

A real smile appear on my face

I look deep in her eyes

"You don't know how long I needed to hear those words"

I pull her in a tight embrace

I kiss her forehead

I whisper in her ear

"Kagome I love you too"

Now I know I belong

I belong with her

My love

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