Me: what's up people! What I have here is a new story!

Dragon of the water: and I'm helping with the story too!

Nicole: -while eating chocolate- me too!

Me: yea, yea, yea now let's go to the story

Nicole: -choking on a bar of chocolate- gah! Can't breath! Need oxygen!

Dragon: I'll save you! –gives her chocolate milk- here drink this!

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Me: O.o –blink blink- can we go on with the story?

Dragon & Nicole: sure

50 ways to annoy Sasuke

1st way to annoy Sasuke is to poke him in his sleep:

A girl who looked to be about 13 was sneaking around in the village while singing the Pink Panther song. "Da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-de-den." She then spotted a house not far away from where she was hiding. She gave out a smirk before running over to the tree. The girl was about to climb it when she hit the tree face first. "Ow" She rubbed her poor nose before climbing the tree, and spotting a window. "Perfect." She whispered before opening the window and climbing in.

The room was dark but she can still make out what was in the room. A bed, a dresser, a pile of lump on the bed, a- wait a pile of lump on the bed? She gave an evil smirk before tiptoeing to the bedroom. The mysterious girl put up her index finger and started poking the lump in the bed. "Psst Sasuke."

No response

"Psst Sasuke."

Still no response



"There's an ant."

Sasuke gave a sweat drop. "Whatever." Were his only words before going back to bed. "Okay Sasuke, I'll just go and sleep in the guest room." Sasuke gave a nod and there was silence. "WHAT?" The girl gave a smile to the raven-haired teen. "Yep! I'm staying!" Sasuke's eye twitched before glaring at the girl. "Who the hell are you?"

The girl gave a broad smile while pointing to herself. "My name is Nami!"


Namigave a nod before running off to the guest room. There was a loud bang and then a crash. "Oops, I'll clean that later." Sasuke gave a long and annoyed sigh before falling back on the bed.

2nd way to annoy Sasuke is to make him choke on his breakfast:

Sasuke woke up in the morning, ready to go to train in the woods. He got dress and did the morning routine before going downstairs for breakfast. Once downstairs for breakfast, there was an odor in the air that smelt like toast. The raven-haired teen went into the kitchen to findNami cooking breakfast. "At least she's good for something." Sasuke mumbled out before sitting in his seat.

Namiwas wearing a robe that said 'Eat my food or die a painful death.' She turned around and Sasuke read her robe and gave a facial expression: O.o "Oi, hi Sasuke! I made breakfast!" Sasuke gave a grunt andNami put down a plate of burnt toast. Sasuke stared at the burnt toast and frowned. He turned toNami and gave her a glare. "What's this?" He pointed to the burnt toast;Nami just gave a smile to Sasuke. "Breakfast." Was her only answer, before sitting in the seat across from him.

Sasuke took his finger and poked the toast to make sure it wasn't alive. He took his hand and picked the toast up and took a bite out of it. He dropped the toast and held his throat. "Gah! I'm choking! I need water!" He took his other hand and started pointing to just stared at him confused. "You want more toast?" She asked to him tilting her head to the side.

Sasuke took his hands and moved them from side to side, a sign meaning that he was saying just stared at him even more confused. After a while of Sasuke choking, he fell on the floor just stared at Sasuke's twitching body. "Oh you're tired Sasuke? Well good night Sasuke." She took off her robe and left the kitchen leaving a twitching Sasuke on the floor.

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