From my Point of View

Chapter 1: How did it come to this

Sai shi eil Eisaes os Quel'Thalas air sai jhyli byrol sher os shyrn

-Kirah 3 Jholi 1 Tydi os si Quel'Thalan

(To be an Archer of Quel'Thalas is to love nothing but your bow)

This whole idea of me always being a hell-bent killing machine relishing in nothing other than the death of my enemies is really just a misunderstanding. In fact I didn't even mean to join the Scourge. So if you have a minute or two, take a seat and I'll tell you my story. The story as it really happened.

Well it all started a few months ago. It was a lovely spring day. The sky was blue, the grass green, and I was in a rather jubilant mood. I was walking through a beautiful forest practicing my archery on a few spotted wolfs. Oh yes, I was an elvish archer when I was alive. From which of course you can glean that I am indeed dead. It's really not that bad though. Don't need to eat, sleep, or do a thousand other hassles. I can just enjoy myself and practice archery. In any case I was using the 1st technique of the Archers of Quel'thalas, searing arrows. It was rather simple really, you set your arrows on fire with brief magic spell, Maer eisyrn ol thosi. I often strolled through these woods to relax and try to find some inner peace about being dead.

So here I was enjoying the trees when I heard a bit of a commotion up ahead. Naturally I went to investigate and found a skirmish taking place between small groups of Scourge and Sentinel soldiers. The Scourge soldiers seemed to be mainly ghouls with a few necromancers, and the Sentinel were treants with a few druid of the talon. Of course I knew of the conflict between the Sentinel and the Scourge, in fact at one point or another I had been asked to join both sides. I was determined to stay neutral; however I must admit that I harbored a small favoritism for the Scourge. A lot of them were dead after all, and we dead people have to stick together. The battle seemed pretty even so I was just going to walk off and think nothing of it when I noticed a troll with a big nose appear and start throwing axes at the Scourge soldiers.

I had never seen him before, not that I really took much notice of trolls. He seemed to be a more proficient that most trolls and had some aura around him. But here he was attacking the ghouls, and this made me just a little upset. Even though I wasn't with the Scourge, those ghouls were dead, and I felt that I had to show some amount of loyalty. It seemed pretty apparent that whoever this troll was, he was with the Sentinel; however I figured that he was not above reason. So I started walking towards him trying not to be noticed. Apparently it worked because he jumped in surprise when I nicely asked him if he could stop attacking the ghouls and find some nice satyrs to kill. But instead of answering, he started throwing axes at me! I found this downright rude. Attacking the ghouls was bad enough, but attacking me when I was simply trying to reason with him? That was unacceptable. This troll needed a lesson in manners.

So I figured I'd scare him with the 2nd technique of the Archers of Quel'thalas, Strafe. This was a little more complicated than the first. It involved focusing ones body and mind into perfect harmonious motion. When perfected, it allowed an archer to fire at incredible speeds. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and tried to bring my body and mind into synchronization. I softly whispered the words "Jhaer tia shydia shaelysti si shyrn, Jhaer tia tol shaelysti si mol". Feeling my body and mind in tune, I opened my eyes and began to shoot. My motion was perfect; my arm was an extension of the bow, my mind acted as the string. The flaming arrows soared through the air, crackling and snapping. When the first struck the troll he howled half in pain and half surprise. Please keep in mind that I had absolutely no intention of killing him. I just wanted to scare him. But it had been so long since I used Strafe, I found myself lost in the sensation. Arrow after arrow I sent hurling into the air. My bow glistened in the sunlight, the string flashed as I released it again and again. I was lost in the wonder of archery.

It was only when the troll turned and began to run that I snapped out of my trance. But it was too late, there were still arrows in the air bearing down on him with impeccable aim. When the last of these struck, the troll fell to the ground, emitting a mournful howl. My anger bleeding into worry, I walked over to see if he was alright. But he wasn't. In fact he wasn't anywhere near alright, he was dead, and I was in a mess. Still though everything might have been ok, except out of the corner of my eye I saw a dryad sprinting away. Well this was just great. Not only had I accidentally killed a member of the Sentinel, but they were about to find out about it, and who knows what story that dryad will tell.

So things were pretty bad, and they only got worse. Just as the dryad was leaving my friend Rotund'jere came running up to me. Now I admit that Rotund'jere is just a bit….. oh…sadistic. You can't even talk to him for 30 seconds without him going on about his "wrath against the living" and a load of similar rhetoric. But he was pretty cool to hang with, and he was dead after all.

So Rotund'jere comes up just spewing out how happy he was that I had finally joined the Scourge. He was all "why didn't you tell me" and "what a stunning victory" and "we can unveil our wrath upon the living together" and "those with life will fear our names" and a bunch crap like that. I tried to get him to slow down as I explained that it was all an accident, but Rotund'jere didn't listen, he never does. Of course he wanted to take me immediately back to the frozen throne to introduce me to the Lich King personally.

Ten minutes ago everything was perfect. Then I accidentally kill a troll and boom, the Sentinel become my enemies and the Scourge my allies. I had to do something about this. Unfortunately Rotund'jere did not believe a word I said about everything being an accident. So to get him off my back I told him I wanted to go kill some more Sentinel before I went to see the Lich King. I know it was a mistake, but that stupid necrolyte is persistence personified.

But as soon as Rotund'jere heard I wanted to go hunting he jumped at the idea of us going on a killing spree together. Since he just couldn't seem to take a hint, I informed him I wanted to do it alone so as to prove my worthiness to the Lich King. Finally he accepted that, and after a few more minutes of prophesying the death and destruction of the living, he left promising to see me at the Frozen Throne where we could began our "rampage that will see no end".

Finally alone I walked back into the woods to think things through. Everything seemed like a dream as I sat down on the soft grass. The sky was still blue and the grass still green, but it was all lost on me now. The butterflies and the white clouds couldn't make me smile. There had to be some way out of this mess. The dryad was going to go back and tell the Sentinel the story of the death of the troll. They'll assume I'm a new member of the Scourge. Rotund'jere is going to go back to the Frozen Throne and tell everyone about my stunning victory over a Sentinel hero and how with my addition to the Scourge the war would soon be over. This was bad. After consideration I realized I really only had two options. I could find a portal and warp to Dreanor, or I could find someone in the Sentinel who would listen to me. Since I wasn't really that into Orcs and Demons, I decided that the latter option was the best. I was going to go talk to the Sentinel.