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"Hermione dear, can you come downstairs please?"

"Just a minute."

"No sweetie, you need to come down now."

"Err... ok... whatever."

'Thump-thump-thump', I took the stairs two at a time, I'm happy, I have good reason to be, it's the first week of the summer holidays and I have six whole weeks of wonderful relaxation ahead of me. Ahh... the joys of summer. And after that it's my sixteenth birthday. I can't wait.

As I swing round the doorframe and into the living room, my happy mood instantly vanishes.

"Mum, Dad, what on earth is HE doing here!"

I want to scream, I almost do. You'd be screaming to if the most evil man ever to walk the earth was sitting in an armchair in your living room.

Yes, you guessed it; Lord Voldermort was sitting in a pink flowery armchair sipping tea? Ok, there is something seriously wrong with that picture. Make it a black leather armchair and he's drinking coffee, that's a bit more masculine and imposing, don't you think?

Well, anyway, here I was, Lord Voldermort sitting in my living room and my parents acting as if this was a regular, everyday occurrence, so as you can imagine, I was completely and utterly confused by everything

that was going on, and then...

"Honey I think you should sit down,"

They tell me to sit down? Sit down? I want an explanation. I want to know what's going on, I go to say this but on noticing the look on my parents faces silence my demands.

I flop into an armchair, never once taking my eyes off the man, no, creature sitting opposite me.

"Now sweetie, what you are about to hear may shock you a little. We," she grasped my father's hand, "are extremely sorry for lying to you, we should have told you this a very long time ago."

"TOLD ME WHAT!" I can't control my rage any longer, they have no right to lie, and what has moldy-voldy got to do with any of this. Why is he here if my parents have something to tell me, he has no right to intrude into our private affairs.

"Well, I'm glad you think so 'highly' of me, Hermione." Oh fuck, I forgot that he's a legimens, damm.

"Yes, I am a legimens, and you would do well to stop thinking so rudely, a death-eater, or their child, never thinks or speaks rudely in the presence of their Lord."

"A death-eater's child! You have to be kidding me," I turn to face my parents, "you two aren't death-eaters... are you?"

"Honey, sit back down" I haven't even noticed that I am standing, I am in such a rage.

"Now sugar, we are going to start from the beginning, and explain to you exactly what's going on."

"Starting with your heritage." That cool voice is back, it's doing my head in. But of course, I don't mind.

"Hermione, what do you think your name is?" What kink of stupid question is that, I know my own name.

"It's Hermione Jane Granger of course. I'm not stupid, I know what my own name is." Do they honestly think I'm that stupid?

"No we do not think you are stupid, in fact we know just how very, very, smart you are. You think that you are muggle born, don't you?" I just nod in agreement, too shocked that the Dark Lord paid ME a compliment to speak.

"Well, you aren't, you are actually the heir to one of the most upstanding, pureblood families in the wizarding world."

My jaw drops... "WHAT! Oh my god...! You have to be joking!" I can't believe it, that would explain why I'm best in the year.

"No Hermione, our Lord isn't joking. You are pureblood; we aren't actually the 'Grangers'. We are really the 'Casso Vincis'. You are Trinity Angel Casso Vinci, commonly know as Trix or Trini."

Whoa, that's a name and a half.

"Who on earth invented that name?" I really pity myself now, I can't have a name like that, I mean why do I have to change my name anyway?

"You have to change your name because that is your name. I 'invented' that name, it's a combination of your grandmother's first name and your mother's middle name."

He sounds more than a little pissed,

"Your parents are really called Thalia and Andrew. You were never told this before for your own safety. I will let your parents explain the rest, Trinity. See you later." and then to my parents, "I expect to see you in about half an hour, you know where to come."

"My Lord." My god, they sound like they've been brainwashed.


And he apparated away.

"Am I dreaming?"

I still don't believe any of this... it just can't be real.

"No sweet heart, we are the Casso Vincis and I am called Thaliasela, and your father is called Andromudus. You are not dreaming."

Oh god, who ever decided to scare me silly has even got my mum in on their plot. I can't wait till I get my hands on whoever's behind this!

"What would you prefer to be called, Trinity, Trini or Trix?"

"Pardon?" What are they on about; they haven't actually fallen for this have they?

"Your name Trinity, you need to tell us which you prefer."

"Eh... Trix will do just fine. Now can you please explain what on earth is going on."

"Ok. I suggest that you sit down Trix. You are a pureblood who has been brought up as a muggle born. You were brought up outside of the magical world because when you were born, we were in the middle of the first war. In that war, the Casso Vincis were a dark family. Then your grandparents switched sides; they turned to the light side and the family was thrown into turmoil. We didn't know whether to stay loyal to The Dark Lord or follow your father's parents to the light side. We decided to fake our own deaths and go into hiding. We turned into muggles, and brought you up not knowing about your heritage, not knowing anything about the world that you should have been brought up in, not knowing why you were so good at magic."

Whoa, that's not something you get told everyday...

"Right, so let me get my head round this. I am really Trinity Angel Casso Vinci, not Hermione Jane Granger, I'm pureblood and I'm supposed to be a Death Eater? Well that makes total sense... NOT!"

They have to be lying, this has to be a trick, I am not going against all my friends and betraying them to do what my parents want. I won't, I won't!

"Now, sweetie, calm down. You don't have to be a death eater just yet. You will be re-sorted at Hogwarts, and then once you have finished school, you will be asked to make your choice."

My mother's 'soothing' voice is doing nothing to calm my ever-growing temper.

"You won't be forced into anything you don't want to do just yet. Don't worry."

Well that's just great; I won't be forced into anything I don't want to do 'just yet'. Oh joy of joys!

"Well now that all that's sorted, we'd best be on our way. We are expected at Malfoy Manor in about twenty minutes."


If they think that I am going within a hundred feet of that place, they are very much mistaken.

"Malfoy Manor, The Dark Lord is using it as his 'base' whilst the Riddle Mansion is being decorated." My father is obviously surprised at my sudden outburst. That was probably kind of stupid.

"If you expect me to go into that place…"

"Is there a problem with going to Malfoy Manor dear?"

Is there a problem? Of course there's a fucking problem, Malfoy Manor means the Malfoys, and the Malfoys mean Draco.

"Well considering that their son has made my life hell for the past 4 years… I think there might just be a small problem, we would probably kill each other on sight."

"Ahh, well, I'm sure you will be able to put your 'differences' behind you and move on. Now if you wouldn't mind popping upstairs and putting on the robes that are on your bed," How are there robes lying on my bed if we've all been down here? A charm of some sort I suppose. Anyway, "and once that's done, we'll put a complex glamour charm on you so that young Master Malfoy doesn't recognise you. How does that sound?"

"Well I suppose I have on choice in the matter, so whatever."

Sighing I turn and exit the room.

I can't believe that this is happening to me, I'm supposed to be a mudblood freak, not pureblood social elite.

I might as well accept my fate. Draco can't be that bad, can he? What the hell am I saying, of course Draco is that bad, and when the hell did I start thinking of him as Draco anyway?

My rambling inner dialogue has taken me to the top of the staircase, I was so wrapped up in myself, I didn't realise that I was even climbing the stairs.

Pushing the door open, I gasp. Lying on my bed is the most beautiful set of silken robes I have ever seen.

Pools of ebony lined in dark emerald silk, silver embroidery swirls up the sleeves and down towards the floor. Hanging on the closet door is a dress in the same silk as the robes; the emerald material is adorned with more silver thread curling around the neckline – low enough to make a slut blush I might add – and pouring down to the waist before slowly disappearing as it reaches the ground.

I scan my room for shoes and my eyes alight on a black box upon my dresser, I lift the lid and rest my gaze on the next of these extravagant gifts.


Nestled in the box upon a cushion of emerald are the most amazing ebony silk ballet shoes. More silver thread swirls around the ankle and towards the toes. Emerald and ebony ribbons cascade from the ankle, twisting together in a dance of colour.

"Trix, are you almost ready?" My mother's question floats up the stairs to me, "We'll be leaving in about fifteen minutes."

What! Ready, I haven't even thought about putting these clothes on.

"Ehh, no not yet, I haven't actually started to get ready." I try to add a hint of guilt to this statement, but it doesn't work.

"Well get your dress and shoes on, and I'll come up and sort your hair and make-up, ok?"

"Sure mum, give me a few minutes ok"

I shed my clothes then turn back to the closet, and carefully take the dress off its hanger – it wouldn't do to crease it now, before I even have it on – and slip into it.

I felt the breath I never knew I was holding escape my lips; it fits perfectly, like a glove. One thing though, it's a lot shorter than it looked on my cupboard door, oh well, never mind, I don't need to give a damm anymore.

I'm rich, pureblood, and hot. Well hot-ish. What more do I need? Ehh, duhh, my friends, oh fuck, that reminds me, I have to tell Harry and Ron, they will want to hear about this. I have to owl them the minute I get back from the Malfoy's.

Anyway, shoes. I lift them off there emerald bed and place them gently on the floor; I slip my feet into them and feel them shrink to fit my feet. That's such a weird feeling.

"Mum, I'm ready!"

I hear her climbing the stairs, and a moment later she walks into my room,

"Oh my god, Trinity, you look amazing! I'm… speechless!"

"Err, thanks, I guess. Do I really look that good?" it's not that I doubt my mother's judgement or anything, I just think she's being a little over-the-top.

"Well… if we do something with your hair and put a little make-up on you, you will look spectacular. You have no need to worry. I think Narcissa may be a little jealous though." Mum giggled at her private joke before ushering me to the stool in front of my dresser.

I sat down and looked into the mirror.

"Is that me!" I see my reflection for the first time, why the hell haven't I worn a dress like this before, it's gorgeous, and it makes me look good. No, it makes me look great, if I may say so myself.

"Yes honey, it is you, you are really that beautiful. Now stop staring and relax, I can't do anything with your face if it's all screwed up like that."


I sat back and let mother attack me with creams, powders, lip-glosses, and sprays. Finally she finished and I was allowed to see her creation.

"Mum, are you a make-up artist or something?"

"It isn't really that good sweetie, you are naturally beautiful. Make-up just enhances that beauty." Her doting tones make me want to melt, I think I have been complimented a record number of times today, first by Voldermort, and now mum constantly telling me how beautiful I am. I think I could get used to this.

"Right, now downstairs with you, don't forget your robes, I have to get changed and get a few things from my room. Don't sit down, you'll crease the dress, you have to look perfect for the first hour or so, but then no-one will care." She left the room and crossed the landing, pulling her own door shut behind herself.

I grabbed my robes from the bed and made my way down stairs. I found my father waiting for me at the foot of the staircase with his mouth hanging open.

"Wow. Trinity you look absolutely gorgeous!" he looked up at me as I stood on the second step, making me taller than him.

"Why thank you father. You don't look to bad yourself." I said with my 'proper' pureblood manners - I sound like Draco, oh god, that's really bad – and pushed past him into the living room.

"Now dear, I see you do know how to behave, but I suggest you don't go pushing past people like that, you say 'excuse me sir' or madam depending on who you're talking to."

"Yes dad, I know how to behave, I have seen Draco Malfoy and the rest of his Slytherin cronies acting like kings and queens when there are teachers around. Its not like you could miss it."

Malfoy acts like he's royalty all the time; you can't exactly miss him strutting about like a king or something.

"Please don't talk of my friends children like that dear, it's not polite." Mum entered the room carrying a small black box.

"What's in the box?" I try to keep my mouth shut sometimes; I just end up speaking my mind.

"I was coming to that, just a minute dear, but you must watch your mouth at the Malfoy's, I don't think anyone will be to happy if you just go blurting out your thoughts, the Dark Lord will do that for you. Now the box, it's for you," she handed me the box. "It was my grandmother's"

I take the box and open it, and my jaw drops. Inside is a silver tiara, adorned with hundreds of tiny glittering diamonds.

"Wow! It's gorgeous. Thank you so much mum."

My gratitude is not expressible in words, but the soft look on my mother's face tells me that she understands.

"It's yours now Trinity. Your great grandmother left it to you in her will."

"Ok girls, stop cooing over the jewellery and let's get moving, we have to be at Malfoy Manor," he paused to look at his watch, "around about now."

Mum placed the tiara on my head, then linked arms with me,

"Have you ever done slide-along apparation?"

"Ehh… no, I don't think so."

"Right, well it's just like normal apparation, but one person, me, apparates themselves and another person, you. Just hold tightly onto my arm, and don't let go until I tell you to. Ok?"

I nodded,

"Right let's go!"


My father disappeared,

"Our turn, hold on tight!"

I clutched my mother's arm and closed my eyes.


"You can let go now sweetie."

I opened my eyes and released my mother's arm.

A warm voice greeted us, "Thalia, we were beginning to think you weren't coming."

I look up and my eyes meet molten silver, I assume she is Draco's mother.

"And who is this… gorgeous young lady?" #

"My daughter, Trinity. It's good to see you to Narcissa."

"Well don't stand around getting cold, come in, come in."

We stepped forward, over the threshold and in to a magnificent entrance hall.

I look up, letting my eyes wander and digest this amazing room. Panels depicting mythical fantastic creatures ensconce a great glass dome, adorned with gold leaf.

I hear footsteps and look towards the source of them, the grand staircase opposite me.


"Mother, what is that mudblood filth doing in our house?"

He sounds more like a snob here than he does at school.

"Trinity is not 'mudblood filth', you will not call her that, and if I hear that kind of language again you will be stripped of all privileges. Do you understand me Draco?"

So… he's not as spoilt as he makes out to be, even his family has rules.

"WHAT! Since when has Granger been called Trinity?"

You find it shocking Draco; imagine how I must have felt.

"Trinity has been called that ever since she was born, but you will know her as Hermione, her name is actually Trinity Angel Casso Vinci. Now I suggest that you take Trinity out into the gardens until we call for you. She will explain to you."

I am ushered forwards by my mother and Draco comes towards me and takes my arm, I am sure this is just for his mother; he would never touch me if he didn't have to.

We leave the room and he drops his arm.

"Casso Vinci now then Granger?"

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