Hey guys, I know new story but I have this written down so no writers block on this one!

Summary: a parallel universe where not so ordinary girls become unsuspecting vessels of heroines we all know and love, but they were from another universe, so how? Where they the only ones to move universes?

Disclaimer: Id also like to not I don't own the senshi but I sure as hell own the other characters. Id also like to note, these new characters are based on my friends and I, also my girlfriend Risi. R&R


What would happen if our own future were altered due to the scout's untimely demise in a parallel universe? What if 5 not so ordinary girls were suddenly assaulted by memories in dreams at first but getting worse? Magic was well known to these 5 girls but what if this addition was potentially harmful to one of them? And what if this potentially dangerous situation was something to do with what happened to one of the scouts?

My own story is that of what happened to my friends and me before and during becoming Mina, Lita, Raye, Amy and Serena. However, we are not them and despite what happened, we are who we are. My name is Tianna Turner, I am an average blonde girl trying to become a race mechanic, but being who I am does not help, lazy klutzy, id much rather spend my nights talking to my friends than doing my homework. I go to school called Westwood ST Thomas and I live in Salisbury, England.

My shoulder length blonde hair stays in its ponytail night and day because. Let's face it, its annoying.

My friend, Rosanna, who, by the way, is my best friend has brown hair that reaches past her shoulder blades with a fringe and brown eyes. There's Miriam, who has long black hair reaching mid back and dark chocolate eyes, he eyes are usually very mysterious and guarded. Then there is my lovely Riella, who had black hair cut to her favourite anime character's hairstyle, I call her Risi for short, just do not ask me why! Finally, I come to Vicky, she has blonde hair too and always, always concerned about the way she looks.

Any who we all have magical powers, that not of our fables senshi but a few abilities we were born with, being leader of our gang I personally had the best power. I held control over shadows and any bright reflections caused by light. Rosanna controlled storms, lightning and the winds, Miriam controlled anything liquid, Riella controlled fire and finally Vicky controlled love in such strange ways. Effective yet unbelievable, but this was before anything happened.

Well this is my prologue really just an intro into the characters and what could be held in store in this story, again I'm going to write for the hell of it. May end up with a few lemons… and other things but I cant tell you that because that would ruin the story… anyways, there are unexpected pairs, and I hope you enjoy it.