Blinking she just gawked. "Well I see you've researched your role Usagi," Dale commented nodding at Usagi's dress.

"Thanks," Usagi beamed her temper leaving her as she wound down ready to audition.

"Now…my dad mentioned you never finished filling out your form…"

"Yah…" muttered Usagi, "Sorry Russel said I could finish it later?"

"Yes that's not a problem I just need to know what you're performing…"

Usagi sweat dropped, "Oh…yeah um Maria's solo in 'Tonight Tonight"

Jotting down the title Dale sat in anticipation, brushing a stray strand of chestnut brown hair out of her face. She'd heard Usagi sing whilst waiting for her turn to appear on stage in other shows, she was keen to hear her try her best. Yet also afraid, Usagi's friends had warned Dale to bring along ear plugs.

Licking her soft pink lips Usagi clearer her throat and walked to the center of the room.

"All the world is only you and me!

Tonight, tonight

It all began tonight,

I saw you and the world went away.

Tonight, tonight,

There's only you tonight,

What you are, what you do, what you say."

Usagi paused, turning to her left with longing in her eyes.

Dale sat there shell shocked, she'd never heard such a good amateur singer before. Usagi hadn't even taken singing lessons. When she sang she sang with her soul, pure and whole.

"Tonight, tonight,

The world is full of light,

With suns and moons all over the place.

Tonight, tonight,

The world is wild and bright,

Going mad, shooting star's into space."

Walking to the corner Usagi's eyes roamed the ceiling as if she was out on that balcony that Maria was, singing to her forbidden lover.

"Today the world was just an address,

A place for me to live in,

No better than alright,

But here you are

And what was just a world is a star


Smiling sadly Usagi finished the song eyes staring into space, tears brimming. Blinking she pushed them back smiling sheepishly.

"Wow Usagi, how come you never told me you could sing like that?" accused Dale standing up to hug her.

Blushing Usagi looked at her feet. "Well I just never thought I'd be any good, was it ok?"

"Ok?" yelled Dale, "it was not one bit ok!"

Embarrassed Usagi started heading towards the door.

"Usagi! I meant that it wasn't ok, it was GREAT!" she yelled excited. "Guys" she sang, "I think we've found our Maria!"

Blushing Usagi beamed, she'd done it, she'd landed the lead female role in 'West Side Story"!

Slamming the car door shut Darien sat grinning at his shoes.

"Well Dar are you going keep me in suspense or what?" questioned the Driver, his shaggy blonde hair falling just in front of his pleading brown eyes.

"Well…I can't be certain..." Darien started trailing off.

"But?" urged the Blonde now yelling.

"I think I'm a shoe in Andrew!" Darien exclaimed grinning broadly at his best friend.

"Awesome!" Andrew replied patting his friend on the back.

"And you…?"

"Ah I did ok, not sure what Dale will cast me for. I'm No Tony like you Dar. I'm not the strongest singer…although Riff would be an awesome character." Laughing Andrew scratched the back of his neck, "Thou I'll probably get cast as baby John!"

Laughing in agreement Darien turned his attention back to the Drama Hall. Where the car was parked, you could just see into the main hall. A pair of bobbing blonde odango's had caught his eye. Realizing the 'meatball heads' audition must have gone well he chuckled to himself. Jumping back in shock when Andrews face suddenly appeared in front of his grinning broadly. "What ya looking at Dar? Hmm?" he questioned mimicking his gaze. "Oh my?" he pulled back into his seat shocked. "Is that Usagi? Oh wait you've probably never met her, she's a real regular at the diner," he explained.

"Oh I've met her before…if only I knew when" Darien muttered to himself as Andrew swung the black Porsche out of the drive.

Giggling Usagi bolted home from the auditions, adding the occasional skip and leap of joy screaming "I'm MARIA!" before giggling along again, getting more and more creative as she went, adding spins and…


Planting her petite face into the ground Usagi cringed before falling over completely, hurriedly getting to her feet to apologize to the person.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Meatball head!" smirked Darien his deep blue eyes glistening mischievously behind his shades.

Eyes widening in terror Usagi gaped at him before turning beat read, fists clenched. "Why you baka!" she hollered shaking her fists at him. "Do not I repeat NOT call me that! Who are you to call me that anyway? Who do you think you are? URGH!" breathing heavily Usagi stepped back trying to calm herself, without much success.

"Why meatball head," he soothed lowering his black shades. "No need to be so nasty, besides I think you suite the name. See ya around…" he started walking off pausing to look over his shoulder to get that one last word in… "Meatball head."

Usagi turned and gave a look that could have killed if Darien had dared look back. Screaming and cursing names, Usagi didn't quit till he was no longer in sight.

'OHH why does he annoy me so much? Why does he call me that when he knows it annoys me anyway?' Usagi asked herself as she continued on her way. 'Oh boy I hope he can't act, oh no what if he can and gets a part in West Side?' Usagi cerulean eyes widened in fear, 'or worse, if he's Tony! I might have to…' Her voice trailed off as she stood still, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end, 'Kiss him' she finished. Faking gagging noises she couldn't help but think how handsome he is with his dark hair, chiseled face and well built figure. 'Under that shirt, he probably has some very nice abb's,' she mused. Shaking the thought from her head she laughed for having such silly thoughts before starting to scold, reminding herself how irritating he is.

A shrill scream filled the air causing Usagi's thoughts to plummet back to earth. Cursing for what must have been the millionth time that day Usagi sprinted into the nearest alleyway, certain that there was nobody about she thrusted her right hand into the air yelling "MOON PRISIM POWER!" A blinding pink light engulfed her tiny frame as red ribbons encased her. When the light disappeared there stood Sailor Moon in her Senshi Fuku and that oh so well known pose.

With a simple yet elegant bend at the knees Sailor Moon jumped onto the roof tops and headed towards the source of the screams.

'You've got to be Joking', she muttered to herself. 'First this Darien guy now this, what a day! At least the Audition went well…' her sky blue eyes focused on finding the youma.

To be continued!

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