Chapter 3: Rage and Death

Eir taerol ter ael ail vasol. Eir bai ter ael ail mysyrn. - Kirah 5 Jholi 53

Tydi os si Quel'Thalan

"All meetings must end in partings. All joy must end in sorrow"

Run. It was all I could think of. I couldn't bring myself to face what had just happened, so I ran. With pounding feet and a rattling bow, I looked straight forward, focusing only on sprinting. I splashed through rivers, jumped over logs. I blazed through a camp of kolbolds, sending them scattering. After hours of this I finally couldn't muster the strength to jump over a rock in my path. I tripped over the rock doing a near full flip in the air and hit the ground rolling multiple times. I just laid there, trying to gain perspective.

Why was she like that? The worse than could possibly happen was me spending a few years in prison, then no matter what side won I'd be set free. It was just unreal; I hadn't seen her in years, and now this. Sitting up I noticed the sun starting to peak above the horizon, it was morning already. I looked around to try and get a bearing on my position. A little ways ahead there seemed to be a precipice. I walked over and found myself overlooking a familiar valley. I sat down at the edge and surveyed the landscape before me. A stream flowed lengthwise down the valley with trees on either side. In the middle of the valley there was a ford where a commonly traversed path crossed the stream. I realized I was less than two hours traveling distance from my "meeting" with the Sentinel. I must have ran in circles last night.

Behind my back the Sun was coming up, pouring golden light into the valley. The sunlight horizon slowly moved forward, the stream glittering in the illumination. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Why couldn't everyone just appreciate moments like these? Opening my eyes again I saw some moment down by the ford. I squinted and made out a transparent old man with a staff. I could hardly believe it. What were the odds that Rotund'jere would be here. He must have gotten tried of waiting for me and decided to go on his own rampage. I figured that I should go down and tell him what happened, leaving out the part about Shendelzare of course. He'd chastise me for trusting the living and go on and on about his, and now our, wrath. I smiled thinking how the conversation would go.

I was looking for a way down when I noticed some more movement by the ford. It was behind Rotund'jere in the trees. I couldn't tell quite what it was until I saw something blue shoot out of the woods towards Rotund'jere. It was an ice arrow. Traxex was back there, and was attacking my friend. Something inside me snapped. A growing rage started bubbling and festering inside of me. First she had betrayed me, who knows what she might have done to Shendelzare, and now this. I had had enough. Traxex was not walking out of this valley.

Tol eil shydia eisi oli

Eis eil baresi eisi oli

Shaelysti eir shol

I flung myself down the side of hill towards the fight. My anger was growing, fed by my memories of my encounter with the Sentinel. With each step I grew faster and angrier. I could start to make out more details of the battle as I drew closer. Traxex was rapidly firing off ice arrows at the nectrolyte. I saw a red seal appear under Traxex and she stopped firing for a moment. I knew that move, it was the Reaper's Scythe, Rotund'jere's ultimate spell. Realizing my friend was in serious danger I hurled myself faster toward the ford as I started the spell Strafe.

Jhaer tia shydia shaelysti si shyrn

Jhaer tia tol shaelysti si mol

Finally approaching the ford I threw myself in the air at Traxex letting out an impassioned cry. As I was bearing down on the ranger I saw Rotund'jere fall to the ground. I struck Traxex square in the chest knocking her hard to the ground. Standing over her I quickly drew and arrow and fired it down. Arrow after arrow I sent into her body.

It was back, the ecstasy, and this time it was better. My rage at Traxex and my joy of archery combined in a perfect blend of ardor. As I pierced her body again and again a sense of satisfaction, and even delight, began to rise. I couldn't help thinking that this, this feeling, was who I was truly meant to be.

After Strafe wore I finally stopped firing. Traxex's body was so badly mangled it was barely recognizable. Coming out of my trance, I dropped my bow and rushed over to Rotund'jere.

"Rotund'jere?...Rotund'jere!" I shouted "Can you hear me!"

The nectrolyte opened his eyes and attempted to smile.

"Clinkz, so you killed the witch" he replied

"Yes, she's dead, she won't betray anyone again.

"Fate had this day planned Clinkz. Today, the day I die, I have seen wrath incarnate."

The nectrolyte coughed and looked earnestly at me.

"You have power Clinkz, I've always known it. Control your wrath, and you can control this world."
I didn't know what to say, I just sat there for a second looking into those eyes.

"Goodbye, my friend…goodbye" muttered Rotund'jere as he closed his eyes for the last time.

I got up, picked up my bow, and surveyed the scene. The sunlight was just now just now reaching the ford, bathing the whole area with illumination. Here, lying not ten feet part, were the bodies of two that I had called friends. With the shock starting to wear, I came to a simple realization. This war would make corpses of us all. I had to rescue Shendelzare and leave this world. But I needed help, and there was only one place I could go. Leaving the two lying there, I turned north, towards the Frozen Throne.