Cherub WWII

AA fire exploded in mid-air, sending flak flying into the thinly armoured fuselage of the converted B-24's carrying twelve French boys; they flew at ten thousand feet over Albi a French town forty-two miles north of Toulouse. The cargo bay light winked green and all twelve boys jumped in quick succession. They pulled the ripcords on their parachutes and the canopy blossomed above them. Pierre looked on as their transport exploded in mid-air as it took a direct hit from the AA cannon; next to him Etienne pulled frantically on his reserve parachutes ripcord and let out a sigh of relief as it opened.

About a hundred feet from the ground they heard the dull whining of Messerschmitt engines miles off. As they touched down they found the hole that had been dug previously, and they filled it with their used parachutes; then they pulled out collapsible shovels from the backpacks and filled it in. Pierre the group leader realised he had a problem when he saw Laurent on the floor holding back tears, and he bent down and asked him if he was okay and Laurent replied that he couldn't go on.

"Remember what Mr. Henderson told us Laurent, this is tough but Cherubs are tougher. Now get up my friend." Pierre then picked up Laurent fireman style and set off with the rest of the unit to the Hamlet up ahead.

As they drew nearer to the houses they saw headlights of a German troop truck, "Oh no!" Rene groaned. Pierre had to think fast.

"Lamar, get the football out and start playing." He said as the troop carrier rumbled closer.

When it finally arrived an officer stepped out and strolled up to the group, his three comrades following.

"Are you the British paratroopers?" Demanded the officer in French and Pierre answered, "No sir, we were merely playing football. Our friend here broke his leg."

"How?" asked the officer suspiciously.

"Etienne can't control his tackling." Pierre replied. "But we heard shooting earlier and saw a plane exploded." Meanwhile four unseen cherubs had been hiding in the bushes and silently crept up behind the soldiers.

"Did you now?" Enquired the officer.

"Yeah, we were the parachute unit. We work for Cherub." As Pierre said this his four cherubs garrotted all four soldiers with cheese wire.

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