A Letter To Ethan

Dear Ethan: I Loved you I wanted to be with you and only you. I guess it started when I lost Jay I became obsessed with not being alone and then I found you Ethan I had a crush on you for as long as I could remember but then I met Jay and I forgot about my school girl crush on you but then three years later he left me and I was grieving over him wanted to get revenge on him so I went after you I should of just told you the truth from the beginning. I wish I could of told you the truth Gwen was right I went after you but not because of me wanting you to myself but to get revenge because I was scorned and I wanted the man I truly love to hurt like I did but in the end I ended up being hurt even worse because I fell in love with you and you hurt me well guess what Ethan never again never again will I be hurt over you EVER. I will win Jane and you will see her every other weekend but Gwen will never see her again but mark my words Ethan mark my words you will be watched not only because you hurt me but because I don't trust you I love you but I don't trust you. You say you love me but how have you shown it Ethan you don't leave Gwen for me. You say you love me but who do you do stuff for certainly not me but Gwen. I think she's the won you love. You tell me in your letter that you hate when things become unperfect well guess what Ethan life is unperfect because if it wasn't life would be boring and I for one hate being bored. So maybe this is a good thing you being with Gwen and not me because life would be a boring routine. I doing what you've asked me to do I'm moving On without you like you asked me to but I know that you really don't want me to cause I could see you love me maybe not as much as Gwen but I could see you love me and this will hurt you even if you say it doesn't and that your okay with it I will know that you will hurt more then I ever hurt besides the fact you took my daughter away well I don't want my daughter to hate me like she will you once she learns that you kept her away from me and told her to call Gwe n mommy. I won't make that mistake but you know I don't care anymore I simply don't care if your hurt because I've moved on and GUESS what its WITHOUT YOU. Tell Gwen I've moved on and I will be part of her life besides when it comes to Jane because I will be seeing Jane soon mark my words Ethan I will have my paternity rights reinstated and then I will get custody of MY DAUGHTER.


Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald

P.S. tell your mother she will also pay for her plots against me and Grace.