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The Prophecy: Dark encounters light, either canceling existence or blending into dusk; destroying prophecies or completing fate.

Pairings: Harry/Draco (weee!) Don't like it? Well bugger off :(

Summary: Both Harry and Draco dwell behind masks to hide their true emotions and...physical changes. There is a prophecy where light meets dark. Harry is part of the prophecy, but he suspects Draco as his other half! However, Draco wants nothing to do with Harry...why? Harry/Draco

Masquerade – A Misguided Fool's Dream

A week after Snape assigned nearly all of the Slytherin House detention (under Dumbledore's approval), I lay staring at the ceiling, waiting for Harry to tell me when I could apparate over. The frisky male Gryffindors were having an Exploding Snap Tournament, meaning that everyone would be shouting and squealing into the wee hours of the night. Sighing, I cover myself with my warm blanket, snuggling into its accepting warmth.

My Housemates had been far but apologetic after my violent outburst and have taken to ignoring me, which is admittedly far better than catching me for some moronic torture. Also, I was still in awe over Vincent Crabbe's unexpected show of leadership, glancing repeatedly at the now-talkative lump of muscle. Perhaps it had something to do with his best friend's—Goyle's—death. In addition, Blaise and Pansy have been extremely quiet, not even daring to look at me-

Speak of the Devil.

The green curtains begin to rustle and I recognize Blaise's cough outside my evening shelter. I quickly close my eyes, feigning sleep as my wary hand slides under the comforter and towards my hidden wand.

If bloody Zabini tries anything...

"Draco?" the curious voice whispers into the darkness. I feel two hands place themselves near my side, pressing against the soft mattress. A sigh of relief ensues. "Good, you're asleep."

Now an entire body drops next to me, forcing the bed to groan and bend.

Merlin's pointy hat, this boy obviously does not know the meaning of stealth.

Ready to sit up and surprise the Slytherin, I freeze when I feel a whispering touch graze my cheek. Blaise continues to stroke the side of my "sleeping" face, trailing nimble fingers down to my pointed chin.

"Why?" he whispers. "Why did you fall for Potter, of all people? Why did you not entrust me with your preference?"

He removes his hand, resting it on my slender arm. "If I had known, if you had told me...things could have been different."

The brunette sighs, letting out a puff of tangible frustration. "I've always admired you, Draco. You were strong, cold, and impenetrable. Most of all, you were noble." Blaise chuckles bitterly. "Of course, that was why I never approached you; I thought you were too pureblood to have such thoughts."

Brushing the hair from my face with tender fingers, I hear Blaise swallow loudly. "I have to continue hiding behind my facade, constantly pretending that I'm completely infatuated with women—it's obvious, isn't it? That I love you."

Salazar Slytherin!

"Draco, you can come over now," Harry's voice interrupts my hearing.

"Not yet, I think you should listen to this," I urge my lover.

Blaise, unaware of our exchange, continues to speak. "We were best friends, Draco. It was only natural that our close feelings would turn into something else. If you were with me, I'm sure the rest of our housemates would not be giving us such a hard time; we'd figure something out."

"I really do love you, Draco."

I feel the slight grazes of air on my face and I suddenly realize that Zabini had leaned over. He was going to, he was going to...

"Bloody hell—he's going to kiss me!"

A snarl bursts from my bed and the body of the Boy-Who-Lived tackles Blaise into the ground, knocking the air from the stunned boy. Too surprised to struggle, Zabini stares dumbly into Potter's outraged face as I sit up from my bed.

"Harry, you can let go of him," I tell the Gryffindor, casting an uneasy glance at the twitching claws around my ex-friend's terrified neck.

"How dare he try to touch you!" Harry hisses, pointed teeth flashing dangerously. "Catching you unawares, no less!"

Blaise's mouth trembles, trying hard to talk. "You-I...How did you know what was going on? I was sure that no one was in the bed but Draco!"

"You little sneak-"

"Harry, just stop," I demand tiredly, dragging the reluctant Gryffindor off of the scared Slytherin. "Blaise, I was awake the entire time—Deatheater training had obviously done nothing for your stealth."

The Slytherin gets up slowly, head bowed in shame at my stern glance. "I still don't understand," he says sullenly. "I don't care if you heard my confession, but how in Hogwarts did he find out too?"

I glide over to Blaise, crossing my arms in front of him. "You forget that Harry and I aren't your average wizards," I tell him dryly, pointing at my unique set of features. "We share a sort of magic that allows us incredibly intimate connections, something that you and I could never have. No matter how Harry found out, Blaise, it is more important that I make it clear that you and I could never be together."

"How can you be so certain?" the boy argues. "If you had just told me of your preference-"

"You forget that our pureblood kind rejects those sorts of beings," I interrupt. "I would have thought that you would shun me. Either way, I never fancied anyone before I met Harry, so I wouldn't have known."

"But you and Potter are rivals! You hate each other!"

"You're right, or so I thought," I tell Zabini. "But the hate turned into obsession, which soon became lust, then..." I gesture between Harry and I. "Look at us now."

"We had to work through many obstacles to get to where we are," I purse my lips in annoyance. "And it isn't over yet."

Blaise glowers in silence and this time Harry speaks up. "Zabini, I thought you were with Parkinson, why did you play around with your friend like that?"

Slumping against the wall, the faulty Slytherin runs a nervous hand through his dark locks. "What do you think?" he whispers. "I thought Draco was straight as a broomstick, so I tried to forget him through Pansy. Hell, I thought I would be able to get rid of my-my disease with women."

"Your preference is nothing to be afraid of!" Harry forcefully counters. "If you weren't such a coward, maybe things could have been different."

With teary eyes and a trembling lip, Zabini falls ungracefully onto the floor. He put his shaking hands onto his weary head, leaning heavily against his knees. I begin to feel sorry for the boy, not because he had an unrequited love, but because he was one of the many lost souls who had felt pressured—like I once had been—to follow a certain way of life and to walk down a pre-made path in locks and chains.

I warily place a hand upon his heaving shoulders, offering what comfort I can. "Pansy is a good girl," I murmur. "Please refrain from trampling her poor heart."

My friend says nothing, taking deep breaths to regain his composure. "Did I..." he begins. "Did I ever have a chance?"

I look at him, staring and at a loss of words. What was I supposed to say?

"You-You're my best friend, Blaise," I tell him. "You are and always will be that person, nothing else."

He chuckles bitterly, choking on his silent sobs. I glance helplessly at Harry, who also seemed stunned at Zabini's state of vulnerability. I sigh, stepping over to my lover. "Good bye, Blaise."

In front of his wide, startled eyes, I grab onto Harry's arm and together we apparate back to my Gryffindor's room.

"I need to talk to you," Pansy pushes while tugging at my lover's robe with insistent fingers. He reclines on his transfigured chair, gazing coolly at his former friend.

"After your shameful, prejudiced act against me, I'm surprised you came crawling here at all, Parkinson," he drawls, watching in satisfaction when she flinches at his biting words.

She looks up at him sullenly, hands paused in the folds of Draco's sleeve. "I broke up with Blaise."

"Pity," he says absently, casually sipping his pumpkin juice.

"He told me the truth."

A fine, platinum blond brow raises slightly on the Malfoy's pointed face. "What truth is there to tell?"

"Everything," she replies firmly. "I know why he came to me, what he was hiding—we're still friends, you know."

"Charming," Malfoy continues, never missing a beat. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have no time for utterly discriminate-"

"I came here to apologize!" her voice shrieks in frustration, stopping the blond from his meal. "Salazar, Draco, can't you just hear me out?"

"I see no reason to-" the blond stops again when I put an interfering hand on his arm, urging him to show the female Slytherin an act of mercy. At that moment, Blaise walks next to the girl, giving me an apologetic look.

"Please listen to her," he whispers softly to us. "It is the least I can do to help after all the damage I've done."

Draco cast his hard, cold eyes upon his two childhood mates, skeptically scrutinizing their beings as he reluctantly nods his head in acceptance.

"I-I was blind," Pansy begins. "Like you, I was born and bred in the highest forms of pureblood training, telling me stories of what horrendous monsters came from people like you."

"It became a natural thing for me to recoil from you—even when you had offered me so much assistance in the past—because of what gender you preferred," Parkinson shifts, settling down into another transfigured chair at the wall. "I thought I was in the right; after all, there were few homosexuals in the world, aren't there? That alone must prove that something in their bodies were mistakes, manipulating their minds and contaminating their spirits with strange disease."

She takes a deep breath. "Then Blaise revealed his secret to me."

"Two of the people whom I loved and cherished turned out to be of the same kind. I sat back, believing at first that I had attracted the wrong crowd. However, after careful thinking, I realized that there was nothing wrong with my friends, no matter which gender they were attracted to."

The girl lifts her chin up proudly. "I have accepted my error, and I have the two of you to thank for helping me see my mistake. Will you give me the honor of patching up our relationship and reconciling with each other?"

Draco's soft mouth was slightly agape; his wide eyes staring at Pansy as if a Snitch had found its way into her ears.

"She's matured," I tell my lover. "Will you give her a chance?"

Malfoy says nothing, swallowing visibly as he stands up to face the girl. He cautiously takes a hold of her hands, quite aware that the entire school of Hogwarts was watching at this very moment. Giving both of her palms gentle kisses, he murmurs, "I have missed your friendship."

Pansy's own orbs glisten with unshed tears, falling only when she abruptly draws Draco into a tight hug and sobs into his shoulder. Blaise stands off to the side, awkwardly scratching his arm.

Draco looks up, reaching towards Zabini. "My friend, I have missed you as well." The brunette smiles widely, eagerly enveloping both Malfoy and Parkinson into a strong embrace. The three stand together, murmuring comforting words and rejoicing in their reunion.

Almost immediately, the Dining Hall bursts into commotion, Ravenclaws memorizing the new information of Blaise's secret and Slytherins muttering over Blaise and Pansy's supposed betrayal. At that moment, Hermione Granger bursts through the doors of Hogwarts, striding over to our table with shining eyes. Ron follows closely behind, stopping and staring at the strange sight.

Hermione ignores the tight circle of bodies, pushing past them and slamming her palm against the table. "I have alerted the Ministry of Rita Skeeter," she announces. "That wretched woman will not bother us again."

"Wonderful work, 'Mione," I smile genially, laughing when Hermione squawks at the strange group bonding next to her. "Blaise and Pansy will be joining us from now on," I explain, watching Draco untangle himself from his two friends and take his place by my side.

"Our group is growing," my lover announces dramatically, waving his arms extravagantly over the table. Ron, Hermione, Pansy, Blaise, and I all roll our eyes at his grand gesture, picking up our belongings and getting ready to go to class.

"Disperse after I give such a touching speech, why don't you," he whines as I drag him by the arm to class. "Harry, you thought my words were lovely, didn't you?"

I smile affectionately at my precious Slytherin, shaking my head in mock-exasperation as he pouts. He was right; our ragtag group was slowly growing, as were the people who were finally beginning to understand and see homosexuals for who they are, not what type they fancy.

The movement has finally started.

"Colin's been looking quite lonely, don't you think?" Hermione says, casually waving her quill towards the isolated Gryffindor.

"Our Gryffindors have finally started to awaken from their biased minds," I murmur back, yawning as Professor Bins lectures on the sixth Goblin War for the third time.

"Not all of our Housemates have awakened," Ron scoffs. "Remember Lavender's little hate group?"

"Lavender may still be a bit distrustful, but everyone else has changed!" Granger argues back as the lecture ends and everyone begins to pack. "Neville's even started talking to some of the students who have come out without squeaking in fear!"

"What a great improvement," Ron rolls his eyes. "Don't forget, Seamus was also—Seamus! And Dean?!"

Hermione and I look sharply at Weasley, whose hair matched his blushing face. In front of him were two bodies, shyly coming apart as the shorter boy anxiously laces his hands with the other.

"I-I thought you were dating Lavender!" Ron exclaims, still confounded by the blatant show of affection between his two Housemates.

"At first I followed Lavender because we were dating," Seamus shrugs. "But later I found out that I play for both teams." He brilliantly smiles at Dean, who shyly grins back in return. "I thank you and your courage, Harry, for inspiring me to come out."

Dean nods in agreement. "Without you, I doubt I would have ever had the nerve to confess to Seamus...and the entire school of what I am."

I look down towards the stone floor, face blushing hotly with all the attention. "I do not need any gratitude," I murmur honestly. "Just acceptance and acknowledgement for who I am."

Seamus smiles knowingly. "As do we all," he agrees. "Which reminds me, there are several Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws who would also like to apologize for giving you hardships in the past—some would even like to confess."

Draco rounds the corner, apparently having seen and heard the Gryffindor's confession through my eyes and ears.

"I've had a few speak to me as well," he says dramatically, linking an arm around mine. "Did you know that Rosie Everfest is dating a Slytherin girl? They came and apologized to me just a few minutes ago."

"I never suspected there would be so many homosexuals in Hogwarts," Hermione muses. "This is rather brilliant; no wonder people are beginning to accept homosexuality so quickly."

"What do you mean?" Ron asks with confusion. Hermione rolls her eyes at the oblivious Weasel, clearing her throat for a lecture.

"Many people are beginning to realize that their closest friends and siblings have preferences that are deemed despicable, and through that they are also beginning to realize that like Pansy, friends with such preferences cannot be all bad. They are slowly growing accustomed to the blatant same gender couplings in the halls and their friend's habits."

"And all that with only a few months of alienation," Draco smugly finishes. He glances at me, silver-gold eyes flashing brilliantly. "We are trendsetters, Harry!"

And in a way, I suppose we were. Starting from that day, students continued to come to us with their problems, confessions, and apologies. We no longer needed to sit at the wall, opting to alternate between the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables instead.

However, most surprisingly was the Slytherin's sullen acceptance of our kind. Vincent Crabbe's outrageous bias towards homosexuals was found to have grown because of his startling attraction towards his best mate, Gregory Goyle. Vincent had confessed to Goyle the day before the Final Battle, shocking the larger boy. However, before the Goyle could give an answer, he was sent away.

Gregory died in the war, and never knowing if Greg had felt the same for Vincent, the enraged Slytherin blamed his best mate's death on himself, brainwashing his mind to believe that his "disease" cursed others and it would destroy everyone else if he did not put a stop to it.

After his confession, Crabbe had done all in his power to prove to Draco that he was not the mindless, prejudiced beast that he was before.

I lean back onto the grass, staring at the dozing blond next to me. "Two days until Graduation," I whisper into his ear, caressing his soft hair. "Two days until we're free to do what we want."

The Slytherin smiles at my words, opening his mouth to reply—just as a letter splats ungracefully onto his face.

"What in Merlin's name-" he sputters outrageously, shooting straight up and colliding his head with mine. We shout in pain and fall back, just catching the feathered end of the vile bird who had cruelly dropped the parchment onto my lover.

"Isn't that your father's owl?" I ask, blinking at the minute shadow in the sky. Draco curses, glaring at the Malfoy emblem blazing on the paper. "I knew not receiving word from Lucius was too good to be true," he spits harshly, ripping at the letter. I place a hand on his agitated ones, stopping his actions.

"Check it for spells," I warn the boy. "You never know what it could contain."

"I bet it's a bloody letter complaining about my shagging the Boy-Who-Lived and not choking him on the bed after," Draco snarls angrily, waving the letter around. He stops, surprised at his coarse words, and a small button slips through a hole on the parchment and drops into his lap. Immediately, Malfoy gets portkeyed to who-knows-where, leaving me empty-handed and unable to grab onto the boy before he could leave.

"Draco? Draco!" I yell to the blond, hoping in vain that he would answer. However, an unexpected blow of pain smashes into the side of my head, sullenly marking the fact that the Slytherin had been knocked unconscious.

I frantically run to Dumbledore's office, shouting the password and leaping up the stairs, three steps at a time.

"Harry, my boy, what is the problem?" the old man asks, immediately rising from his seat.

"Draco's been taking by Lucius!" I rush. "I need to apparate over and save him, for who knows what that blasted man will do to-"

Dumbledore holds his wrinkled hand up, silencing my frantic ramble. "Calm down and tell me the entire story, Harry," he says familiarly. "I doubt Mr. Malfoy would be harmed during the time you explain to me what has happened."

Grumbling, I wait until Hermione, Ron, Blaise, and Pansy run to the office and quickly retell the tale of Draco's capture. "Now can I apparate to him?" I beg, ready to go even if the Headmaster refused.

"It could be a trap," Pansy tells me harshly. "What if Lucius planned on you coming and prepared a spell that could kill the both of you?"

"That's not possible," I snarl. "Draco and I are much stronger-"

"Draco's unconscious and injured," Hermione retaliates. "Think with your head, not blindly with anger."

My magic swirls uncontrollably above the room, hissing and snapping in erratic motions similar to my barbed anger. Headmaster Dumbledore raises an eyebrow when his shelves begin to shake and I close my eyes, gritting my teeth and forcing myself to calm down.

As much as I hated the sense of uselessness, everyone was right; blindly rushing to Draco would only endanger the both of us, and our connection as One would allow me to know how he fares.

The only thing I can do right now is to wait until my lover awakens.

The tinkling of heavy chains reverberates harshly in my throbbing head, and my wrists feel weighted with a cold, harsh metal. The air is dank and the stench of rotten blood and corpses cause my nose to wrinkle.

My lids feel as if they had been sewn shut, so encrusted were they with sweat and grime. I cough, loud wracking noises shaking from my parched throat. Blood trickles down my temple and the tickling sensation turns into a copper taste on my cracked lips.

Tilting my head, I hold back a whimper as I feel my brain seem to crash into my skull. I did not know how long I had lain unconscious in the dungeon that was undoubtedly Lucius's personal torture chamber. Rather, I had hung unconscious, forced upright by chains that painfully dragged my weakened arms upwards towards the moldy stone ceiling.

There is no light, but I could almost feel the amount of ancient dust in the air, coating me with its dirty essence. I try to think again about what I had done to merit a long-term stay in Father's dungeon.

Was it because I plucked a flower from Mother's garden?

Nay, he had merely flogged me thirty times with a spell.

"Please be safe, Draco!"

That voice sounds familiar, flowing through my mind like soothing ripples in the water. That's right, I am condemned here because of a person...

Dark hair, green-gold orbs, and an aura of fake innocence that I wanted to rip away...

Was it...was it...


Lost in my thoughts, I had missed the calm footsteps of Lucius Malfoy.

"You understand why you are here?" he says calmly.

I hesitate, unable to answer as I attempt to lift my head and open my grimy lids. The man in front of me utters a disgusted hiss and cold water disgracefully splashes across my face.

Opening my now-slimy eyes, I blink hazily in the direction of my father. He looks expectant, daring me to please him with words.

"Y-yes, Father," I murmur pathetically, falling into the obedient mask that I had borne through childhood. "I won't do it again, I swear it."

What in Merlin's name did I do?

The blond man smiles grandly, savoring his victory. "You understand that you are of Malfoy blood and resorting to such sins are punishable by death?"

Did I speak to a Muggle—No, Lucius killed the last one I spoke to.

"Of course," I whisper, my face twisted into a sullen, regretful expression of woe. "I am a Malfoy, and Malfoys commit no errors."

"Will you swear a wizard's oath then?" Lucius's stony smile seems more victorious than ever, so exultant was he that his eyes dare to twinkle with such eerie glee.


"Then do so."

My vision fills with tears as dust enters the sensitive area of the eyes. "I swear-I swear a wizard's oath that I will never...never..."

What am I supposed to be rejecting?

Lucius frowns as I stumble on my words, unable to speak. "Hurry boy," he orders. "Tell me that you will never speak to Harry Potter again, lest in spite or hatred."

Grey-gold orbs widen.

Harry Potter!

"Never!" Words burst from my snarling lips as my memories return to me. "I have done no wrong!"

"Crucio!" Lucius murmurs the spell threateningly, watching in frustration as I scream in pain. "You will do as I say or face death by my hands!"

I chuckle, ignoring the bloody spittle that runs down my curved mouth. "You cannot kill me; you do not know me."

"You are my son," he smoothly replies. "I know you better than you know yourself."

"You never knew what I was."

"You are a Half; a being that the Dark Lord needed and used. Unfortunately, you dared to run away with the enemy and-"

I cackle again, rudely interrupting the man who was my father. "I am Half no longer," I snarl. "You have been following the mask of a child suppressed against his own being for seventeen years."

I lift my head towards the skies, separated were we through layers of stone and dirt. "Harry!" I joyfully call out to my love. "Harry, are you there?"

"Draco!" he replies. "What happened? Where did Lucius take you? Are you all right? I felt the Crucio hit you."

Smiling, I ignore Lucius's puzzled face. "I am as fine as anyone could be when hit by an Unforgivable. See through my eyes; I will show you how faulty Lucius is of me."

"Would you rather I apparate to your side and destroy the man?" my lover darkly asks and I chuckle.

"I have a better plan in mind."

"Have you gone mad by such a weak Unforgivable?" Lucius snarls at me, tapping his cane on the floor. "Only an insane Pureblood or one of tainted blood would be such a disgrace to his family."

"Disgrace?" I scoff, spitting at my Father's feet. "Disgrace is a Pureblood who follows a disfigured Lord who could not even kill a mere babe."

"SILENCE!" the man roars. "You will not speak to your Father in such a manner-"

"I speak not to my Father, but to a misguided fool."


My head whips to the side, pain exploding between my eyes as my throbbing temple connects to the harsh wall. Spitting crimson again from my bloodied gums, I smile at the man, wincing as my cracked, bleeding lips separate.

"Why Father," I drawl, mocking him with my air of calmness "I thought it was unbecoming to use physical means of violence."

The older blond raises his angry hand and cane, body trembling with fury. "You have gone mad," he seethes. "You are not my son."

"Your son was a mask who crumbled the moment I took off the foolish disguise," I say confidently, no longer afraid of the oppressor who had chained my true being for years.

"ENOUGH!" Lucius had lost his composure, hair frayed and face in a violent array of angry emotion. "I will disown you and-"

"And what, Father?" I crow. "Kill me? You couldn't do it even if you trie-"


I smirk one last time into the surprised face of my birth father and close my eyes.

Goodbye, Father.

Lucius stood as the only living being in the dungeons, panting heavily with exertion. Never before had he wanted to use an Unforgivable so much, not even when he had seen Harry Potter harm his Lord. The tip of his wand still glowed an eerie green from the force of the spell, and Lucius had lost all strength in his exhausted arm.

The slim tool slipped easily from his shaking fingers, clattering onto the dark dungeon grounds. Almost immediately, the blond man's knees gave away, forcing him to kneel and slump onto the dirty ground.

Pale fingers instinctively grasped at the cold, ridged feeling of the stone floor, feeling for the lost reality that he had believed in.

Lucius had lost his only son; his confidence broken and his beliefs shattered. Taking a deep breath, the man wondered once again if he had followed the right path.

He lifted his graceful head.

And saw nothing. There was no body, no soul, not even a disfigured lump of flesh.

Draco had managed to apparate through his anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards, even daring to flash him a bold, triumphant smile.

Once again, images of Draco as a child running through his mother's garden flashed into the mind of Lucius Malfoy.

When had Lucius began to try brainwashing his own flesh and blood? When had he began to force his family to grovel at the robes of a Lord who cared nothing for them?

…when had Lucius strayed off the path of contentment?

"You know nothing of me."

Draco's confident voice shot through the Malfoy's mind, causing him to shiver. His son was right; Lucius's cold acts and cruel methods of breeding had forced Draco to lie and show his own Father a mask, molding himself into a way that would please his father.

Distinctly, Lucius remembered a night when Narcissa had cried upon Draco's bed after a vicious beating.

Was his family always this broken?

What have I done?

Lucius realized that he had been living in a dream; a dream where everyone was forced to do his bidding, a dream where he was always right.

Finally awakening from his years of slumber, the man had realized that dreams never come true.

His wife was unhappy and terrified of Lucius, daring to coddle her son only when her husband was not around. His son had put on a mask and deceived his father for nearly eighteen years.

And it was all his fault.

Ever since Draco received the Dark Mark, Narcissa had grown distant, face glamoured daily to hide her tear-stained face. The younger male Malfoy had gone to the bed of his enemy, working for the boy who was the bane of the Dark Lord.

Lucius's illusion of a regal, connected family was no more.

Pale, slender fingers slid across smooth wood, tracing the familiar grooves in the glimmering wand. Slowly, the wand was lifted to a sweaty, sticky temple.

A last thought of a smiling Narcissa holding an equally happy Draco flickered into the mind.

Another dream?


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