" Spark-chan is starting a fan fiction here, with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac... that is all."- Sasuke

-cough, cough yes that is true, so i will try to update as soon as i can. Now on with the story!"

Life or death? chap 1!

/I can't just sit here doing nothing when i could be getting a Brain Freezy/ Lilium thought getting off her bloody floor. before she left the house she got her skateboard and backpack she always took with her. /I'll go get it and then go see my little brother./ Lilium left the house in the midnight hour thinking how bad she felt for leaving her brother. Lilium almost got to the 7/11 when she ran into a tall black haired figure with the song 'Ode to Joy' bursting through his earphones.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there." Lilium said picking up the stranger. The boy took out a knife from his pocket and put it to her throat. he looked at her and softened up his grip on the weapon.

"It's okay. By the way my name is Johnny, but you can call me Nny." Johnny said putting the knife back in his pocket, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get a Brain Freezy. Also, name is Lilium, those things are the best." Lilium said getting on her skateboard and skating next to Johnny

"Same here. And I needed to get away from the Doughboys." Nny laughed a little

"I got a way to go faster. get on the back of my skateboard." Lilium said scooting up further on her skateboard. then the boy looked a little frieghtened as he got on the silly looking 2 by 4 with wheels. Lilium pushed on the ground and the two were off down a hill heading toward the 7/11.

"I am not so sure of this now!" Johnny said screaming as they stopped at the end of the hill.

"Too late we are there. Nya!" Lilium said getting off the board and getting Johnny off the board and walking into the building.

"Okay." Johnny said slowly and walked in too.

the two bought the Brain Freezys. they walked out of the building laughing.

"Wanna go see my brother? he is probably going to be happy to see me." Lilium asked getting on the skateboard.

"Sure. what is his name?" Johnny asked

"Tod. My parents hate him and me. that's why i counted the days until i turned 18. Now i can take him to my house to live with me." Lilium looked pleased

"Okay. Cool. Let's go." Johnny said adjusting his headphones.