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#7-Every time Sasuke asks you to do something, or says something to you, ask "Is that a threat?"

Sasuke was STILL fuming over the fact that Nami was at his house and making his life a total living hell! He couldn't stand the little brat! She was totally ruining his mood. She must have been brought up from Satan to torture him…yeah, that was it…all because he stole the last cookie…

I mean what?

Anyways, something seemed out of place here at the Uchiha house hold…it was quiet for once. I mean that didn't bother him because that was exactly what he wanted! His lips curled slightly into a smirk. Maybe he finally got rid of that little pipsqueak. 'Finally…' He thought to himself, heading to his room to sharpen his kunai, only for his jaw to drop.

There was Nami, sitting there on HIS floor playing with a…what was that thing called? DS? That was it. He glared venomously towards her but she didn't seem fazed at all. "Don't bother me" He spoke out coldly and Nami only shrugged.

Sasuke sat on his bed uncomfortably while sharpening his kunai, every second his gaze turning towards her. But all she did was sat there pressing buttons on her DS. Something strange was going on…but he wasn't complaining.

'Shoot' He thought. 'I forgot my shuriken…'

"Nami, can you go and get me my shuriken?" Why he was asking her? He didn't know, but he sure as hell wasn't going to get up.

Nami froze in her spot, her head slowly turning towards him with a dangerous glare. "Was that a…threat?" She spat out.

Sasuke gave her a confused look. "What the hell?" He whispered out loud

"SO IT WAS!" She quickly got up to her feet, pointing an accusing finger towards him. "Here I am playing my game and you go and THREATEN ME?!" Sasuke looked baffled. All he asked was for his shuriken…

"But I just…-"

"THERE YOU ARE! Doing it again! Threatening me! Why you!-"

BAM! A loud smack was heard as Nami stormed out of his room leaving a bewildered and a very confused Sasuke to rub his cheek.

What the fuck did he do wrong?!

#8-While Sasuke reads a book, mumble over his shoulder

All he wanted was a little piece of quiet.

Was that hard to ask for?! Jeez!

Sasuke took out a book that he had begun to read but hasn't had the time to finish.

Ever since she came here…he was now determined to finish this book!

"Please let me have a little bit of rest…" He pleaded to no one in particular.

Silence. He looked around the room curiously hoping to not see the sign of Nami. After his search, he brought down his gaze to the book and began to read in silence. Everything seemed to go well…

"Oh shit…don't let him open that door…"Sasuke squeaked out of surprise straightening himself up and looking around. He swore he thought he heard her.

After one quick effortless look around the room, he went back reading his book.

"Oh hot damn! He sliced his sword right through him!"

"NAMI!" He screamed out in rage, obviously annoyed. He stood on his feet with a look of anger. This was Sasuke Uchiha that we were talking about. He could handle anything.

So why couldn't he handle an annoying girl like Nami? He just didn't know.

"Yes?" She replied innocently, hands placed behind her back as she leaned forward and back on her heels, rocking herself.

Nostril flared in anger, Sasuke, as calmly as he could; asked Nami to "Please leave me to my reading."

Shrugging, she skipped out of the living room.

Well that was easy…

Sighing, he sat back down and began reading.

A few minutes passed and Sasuke was really getting into his book. His gaze glued onto the pages, his heart thumping, this the book was getting intense.

"He dies at the end." She whispered into his ear.

"UGH!" Sasuke threw the book away from him, both hands grabbing onto a lock of his hair. Nami only stared at him with a 'WTF' expression before leaving the room.

And he thought that SHE was crazy.

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