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"Okay, so right after we do this spell, we all need to be prepared for the demon influx. They are going to attack, so everyone needs to be on their A game." Paige strategized, stopping Piper from handing over the spell.

"Paige is right. Kati, Kylie, I want you both other there with Gramma Paige, okay? If demons attack, Paige, orb them to the attic. It's the zone of the house we've left demon-free. They'll be safe there." Piper instructed quickly.

Paige nodded. "What about Phiona?"

"She's already in the attic. We put her Pack N' Play up there a little while ago. Ryan is up there with her, just in case, though." Paisley answered calmly.

"Okay, let's do this. Everyone ready?" At their nods, Piper handed out the spell to her sisters. "It's a Power of Three spell. Reilly helped me to make it."

What good was done,

We now undo.

Keep the attic safe and sound,

The rest of the Manor demons found.

The Power of Three

State as we will, so mote it be.

With a slight zipping sound power crackled, then the family watched as a dark lighter orbed in.

"Ahh…much better." He sneered as he shot an arrow.

"Arrow!" Paige called, and threw it back at him. He erupted into flame. No one had time to celebrate as more demons flamed and shimmered in.

"Get the kids to the attic!" Abby yelled, as she stabbed one demon with an athame.

Reilly ran to Chris' side. "Daddy! We can help!"

"Reilly, go with Gramma Paige. You and Keira both!" Chris yelled as he flicked his hands, exploding two demons close to him.

"No, daddy. Keira come here." Reilly grabbed her hands. "Make your energy ball. I'm gonna make my fire ball and we'll smoosh 'em together with our TK. Then we'll get a bunch of demons at a time, okay?"

Keira grinned, as Wyatt tried to push her behind him, towards Paige. "Kay, Reilly." She focused and called up an energy ball, as Reilly called up his fireball. Quickly they TK'd them together, forming a huge blue and orange ball which crackled and hissed.

"1, 2, 3, throw!" Reilly yelled and they together shoved the ball with their energy into the center of a group of demons. Instantly the room erupted into flames as demons were instantly vanquished.

Chris and Wyatt slowly turned around to look at their oldest children. "Reilly. I told you to go to Gramma Paige."

"But we helped, Daddy."

"I know you helped, Rei. I'm glad you are powerful and can help. But the fact remains that I don't want you to have to fight when the grown ups can do it. Your powers right now should be more for emergencies. I don't want you or Keira taking unneccesary chances."

"But Daddy…"

"No, Reilly. Thank you for helping. You did a great job vanquishing those demons. But you and Keira didn't listen."

"That's not fair!"

"Reilly, it IS fair." Wyatt crouched down next to his daughter and nephew. "Buddy, we all love you guys more than anything. And more than anything, we want to keep you safe. We can't do that if you don't listen to us when there is danger."

"There's always danger, Uncle Wyatt. ALWAYS. Shouldn't we know how to use our powers?" Reilly pouted stubbornly.

"Absolutely. You should know how to protect yourselves in an emergency. In case, daddy or me or one of your aunties or one of your Grammas or Grampas isn't there. But that's not what happened today. Today you and Keira decided that you were smarter than daddy. You decided you knew what to do better than he did."

Chris sat on the floor in front of his son. "Reilly, I have to know that I can trust you to listen to me when there is danger around. I think you know that not all demons are easy to vanquish, right?"

"Yeah" Reilly sighed as he leaned into his father's hug.

"Uncle Wyatt and I have spent a lot of time with the Book of Shadows, studying it. We know a lot of the demons that are hard to vanquish. Plus there is the new Source to worry about. I know you are powerful. And that vanquish you two just did was awesome. But it wouldn't have worked on the Source…or Barbas…or Shax or any number of other demons out there. So I have to know that you'll get yourself to safety when I tell you to. I have to keep you safe, Rei. It's my job as your dad. And it's also my job as your favorite uncle, Keira."

"I'm sorry Uncle Chris. It's just that we knew we could do it. We did it by accident at Magic School."

Wyatt looked at Chris, then back to Keira. "Did what at Magic School, sweetie?"

"We worked on smooshing our powers together. Energy balls and fire balls make BIG booms, daddy! And my flying and Reilly's phasing works really cool and we can fly through walls together, it's super awesome."

"You guys can merge your powers? Not just the fire balls and energy balls, but other stuff too?" Chris gasped, shocked.

"Yeah, Daddy. Our teacher won't let us practice spells together anymore. She says when we do, it's more powerful than when you can Uncle Wyatt used to do it."

"I'm gonna go look through some books. I…have an idea what they are talking about. And if I'm right, it's gonna be really big." Phyra, the Halliwell historian looked a bit pale as she orbed to her room.

"Okay. Well all of that stuff aside. Reilly, you didn't listen when you were told to. So there has to be a consequence."

"But DADDY, that's not fair!" Reilly yelled angrily.

"It IS fair, Reilly. You broke the rules. Period. So you aren't going to be allowed to visit Uncle Wyatt's house for three days. So no playing with your cousins for three days, buddy."

"NO!" Keira and Reilly both yelled simultaneously.

"Don't you yell at Uncle Chris, young lady. You and Reilly broke the rules. You and Reilly will both pay for that. Uncle Chris' punishment stands. You guys aren't going to play for 3 days."

Reilly narrowed his eyes at his father and uncle. "I hate you."

Chris closed his eyes against the stab of pain that shot through him from the vehement words. "I love you, Reilly. I will protect you at all costs. Even against yourself."


Wyatt orbed to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, knowing instinctively Chris would be there.

"Hey, bro. You okay?"

"Yeah. Reilly won't speak to me. But I know I did the right thing."

"He doesn't really hate us, you know."

"I know. It just made me remember the bitter kid that came back 6 years ago. He did hate us. Was this how it all started?"

"No! Chris, C'mon. You love that kid. He knows it. He's mad right now. He'll get over it. The Reilly from the past said we never let him use his demonic powers, that we were tyrants about only letting him use the whitelighter and witch sides. You have never done that to his Reilly. If anything, you just let it ride, and foster the demon powers even more."

"I dunno…I feel like their powers are out of control, Wy. They're six. Even we didn't have this kind of power at that age."

"We'll teach them how to harness it. But first, we need a plan for Dargon. We've got to vanquish him before we can worry about safely letting the kids learn magic."

"Wy… I was thinking. Dargon…he knows us. He's studied us for 6 years now. Plus you know the Underworld's Grimoire's have the same info on witches that the Book of Shadows has on demons. Our powers, our weaknesses, it tells them what to expect from us."

"Okay, so what?"

"So, who are the only Halliwells that they don't have any info on? Who are the absolute last people they would expect to attack?"

"Chris, are you seriously considering what I think you are saying?"

"I'm saying the whole family works with Reilly and Keira. Then we take them with us, with us under an invisibility shield. Instead of us using our powers to get Dargon, we use them to protect our kids. We let the kids use their talents to get Dargon. He has no idea what to expect from them. He'll think they aren't worth using his A game for."

"Chris…neither do WE. We don't know what their powers are or how they will react to dangerous situations."

"Wyatt, they've been put into dangerous situations non stop for the last week. Reilly saved Julia's life. He and Keira together killed 15 demons in one shot a few hours ago. Reilly made the Manor demon-free. Keira wrote the spell and potion that turned you back good again. Our kids are powerful, Wy. We have to let them express it somehow. This way they have back up."

"I don't want my daughter fighting the Source, Chris!"

"I don't want Reilly doing it either. But we both know that sooner or later, they will anyway. Sooner or later they are going to find an upper level demon that will alert the entire Underworld to their powers. I'd rather we teach them to harness what they've got and be there to help them."

"They could be killed!"

"They WILL be killed eventually if we don't show them what to do! Wyatt- how many demons attacked us as kids? Hundreds, maybe thousands! If mom and the Aunts hadn't been there to show us what to do, we'd have been killed."

"You'd have been killed. I had powers from the womb, remember?"

"Shut up, Wyatt. Seriously…" Chris glowered at his brother's smug reply. Even though technically Chris was more powerful, it really irritated him that he didn't have powers until he was about 3 months old, and Wyatt had been born with them.

Wyatt sighed heavily, his mind weighing what Chris had just said. "All right. But I want the entire family on board with this, Chris. I want everyone showing them…helping them to get stronger. Plus I want Aunt Phoebe to show them hand to hand stuff. Just in case."

"Just in case." The two brothers stood and nodded at each other, their faces still showing concern, as well as resolve before two sets of orbs floated off the bridge.


"Sire, I have seen the future. The Charmed Ones- Time and Legend…they are coming." The Seer bowed low in front of Dargon.

"Good…That's very, very good." Dargon smiled, his teeth gleaming in the firelight. "My plan is almost complete."


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