I let out a cry that meant victory and pain. I looked at the stranger as he whimpered quietly in the shadows. I pulled him out of the alley and saw who it was, Nny. He had fought bravely to save my pitiful life and I did nothing to repay him. So I picked him up and made him lean against my back, surprisingly he wasn't all that heavy, maybe about one-hundred and ten pounds, but that was it. I was weary from the battle, but I could patch myself up, nothing hard to do. Nny let out a soft sigh and shuddered violently for a moment or two before we got to the house. Good thing I didn't live like Devi, on the seventh floor with the elevator broken. Man, do I feel sorry for her. Only about two more steps from the doorway and I would be able to go upstairs to my nice bed. Nny shuddered again and mumbled

No Pov…

Lilium unlocked the door and walked into the living room, Squee was in there, sleeping with the television on. Squee was wearing his pajamas and snoring silently. Lilium sighed to herself and picked Squee up too, put him in bed, and went across the hall to her and Nny's room. She laid Nny on her bed and pulled off his boots, shirt, and socks. She pulled off her own boots, socks and shirt. (She has an undershirt!) She got out her first aid kit and started patching up Nny's arm. Nny felt warmer at the touch than a normal person would, so she felt his forehead, very hot! Lilium felt her own forehead, they both had colds, just from being out in the rain. Lilium patched up her bloody abdomen and got out a sterile pad and taped it to her cut on her face. Then Lilium noticed all of Nny's bruises and scratches from the two-man battle. Lilium gasped and put a wet washcloth on his forehead. She made sure Nny was fine and pulled an extra blanket and pillow out of the closet, pulled a mattress out from under the bed and laid on that. For that she slept for the next couple of hours recalling the battle and how he was badly hurt. Silent tears ran down her face as she slept. Finally, Nny stirred and sat straight up. He grunted at the pain in his arm and the bruises on his chest and stomach. Lilium sat up and yelled at the pain, and lay back down. She looked over at Nny and smiled, "Apparently you're up. Want me to get you something?" Lilium sat up slowly and got off of the mattress. She stood up, the blood red bandage showing on her stomach.

"You should lay down, I'm fine." Nny said getting up and looked for his coat. Nny found it, while it was dripping on the floor. He walked out of the room and went to the front door. He opened the door and walked out. Lilium walked after him and hugged him from behind. Nny stopped and listened to Lilium.

"Don't go, you're hurt. You can't leave until you're better."

"I can leave when I want. Stay away or else you will die. I'm not afraid to kill you." Nny pushed Lilium away and walked on.

"F you too! I don't care if you die! You'll die from high fever! And I won't be there to help you!" Lilium yelled and punched the air.

"I can take care of myself, I'm a big guy."

"You're a weak guy." Lilium replied.

"You lie. You all lie. We are all pretty fucking ugly on the inside." Was all Nny said before walking away into the dimly lit street.