Summary: My two friends and me get transported into the Naruto world. What kind of chaos can ensue when a hater of Naruto, a fan of Naruto, and a little bit of a ditz end up in Konoha?

Disclaimer: If you're reading this you know I'm not Kishimoto-sensei so Naruto and all of its characters don't belong to me sadly, but I do own Kris and Mandi so there.

Warning: For those of you who want to now this fic will contain a little spoiler to Kingdom Hearts 2 and when I mean little I really mean it.

Chapter 1

The Adventure Begins

I it was lunch, my favorite time of the day at the torture building some people 'Junior High School' I was sitting in my usual spot in the cafeteria reading my 'Naruto' manga, waiting for my friend Mandi to finish through the lunchline so we could talk and share stories about nothing in particular. My best friend Kris was sitting in front of me eating her chocolate doughnuts, talking about Fullmetal Alchemist and Kingdom Hearts 2. She was wearingher favorite red Fullmetal Alchemist shirt with her trademark denim, loose-fitting jacket.

"…And you can fight with two keyblades at one, isn't that cool?"

I nodded saying "Yup that's cool." Not taking my eyes of the page to even look at her.

"Come on you're not paying attention. Yesterday you were talking and asking about Kingdom Hearts 2 like there was no tomorrow, why are you so interested in that manga?" She said before she could catch herself.

"Do you really want to know?" I asked looking up from my 'Naruto'.

"Never mind forget I even asked."

By then Mandi had come over with her tray, sat down, and said "What cha guys talkin' about?" She was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top with a pink jacket over it, making it look like she was trying to get a date, or get some one jealous

I grinned at her and said, "We were just getting ready to talk about 'Naruto.'"

"No we weren't."

"Yes we were"

"No we weren't"

"Yes we were"

"What's Nay-ru-toe?" Mandi asked interrupting our short argument.

I winced at her mangling of one of my favorite manga's name and corrected her. "It's Naruto, and it one of the best manga's in the world!"

"I don't see how you can like it, it's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen." Kris said putting in her input.

"What! How dare you! How would you feel if I said 'Charmed' was the stupidest thing in the world?"

"'Charmed' is different"

"What I don't understand is how you don't like it, I've told you about it and you've even seen part of it, why don't you like it?" I asked looking at her, completely ignoring Mandi for a while.

"I told you its stupid. That's-"

She was interrupted by Mandi "Anyway, I'm worried that Jad and Bobby are going to get into a fight."

"Mandi for the last time quit interrupting us when we're having a conversation, anyway, we told you to stop pretending to go out with Bobby to get Jad jealous, but nooo you had to do it." I said looking at Mandi scolding her like a child.

"That's right Mandi we told you last week to stop playing with people's feeling and just dump him, but you can't even do that" Kris said putting in her two cents.

"Anyway, (A/N my groups catch phrase is 'anyway' if you haven't noticed. We also tend to interrupt each other too) what were we saying? … Oh ya! Now I remember we were talking about 'Naruto' and why you hated it." I said looking back at Kris taking a bite out of my almost forgotten food.

"Hm… Oh okay yeah like I said it's stupid and what I don't get is how come you like it." She said looking at me with her bluish-gray eyes.

"What's there not to like about it except for Sasuke, that bastard. An naive 12-year-old who has a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside him is training to become an ninja to be excepted as a person and not the demon, but not just any kind of ninja, a ninja with cool jutsu and chakra." I stated mater-of-fact-ly.

"What the heck's chalk-ra?" Mandi said trying to keep up with the conversation.

"It's chakra Mandi not chalk-ra. Chakra is the energy used to perform a ninja technique or jutsu." I looked at her with my dark brown eyes, trying to explain one of the most important parts of a Shinobi.

"Whatever it is it sounds weird." She said popping her Sun Chips into her mouth.

"You just don't understand 'Naruto' like I do." I said shaking my head at her.

"Anyway, can I have a quarter? Please!" Mandi said doing her daily begging routine at Kris pleading to get some money so she could buy some more junk food.

Before Kris could say anything I replied for her " No, you still owe her two dollars from last week and you said you'll pay it back today." I said sternly looking at her with hard dark-brown eyes that could resist the deadly technique many people call the 'puppy eyed no jutsu.'

Kris reached into her blue jean's pocket and gave her a quarter anyway.

"Yay! Thank you!" she said getting up to grab some more chips at the ala-cart lane.

"Hmph." I replied sticking my nose back into my manga continuing where I left off.

"Hey Kris, when Mandi comes back I'm going to show you why I like 'Naruto' by letting you read a little of it, lucky for me I brought with me the first book." I said not looking up from 'Naruto'.

"You can let Mandi read it, but I'm not going to." She said taking a drink of her chocolate milk.

"Well you just have to put up with it like I put up with 'Charmed'" I replied taking another bite out of my nearly forgotten, cold food.

Mandi returned opening yet another bag of Sun Chips and crushing them.

Then something weird happed with my manga I turned the page and it was blank except for a couple words "Hold still and don't scream." Intrigued I showed Mandi and Kris.

"Hey guys, I want to show you something in my book."

"No thanks."

"Really? What?"

I laid 'Naruto' on the table and let them read it.

" 'Hold still and don't scream?' what kind of joke is that-" Kris was cut off by a whirling sound and a blue vortex came out of the book, swallowing me, Kris, and Mandi.

Everything started spinning and then the world became black.

A/N: Yeah I know not an exciting chapter, but I wanted to introduce myself and my friends. This is my first fic I've ever written I can handle constructive criticism but no flames. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can improve on it. Please R/R.