Sorry for the Delay I've had writers block on this story and I don't know if this going to be the last Chapter or not. It depends how I feel about it. Okay so on with the story.

Jay, Theresa, LE, Jane and their youngest JJ had just arrived in Harmony to see Pillar and the rest of her family. The last two years they have been in New York and Pillar, Luis, Miguel and Paloma all went down with their families to New York this time it was Theresa's turn to be in Harmony. Theresa smiled at Jay as they arrived at Pillar's house

"Ready kids to see grandma" Jay asks

"Yeah" They all say

Theresa smiles and gives Jay a kiss "Merry Christmas"

"Merry Christmas to you to" Jay says giving her a kiss

"Ew" LE and Jane say

They get their stuff out and then Theresa got JJ out of his carseat and they went up to the door to knock

Miguel answered the door

"Sis long time no see"

"I know this place hasn't changed a bit"

Miguel laughs "It has old man Alistair croaked remember"

Theresa nods her head and gives her brother a hug. They came inside

"Ah my godson JJ"

Theresa smiles and nods her head. Miguel takes JJ in his arms and plays with him.

"Mama I'm home" Theresa says and Pillar comes out of the kitchen

"Mihija I'm so glad you can make it"

"Me to where are the tamalies"

"Almost done" Fancy says coming out of the kitchen and hugging her sister in law. Theresa smiles.

"Your in time for Midnight Mass" Luis says

"Yep" Theresa says

"How's Port Charles"

"Same old Same old" Jay says taking JJ from Miguel. Jane went to play with Maria and LE played with his PSP Sonic the hedge hog.

"Need any help mama"

"You can set the table for dinner" Pillar says and Theresa nods her head.

They all sat down to eat dinner and to say a pray. Sheridan was there with Antonio with Marty and their son James. Paloma and Noah had a baby girl named Gia and Luis and Fancy had twin girls Juliana Pillar and Rosa Nicole. Miguel and Kay only had Maria. They all ate dinner and then hung out for a while and then got ready for midnight mass after cleaning up the kitchen.

At midnight mass Ethan and Gwen saw Theresa for the first time in two years. She was more beautiful to Ethan then the last time he saw her on the wedding day. She had another kid He looked on sadly and then he looked at his wife Gwen who was fuming. He saw his former father Sam come in with his family Kay, Noah, Jessica and Isabella with their children and spouses. Sam only nodded at him as he went and took his seat with Grace. Ivy came in and sat by Ethan and Gwen. Eve and Julian came with Fox and his girlfriend. They all gathered for midnight mass hearing Father Lonagan preach and then the choir sing and Theresa was listening intently and smiling as Jane skipped to her after the mass. Jay her husband had the little guy and he was asleep. He stayed back while Theresa took LE and Jane up to get their sacraments. Gwen went up there intent on telling Theresa something he knew it and he didn't stop it. Theresa only glared to Gwen and tried to move back but Gwen wouldn't let her until Hank pulled Gwen away and nodded at Theresa who thanked him.

"Hank why did you do that I only wanted to see my daughter"

"Gwen Jane is not your daughter she is Theresa's and Jay's they got a DNA test"

Gwen sighs "I miss her"

"That doesn't give you the right to harass Theresa she has been gone for two years it isn't her fault that your marriage isn't the way it should be"

Gwen growls

"I'm just saying" Hank lets her go and goes to sit by his girlfriend Matilda

Theresa put Jane and JJ to bed and then LE to bed he didn't go by that name anymore he went by EJ"

"Come on EJ lets get you to bed"

"I'm not tired"

"Santa won't be coming if you don't get to bed"

Ethan Martin sighs "Okay mama" He gives her a kiss and went to bed. Theresa then saw her children and her nieces and nephews sleep on the living room floor and then she went to her room where Jay and JJ were waiting for her.

"Did everyone get to bed"

"Yes" Theresa says sighing

"What's wrong baby"

"Nothing its just ugh I hope we don't have to stay here long I hate Gwen"

"I know"

"She just can't seem to get over it"

Jay kisses her on the top of her head "Go to sleep and remember the wonderful life we have"

"Yeah" Theresa smiles and falls asleep dreaming of a great life Jay and her have made.

The next day at seven in the morning Jane EJ, and JJ all ganged up on their parents and begged them to come open presents. Theresa only groans.

"Come on they're never going to stop" Jay says sighing

Theresa pouts but gets up and Jay kisses her cheek.

They got up and went to open presents

The kids got lots of toys

EJ got a bike and videogames

Jane got a scooter and HSM3

JJ got baby toys

And everyone had a fun day Theresa took pictures of everyone opening presents and Luis eating and just the fun of the day.

Ethan was outside looking on through the window. He sighs he wished it was him instead of Jay. He hid inside the bush as Noah and Paloma came. It was one huge gathering after all. Then there was Whitney and her new husband Jason Carter. Theresa opens the door and they both scream and hugged each other.

"How are you" They both start chattering

Jay and Jason rolled their eyes

"Its only been a couple of days since you two seen each other" Jason says and Whitney swats her husband. The girls shake their heads and went on chatting as did the rest of the house. The Bennett's and Russells families came over to. Ethan wished he was in that family to. He soon left not knowing Hank had seen him. Hank turns around

"Merry Christmas buddy" Hank says to Luis

"Merry Christmas man" Luis says and the two best friends hug each other.

Fancy and Matilda hugged each other and start chattering. All the presents were open and they all sat down to have breakfast. Soon through everyone left to the park where the kids were playing and the adults were watching. They had a barbeque to.

Theresa kept taking pictures of everyone and laughed at her husband playing tea with their daughter. He truly spoils her and she was a daddy's girl. The town was buzzing this Christmas. The only grouches were Ethan and Gwen. That was the best revenge Theresa could ever have. Theresa smiled at them politely as they walked passed her. She went and joined her family and they had a nice Christmas in Harmony. Ethan and Gwen were miserable for the rest of their lives. Alistair had died of a heart attack a year and half.

"I love you" Jay says

"You're the love of my Life Mr. Gatsby" Theresa says

"Your mine" Jay says kissing her passionately and she only giggles

"Merry Christmas" Theresa says

"Merry Christmas oh look we're under a mistletoe" Jay says

"Well what shall you do" Theresa asks

"Give my fair queen a kiss"

"Better be good one"

"Oh it will" Jay says giving his wife a kiss as Ethan looked on sadly

Whitney took a picture of the two of them kissing in the snow and went on her way to take other pictures. She was after all a photographer as was Resa. She sent the picture one year later to them as a Christmas gift.